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All sex offender records currently in our database from Utah located in ZIP code 84102 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search Utah sex offender information.

Daniel Thomas Adams (M: 65) John Lawrence Adams (M: 46) Vagn-Oluf Andersen (M: 73)
Troy Augustine (M: 45) Mark Andrew Bainter (M: 37) Jared Bruce Bowler (M: 32)
Taje Ashley Boyden (M: 36) Noah Levon Brouillette (M: 36) Tommy Burleigh (M: 55)
Joseph D Christensen (M: 38) Anthony Isitor Cobos (M: 37) James Clifford Cosgrove (M: 63)
Joy E Cummings (F: 57) Anthony Charles Davis (M: 33) Anthony Craig Doutis (M: 43)
Michael F Duran (M: 31) Andrew Jan Dykman (M: 30) Doyle Franklin Ellis (M: 69)
Joseph Atwood Engle (M: 47) Manuel Lucero Espinoza (M: 80) Larry Junior Frans (M: 65)
Gerald Preston Garn (M: 65) Thomas Leroy Glasker (M: 61) Wayne Frank Hansen (M: 64)
Charles Norman Hatfield (M: 63) Chase Gary Hyatt (M: 28) Harold Jackson (M: 77)
David Lowell Johnson (M: 33) Christopher William Jones (M: 31) Gorden Rivard King (M: 54)
Luke Harrison Knudson (M: 29) Richard James Kuchmak (M: 32) Gregory George Lamb (M: 38)
Robert Lemmon (M: 45) Brett Michael Lloyd (M: 30) Duane Ray Mason (M: 43)
William John Mattucci (M: 46) Matthew Edward Mayhugh (M: 27) Gavin Jay Mckenna (M: 32)
Jesse Mendiola (M: 43) Matthew P Merrill (M: 46) Richard Dean Miller (M: 52)
Kenneth Moriarty (M: 47) Roger Lynn Noble (M: 44) Gary Steven Pacholick (M: 49)
Rusty Duane Peck (M: 49) Erik J Perkins (M: 26) Michael J Pitts (M: 46)
David Platten (M: 47) Clifton Kent Robinson (M: 37) Jason Ruskauff (M: 39)
John Anthony Sandoval (M: 47) Tim Vandall Sandoval (M: 54) Robert Joseph Schapper (M: 33)
Arlee Gail Smith (M: 47) Arthur David Snyder (M: 42) Rebecca Ann Souza (F: 42)
Jonathan Allen Sparks (M: 28) Justin Blake Strasburg (M: 37) Curtis Wayne Stroud (M: 55)
Mark E Thomas (M: 38) David Albert Toronto (M: 65) Kenneth Bert Trujillo (M: 48)
Christopher Alan Tryba (M: 50) Sheldon Dee Underwood (M: 43) Jay Lynn Wacker (M: 50)
John Hubert Washburn (M: 49) Michael Duane Weimer (M: 31) Frederick Ivan White (M: 64)
Trevor Raymond White (M: 34) Eldridge B Williams (M: 59) Jay Paul Windley (M: 46)
Patrick David Winter (M: 63) Jonathan Wood (M: 45) William John Zwiebel (M: 68)
Noah Levon Brouillette (M: 39) Bill Lee Showers (M: 42) William Clarence Carter (M: 51)
Arthur David Snyder (M: 42) Jason Leon Sam (M: 35) David Ammon Killam (M: 38)
Bryce Mitchell Foulon (M: 34) Michael Jed Dursteler (M: 38) John Lawrence Adams (M: 48)
Adam G Bass (M: 33) Robert Raymon Burgess (M: 41) Ramon William Burr (M: 82)
Gregory Preston Cohen (M: 42) James Clifford Cosgrove (M: 63) Joseph Jack Dandrea (M: 33)
Robert Max Draves (M: 34) Clifford Vince Fausett (M: 52) Robin C Gardner (M: 55)
Michael Jared Hansen (M: 37) George Jared Jeppson (M: 34) Christopher William Jones (M: 31)
Jason Christopher Jones (M: 41) Robert M Lemon (M: 45) Daniel J Maroney (M: 64)
Matthew P Merrill (M: 46) Joshua Daniel Moore (M: 32) Shaun Tyler Mower (M: 30)
Roger C Noble (M: 44) John Anthony Sandoval (M: 47) Albert Shirley (M: 49)
Allen Gordon Taber (M: 55) Mark E Thomas (M: 38) Craig Allan Van Buskirk (M: 61)
Jason Waters (M: 42) Patrick David Winter (M: 63) David John Woodfin (M: 64)
Marlon C Jones (M: 41) Michael A Archuleta (M: 57) Tommy Burleigh (M: 55)
Raymond Manning (M: 53) William Brent Munro (M: 41) Christopher Alan Tryba (M: 50)
Jim Dale Woods (M: 55) Brandon Lee Jacobsen (M: 37) Richard James Kuchmak (M: 32)
Timothy J Christofferson (M: 34) John J Bias (M: 31) Martin Lee Gerber (M: 34)
James Gerald Moore (M: 77) Calvin Lynn Jacobs (M: 47) Gordon Clyde Thomas (M: 54)
Colby Mitchell (M: 28) Jonas J Manheimer (M: 40) Hillary Kent Steward (M: 44)
Kenneth Bert Trujillo (M: 50) Nathaniel Ammon Drew (M: 32) Gregory George Lamb (M: 41)
Stephen Paul Allan (M: 54) Stanley Teuotonga Brown (M: 50) Taje Ashley Boyden (M: 36)
Matthew Charles Gogan (M: 32) David Platten (M: 47) Mitchell Dennis Rathbun (M: 37)
Steven Richard Gibson (M: 53) Jack Calvin Lecheminant (M: 40) Troy Augustine (M: 45)
Robert Joseph Schapper (M: 33) Jeffery Antonio Salas (M: 50) Phillip John Hullum (M: 42)
Rigoberto Suarez (M: 65) Otto Earl Sanborn (M: 65) Tim Vandall Sandoval (M: 54)
Derick Jeremy Swenson (M: 32) William John Johnson (M: 50) Michael Edward Johnson (M: 52)
William John Zwiebel (M: 68)

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