Sex Offender Profile Directory : Utah : 84116

All sex offender records currently in our database from Utah located in ZIP code 84116 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search Utah sex offender information.

John Michael Adams (M: 56) Kelly Albrecht (M: 44) Jarrod C Ames (M: 33)
Danny Lyle Anderson (M: 54) Fidel Lazarus Archuleta (M: 31) Rebekah Baker (F: 49)
Robert Leroy Bane (M: 50) Lionel Lamar Barnwell (M: 41) Paul William Bawden (M: 41)
Gabriel Becerra (M: 62) George Ryan Benson (M: 35) John J Bias (M: 31)
Michael Ray Bird (M: 54) Jeremy D Bjelde (M: 32) Peter W Blanchard (M: 49)
John Brady (M: 46) Phillip Maurice Bruner (M: 46) Michael Ray Christensen (M: 35)
David George Cloward (M: 51) Martena Ruth Lee Covey (F: 45) Adam E Curiel (M: 43)
Stephen John Currier (M: 52) Carolyn Jean Daniels (F: 73) John Ernest Everett (M: 85)
Danny Anthony Fonseca (M: 53) Shane Brian Foulon (M: 38) Mario Linn Fraga (M: 48)
Hyrum Dean Frank (M: 46) Felipe D Garcia (M: 56) Toby James Garcia (M: 50)
Benjamin Hoteck Gierhart (M: 31) Jon Stacy Hall (M: 45) Arnold Jay Hansen (M: 40)
Rose Annette Hansen (F: 36) Travis Kevin Hansen (M: 26) Theodore Joseph Heaps (M: 29)
Michael George Heller (M: 58) Mark Alan Hendrickson (M: 53) David Lee Henriksen (M: 44)
Danny Hernandez (M: 24) Chad Brent Hintze (M: 20) Preston Warner Howard (M: 24)
Robert David Hughes (M: 50) Robert Jason Hurt (M: 43) Anthony James Izenberg (M: 29)
David Beau Jensen (M: 37) Anthony Hugh Johnson (M: 62) Patrick Lawrence Kaminski (M: 32)
Robert Larry Kellogg (M: 44) David Alan Kendall (M: 45) Carl Woodrow Knapp (M: 35)
Robert Ladean Larsen (M: 35) Wendell Kenneth Larson (M: 70) Robert Victor Lolohea (M: 30)
Allen Lyle Long (M: 72) Lorenzo Luciano Lopez (M: 38) Virgil Lee Lucas (M: 44)
John Henry Lucero-Diaz (M: 34) Katherine Mabey (F: 36) Kent Duane Madsen (M: 56)
Steven Leathem Malia (M: 45) Marcy Timothy Martin (M: 84) Michael Peter Martinez (M: 49)
Samuel Frederic Martinez (M: 39) Donald Edward Mcrae (M: 63) Christopher Lynn Messinger (M: 32)
Karma Monk (F: 52) James Douglas Moore (M: 32) Jeffery Floyd Moore (M: 54)
Mariza Ann Moosman (F: 30) Edward Najera (M: 64) Carlos Anthony Olivas (M: 53)
Todd Oveson (M: 50) Wilson Woodrow Pace (M: 64) Don Patrick Pena (M: 37)
Stewart Lee Powell (M: 51) Stewart L Powell (M: 51) Eugene Ramos (M: 42)
Michael Timothy Reeve (M: 32) Israel Reyna (M: 34) Randell Kenneth Rhodes (M: 53)
Gail Lynn Rowley (M: 55) Gregg Shigeo Saibara (M: 41) Brent Wyatt Sanders (M: 29)
Jose Francisco A Saucedo-Vasquez (M: 29) Carlos Benjamin Sisneros (M: 34) Melodie Anne Smith (F: 33)
Spencer Patrick Smith (M: 37) Kevin Lee Stam (M: 45) John Thomas Sturgeon (M: 38)
Sabino Tapia (M: 32) Frederic Irene Thompson (F: 45) Ross Jose Valdez (M: 35)
