Sex Offender Profile Directory : Utah : 84601

All sex offender records currently in our database from Utah located in ZIP code 84601 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search Utah sex offender information.

Eric T Arnbrister (M: 29) Roger Ray Ayze (M: 35) Christian Paul Bair (M: 31)
Brandon Doyle Barrett (M: 29) Gregory Bennett (M: 43) Robert S Bigler (M: 42)
Gared Donald Black (M: 24) Ronald Blackwater (M: 43) Scott Quinten Brady (M: 58)
Tyler Steven Brereton (M: 33) Justin Lane Brockbank (M: 20) Renee A Brown (F: 36)
Leonard Lamont Byington (M: 71) Larry John Candland (M: 59) Michael Joseph Caringella (M: 58)
Joseph M Carlson (M: 33) Thomas Wayne Carroll (M: 66) Justin Lloyd Carter (M: 33)
Stephen William Clausi (M: 32) Daniel Shawn Clements (M: 44) Melissa Sue Dalton (F: 24)
Rulon Leon Darrington (M: 81) Daniel David Denny (M: 26) Wayne Allen Dexter (M: 36)
Mark Patric Dolich (M: 57) Ronald Lambertu Eckhardt (M: 55) Robin Gae Forrest (M: 74)
Arthur Allen Greene (M: 49) Michael Jared Hansen (M: 37) Jonathan Richard Henage (M: 27)
James Michael Hoppe (M: 45) Charles Laverne Jensen (M: 42) Gert Skov Jensen (M: 57)
Otto Fred Johnson (M: 47) Mark William Julkunen (M: 39) Michael Alexander Kenworthy (M: 35)
Johnny Ouam Keopithoune (M: 52) Brent Dennis Larsen (M: 44) Lyle Reveral Leifson (M: 41)
Rickard Albert Lindgren (M: 61) Aaron Lundy (M: 33) Gary Madsen (M: 77)
Anthony Paul Martinez (M: 35) Clayton Jay Mckinnon (M: 60) Samuel Caleb Mickey (M: 28)
Roger K Mitchell (M: 44) Cory A Nelson (M: 36) Craig Olsen (M: 43)
Jeffrey Tyler Osness (M: 34) Steven Richard Pack (M: 53) Sifu S Pulu (M: 29)
Steven Albert Ray (M: 62) Curtis Alan Reid (M: 36) Gregory John Rhineer (M: 45)
Jason Patrick Robinson (M: 32) Earl Duane Root (M: 36) Michael Lee Schnebly (M: 44)
Derek S Slaugh (M: 41) Brandon Jeremiah Smith (M: 28) David Michael Stuermer (M: 40)
John E Taylor (M: 48) Michael Angelo Thoms (M: 37) George Perry Todd (M: 36)
George Perry Todd (M: 36) Ted Carl Wendelboe (M: 42) Michael Werner (M: 40)
Andrew Kimball Wright (M: 31) Larry Joseph Harris (M: 44) Michael Pitts (M: 46)
Eric T Arnbrister (M: 29) Tyler Steven Brereton (M: 33) Jeffrey Tor Nelson (M: 47)
Bruce Alan Walton (M: 51) John Yazzie Atene (M: 52) Carlos Luis Araujo (M: 33)
Dee Boren (M: 71) Robert P Brodie (M: 60) William J Bullock (M: 43)
Michael Joseph Caringella (M: 58) Joseph M Carlson (M: 33) Daniel Shawn Clements (M: 44)
Ross Elmo Ellison (M: 58) Nicklas Stephen Frazier (M: 28) Matthew Eugene Hill (M: 33)
Michael David Hoff (M: 71) James Michael Hoppe (M: 48) Gert Skov Jensen (M: 57)
Nicholas James Johnson (M: 29) Mark William Julkunen (M: 39) Rickard Albert Lindgren (M: 64)
Gary Madsen (M: 77) Gabriel Mendosa (M: 42) Paul W Moore (M: 50)
Cory A Nelson (M: 36) Cory Edward Nicholl (M: 37) Blaine A Olson (M: 60)
Jeffrey Tyler Osness (M: 37) Clyde Blas Perez (M: 51) Steven Albert Ray (M: 62)
Jacob Paul Richmann (M: 31) Paul John Ridge (M: 82) Job Soto (M: 31)
Carey James Trammel (M: 50) Stephen Paul Abbott (M: 73) Jared Casper (M: 42)
Michael Alexander Kenworthy (M: 35) Michael Joseph Anderson (M: 66) Chad C Norton (M: 40)
Curtis Alan Reid (M: 36) Jack Dalton Duke (M: 29) Aaron Lundy (M: 33)
Stephen William Clausi (M: 35) Charles Jenkins (M: 43) Salvador Perez Rodriguez (M: 39)
Kay Wallace Thompson (M: 86) Michael Robert Hansen (M: 56) John Adam Brown (M: 35)
Christian Paul Bair (M: 31) Michael Duniphin (M: 41) Jessica Dawn Davis (F: 32)
Johnny Ouam Keopithoune (M: 52) Gustavo Rene Martinez-Ayala (M: 25) John Rodney Meanyhan (M: 64)
Sommay T Inthisane (M: 51) Junior Dale Kenney (M: 88) John Jack Hunt West (M: 82)
Lanny Joe Eglen (M: 56) Dean Patrick Brooks (M: 48) Jason Patrick Robinson (M: 32)
Blaine A Olson (M: 57) Russell M Woods (M: 49) Mathew David Hall (M: 28)
John Levi Hoffman (M: 22) James E Gleason (M: 68) Cleveland Alfred Wallace (M: 58)
Blake Morgan Hartley (M: 20)

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