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All sex offender records currently in our database from Utah located in ZIP code 84120 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search Utah sex offender information.

Mark Van Affeltranger (M: 59) Mark Van Affeltranger (M: 59) Roger E Alvarado (M: 21)
Brandon Chris Anderson (M: 35) Johnny Angel Armijo (M: 37) Derrell Dee Beagley (M: 41)
James Edward Beckham (M: 64) Warren Bryan Bell (M: 27) Duot Bior (M: 32)
Damond T Blake (M: 46) Thomas Edward Blake (M: 63) Haldane Christopher Bradshaw (M: 27)
Scott P Bray (M: 53) Lynell Michael Brunner (M: 27) Charles Edward Byars (M: 28)
Troy William Cahoon (M: 28) Matthew Robert Canavan (M: 23) Stanley Aaron Case (M: 31)
Jonathan Dean Cobb (M: 32) Dennis Wilford Coon (M: 65) Dennis Wilford Coon (M: 65)
Phillip Fredrick Cox (M: 54) Brent Lee Davis (M: 48) Steven S Despain (M: 43)
Irvin Monroe Doxtator (M: 63) Irvin M Doxtator (M: 63) Michael Jed Dursteler (M: 38)
Keith Andrew Ellis (M: 57) Paul Lynn Evans (M: 49) John Michael Everett (M: 27)
Michael Fiefia (M: 30) Ofeina Finau (M: 27) Richard Wayne Fisher (M: 71)
Joseph Michael Fletcher (M: 32) Jason Francis (M: 37) Alfonso David Francisco (M: 47)
James Richard Gamblin (M: 55) Casey Blaine Gibson (M: 39) Siouxann Hale (F: 43)
Aaron D Hancock (M: 41) Levi Jason James Harris (M: 31) Charles Edward Heisey (M: 52)
David Ray Henderson (M: 41) Leandro M Hinojos (M: 43) Nicholas James Hoffman (M: 28)
Aaron H Holtom (M: 30) Jesse J Hosking (M: 24) Justus Allen Ireland (M: 31)
Brandon Lee Jacobsen (M: 37) Jeff Randy Jardine (M: 47) Joel Anthony Jeffs (M: 39)
Shiloh Rae Jenson (F: 30) Keith Charles Jester (M: 51) Jason Christopher Jones (M: 41)
David Ammon Killam (M: 38) Wesley Duan Kirkham (M: 39) Edward Toujko Kitu (M: 26)
Robert Paul Lambrose (M: 53) John Kendall Latimer (M: 50) Charles Scott Lilly (M: 49)
William Randall Lindsay (M: 61) Jerry Michael Lund (M: 70) Gerald Mcdonald (M: 48)
Timothy John Mclaughlin (M: 51) Edgar Alcides Mendez-Castillo (M: 36) Mitchall Adam Meronk (M: 27)
Gordon Dee Mickelson (M: 38) Timothy Scott Millar (M: 44) Crystal Lee Miner (F: 29)
Mark Frank Montoya (M: 45) Brian James Nash (M: 36) Gerald L Nielson (M: 28)
Gary Lee Norman (M: 44) Daniel Fred Ochsenhirt (M: 45) Sean Oneill (M: 29)
Malaythong Oudomvilay (M: 48) Dirk Terrell Parker (M: 22) Paul Franklin Parry (M: 52)
Bart S Peterson (M: 50) Jimmy Reese (M: 36) Randi James Richins (M: 28)
Barton Israel Rodriguez (M: 43) Jaime Flores Santin (M: 25) Gerald Scott Schiefer (M: 45)
Benjamin Preston Schutz (M: 31) Ryan C Sherman (M: 31) Wallace Ralph Siple (M: 62)
Donald Kent Sjoberg (M: 44) Daniel John Solomon (M: 41) Brian L Sorensen (M: 53)