Preston Daniel Waldrop (M: 29) Jimmy Dean West (M: 38) Kimberly F Westenskow (F: 40)
William D Wilcox (M: 65) Kendall Ray Winget (M: 38) James Jourdan Wojahn (M: 63)
Moses Worbee (M: 24) Steven John Young (M: 54) Stephen Currier (M: 52)
Clark Lowell Peppers (M: 42) Troy William Byington (M: 28) Shazaaye Puebla (M: 48)
Edward James Mondragon (M: 41) Chris Michael Whitaker (M: 30) Rebekah Baker (F: 49)
Jarrod C Ames (M: 33) George Ryan Benson (M: 35) Javier Suarez (M: 54)
James Edwin Ballou (M: 59) Christopher Roy Einer (M: 37) Dave Christopher Ortiz (M: 63)
Stephen Barnes Lindorff (M: 31) Gail Lynn Rowley (M: 55) Gregg Shigeo Saibara (M: 41)
Kevin Lee Stam (M: 45) Robert Odell Anderson (M: 76) John W Blair (M: 66)
Peter W Blanchard (M: 49) Haldane Christopher Bradshaw (M: 27) David C Carrion (M: 70)
Michael Ray Christensen (M: 35) John Ernest Everett (M: 85) Robert A Fair (M: 73)
Drift Faulkner (M: 63) Daniel Alan Foste (M: 49) Mario Linn Fraga (M: 48)
Inez Mae Galvin (F: 54) Toby James Garcia (M: 50) Benjamin H Gierhart (M: 31)
Brad Henry Gukeisen (M: 53) Sean Michael Haldorson (M: 42) Wayne Harris (M: 53)
George Weston Jenkins (M: 95) Herman Lee Joe (M: 51) Jared Thayne Johnson (M: 31)
Gregory Allen Lewis (M: 42) Steve Lopez (M: 64) Steven Leathem Malia (M: 48)
Marcy Timothy Martin (M: 87) Ralph Robert Miller (M: 57) Telly Montanez (M: 33)
Mariza Ann Moosman (F: 30) Mark Nephi Neilson (M: 49) Richard Carroll Newman (M: 39)
Carlos Anthony Olivas (M: 56) Wilson Woodrow Pace (M: 67) Mark Joseph Schroeder (M: 62)
Melodie Anne Smith (F: 33) Terri Solomon (F: 43) Rebecca Ann Souza (F: 42)
Vadie Gene Starks (M: 57) Paul Anthony Stinson (M: 42) Marvin Taylor (M: 59)
Lam Han To (M: 52) Rodney Tolley (M: 58) Gerald Lee Wheeler (M: 46)
William D Wilcox (M: 65) Ashley Michelle Wolfgramm (F: 37) Odie Coyote Youngblood (M: 59)
Gabriel Becerra (M: 65) Steven Travis Hawkins (M: 49) Matthew Brett Merrill (M: 44)
Adam E Curiel (M: 43) Tyler Charles Brown (M: 49) Colin Ray Baker (M: 52)
Blossom Rosanna Billie (F: 35) Lorenzo Davison (M: 47) Nicholas Ray Parsons (M: 41)
Raquel Swenson (F: 54) Becky Mae Thayne (F: 39) Virgil Lee Lucas (M: 45)
Robert Jacob Smuin (M: 33) David Reed Hartley (M: 46) Donald W Lytle (M: 66)
Aaron Charles Perry (M: 42) Bryana Cherie Marsh (F: 28) Joseph Adam Ingram (M: 41)
Crystal Lee Miner (F: 29) Heather Christine Callister (F: 39) Leonard Earl Springfield (M: 41)
Leonard Earl Springfield (M: 41) Sabino Tapia (M: 32) Felipe D Garcia (M: 56)
Tanisha Laurae Magness (F: 27) Hyrum Dean Frank (M: 46) Norman Lamont Hoggard (M: 70)
Samuel Shawn Nigh (M: 29) Timothy Allen Boone (M: 55) David Alan Kendall (M: 45)
Donald Eugene Lofton (M: 64) Angel Pelaez (M: 20) James Willie Washington (M: 65)
Steven Michael Taylor (M: 58) Ida Renee Hansen (F: 30)

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