Virgil Wilford Steggell (M: 51) Gary Brent Stewart (M: 50) Laurry Reed Taylor (M: 30)
Daniel Allen Tomblin (M: 39) Shawn William Turley (M: 49) Dewayne Shawn Tygesen (M: 32)
David Paul Vallejos (M: 31) Miguel Angel Vazquez (M: 32) Frank Velasquez (M: 43)
Keith Raymond Walton (M: 43) William Dale Wanlass (M: 62) Jeffrey Scott Warner (M: 43)
Kevin Dean Weisenberger (M: 39) Raymond Scott West (M: 62) Lynn M Whitaker (M: 51)
Mathew Eugene Winn (M: 40) James Paea Touhuni (M: 33) David Paul Vallejos (M: 34)
William Dale Wanlass (M: 62) Mathew Eugene Winn (M: 40) Roy James Howard (M: 42)
Chris Michael Newsome (M: 39) Kenneth Lee Wright (M: 33) Michael J Milligan (M: 48)
Edgar N Varner (M: 63) Frank Karil Alires (M: 48) David A Nielsen (M: 56)
Richard Wesley Burke (M: 32) Alfonso David Francisco (M: 47) Laurry Reed Taylor (M: 30)
Dane Allen Cole (M: 52) Steven S Despain (M: 43) Gary Brent Stewart (M: 50)
Dewayne Shawn Tygesen (M: 32) Mark Van Affeltranger (M: 59) Johnny Angel Armijo (M: 39)
Jerry Grant Bingham (M: 47) Damond T Blake (M: 46) Clinton L Combs (M: 59)
Brent Lee Davis (M: 48) Daniel Ray Eden (M: 47) Mark Rey Foy (M: 43)
Eric Lee Furubotten (M: 40) Blaine Green (M: 53) Kirk Hardy Greenhalgh (M: 48)
Aaron D Hancock (M: 41) Charles Edward Heisey (M: 55) Samuel Lafe Hunter (M: 66)
Thomas Jacobs (M: 51) David B Johnson (M: 51) James Ramsey Kammeyer (M: 38)
Robert P Lambrose (M: 56) Glenn Martin (M: 56) Timothy John Mclaughlin (M: 54)
Victor Manuel Mendoza (M: 54) Gordon Dee Mickelson (M: 41) Loren Greeley Nebeker (M: 57)
Wallace Smith Newton (M: 84) Daniel Fred Ochsenhirt (M: 48) Raymond C Ortiz (M: 64)
David Frank Pacheco (M: 36) Trae Collier Patton (M: 35) Brent Lee Paxton (M: 39)
Gayle Perry (M: 57) Bart S Peterson (M: 53) Chris Daniel Piltz (M: 44)
John Cal Robb (M: 52) Gerald Scott Schiefer (M: 48) Donald Kent Sjoberg (M: 44)
Richard Andrew Spiers (M: 55) Jeffrey Aaron Stout (M: 29) Alavini Tavete (M: 51)
James Robert Taylor (M: 29) Ronald Taylor (M: 80) John Charles Timm (M: 55)
Frank Velasquez (M: 46) Charles Wickhamshire (M: 73) Patrick B Williams (M: 46)
Jere Mckee Winslow (M: 74) Siouxann Hale (F: 43) Anthony Aaron Muniz (M: 28)
Dennis Wilford Coon (M: 65) John Joseph Humphreys (M: 30) Randy Ray Russell (M: 42)
Daniel John Solomon (M: 41) Eric Joseph Twitchell (M: 24) Nicholas Dean Crane (M: 29)
Raymond Scott West (M: 62) Tony Alan Mclaren (M: 47) Larry J Otteson (M: 68)
Roger L Heslop (M: 56) Brandon Chris Anderson (M: 35) Jesse J Hosking (M: 24)
Brian James Nash (M: 36) Christopher Lewis Corkery (M: 40) Jaime Brito (M: 26)
Mark Rey Foy (M: 39) Michael Chad Whaley (M: 42) Shawn Curtis Spidle (M: 24)

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