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All sex offender records currently in our database from Utah located in ZIP code 84074 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search Utah sex offender information.

Martin Alberto Alvarado (M: 38) Alan Fred Anderson (M: 46) Richard Milo Andrus (M: 51)
Richard J Asay (M: 44) Scott Michael Ball (M: 33) Steven Floyd Ball (M: 58)
Richard Barton (M: 45) Gregory Lee Beach (M: 50) Ted Lynn Beaver (M: 44)
Ira Courtney Beckstead (M: 32) Roy Douglas Beecher (M: 43) Toby Tyler Blodgett (M: 31)
Andrew Brewster (M: 29) Ryan Daniel Bush (M: 21) Heather Christine Callister (F: 39)
Jeremy James Candelario (M: 33) Dannie Leroy Carlsen (M: 73) Martin Laray Clements (M: 61)
Mark Record Crockett (M: 53) Fred Allen Darr (M: 71) Jonathan Woodly Dean (M: 37)
Michael Deherrera (M: 64) William H Doutis (M: 51) Benjamin Lee Downey (M: 30)
Nicholas William Duffin (M: 26) Robert Darwin Finch (M: 47) John Joseph Fluckiger (M: 62)
Jesse Gallo (M: 40) Leon Lynn Galloway (M: 52) Paul David Galloway (M: 36)
Troy Johnson Garrard (M: 42) Michael Alan Giddens (M: 29) Leon Lawton Givens (M: 59)
David Ronald Gladden (M: 65) Ricky Lee Gonzales (M: 41) Joshua Shawn Gravitt (M: 23)
Larry Eugene Griffith (M: 68) Michael Kent Groves (M: 48) Richard Myrl Hamp (M: 43)
Andrew David Hansen (M: 32) Andy Ray Harris (M: 32) Michael E Hildreth (M: 47)
William Glen Jacobs (M: 65) Terry William Jones (M: 41) Addee Khoundet (M: 39)
Daniel Richard Law (M: 47) James H Lear (M: 62) Joe Raymond Lentz (M: 68)
Marcellas W Lewis (M: 74) Jeremy Roy Maestas (M: 32) Tanisha Laurae Magness (F: 27)
Michael Harold Mamola (M: 50) Shylock Christian Martinez (M: 38) Travis Lee Maynard (M: 33)
Robin Patrick Mcclements (M: 38) Larry Duane Mitchell (M: 72) Jerry Chris Munro (M: 56)
Mathew R Myers (M: 51) Charles Ottley (M: 59) Charlene Annette Porter (F: 25)
Travis John Prather (M: 30) John Edward Relaford (M: 65) Dustin William Rice (M: 31)
Shane Christopher Robbin (M: 19) Dallas Michael Rogers (M: 36) Richard R Rojas (M: 45)
Larry Gabriel Romero (M: 47) Kenneth Wayne Salahuddin (M: 42) Mark Schuman (M: 52)
Frank Shafer (M: 58) Wes Dayton Shoemaker (M: 21) Mark John Simonich (M: 49)
Michael Edward Simpson (M: 38) Louis Darrel Simshauser (M: 42) Jared Reed Smalling (M: 32)
Kevin Dale Sorenson (M: 57) Paul Anthony Stinson (M: 42) Joseph Daniel Stoddard (M: 27)
Bryan Paul Sullivan (M: 41) Nicholas Christopher Sweet (M: 33) Daniel Lotu Tausinga (M: 40)
Todd Lloyd Thayne (M: 47) Jordan Robert Thomas (M: 29) James Paea Touhuni (M: 33)
Jerry Dean Truex (M: 44) Jeremy Ray Tso (M: 35) Christopher Matthew Vargas (M: 23)
Roy Allen Vinzant (M: 48) Gary Don Walthall (M: 72) Joshua Collin Williams (M: 20)
Daniel David Young (M: 30) Devlin Ross Day (M: 27) Jonathan Dean (M: 37)
Richard Milo Andrus (M: 51) Jeffrey Frank Anderson (M: 29) Brandon Farrell Johnson (M: 35)
Richard J Asay (M: 44) Doug Bateman (M: 94) Ted Lynn Beaver (M: 44)
Gail Allen Benroth (M: 69) Raymond Andrew Berry (M: 38) Toby Tyler Blodgett (M: 31)
Jeremy James Candelario (M: 36) Dannie Leroy Carlsen (M: 73) Jeremy Carl Christensen (M: 28)
Martin Laray Clements (M: 61) Fred Allen Darr (M: 71) Ivan Ray Davis (M: 45)
Nicholas William Duffin (M: 26) Steven Richard Eyre (M: 45) Justin Allen Fajen (M: 29)
John Joseph Fluckiger (M: 65) Jesse Gallo (M: 40) Richard Cyle Gill (M: 64)
Rick Gonzales (M: 41) Demetrius Shawn Green (M: 37) Ronald Dean Hall (M: 47)
Andy Ray Harris (M: 32) James William Harris (M: 66) Travis Ken Henderson (M: 29)
William Glen Jacobs (M: 65) Ivan Craig Lasater (M: 40) Marcellas W Lewis (M: 74)
Jason Alan Lowder (M: 40) Jackie Lee Mcgilvery (M: 44) Patrick David Mikesell (M: 45)
Matthew R Myers (M: 51) Michael Alfred Orr (M: 33) Christopher Osako (M: 45)
Neal Brian Pitts (M: 50) Larry Kidd Proctor (M: 59) John Edward Relaford (M: 65)
Larry Charles Rigby (M: 47) Larry Gabriel Romero (M: 47) Tory D Sedgley (M: 39)
Jared Reed Smalling (M: 32) William Rico Smith (M: 42) Kevin Dale Sorenson (M: 60)
Nicholaus Howard Stearns (M: 31) Gary Clifford Swan (M: 48) Todd Lloyd Thayne (M: 47)
Andrew David Hansen (M: 32) Jeremy Ray Tso (M: 35) Anthony Andrew Losurdo (M: 49)
Michael Kent Groves (M: 48) Troy Johnson Garrard (M: 42) Scott Dee Brown (M: 43)
Jino Bart Conklin (M: 59) Ira Courtney Beckstead (M: 32) Roy Douglas Beecher (M: 43)
Paul David Galloway (M: 36) James H Lear (M: 62) Mark Schuman (M: 52)
Michael Sills (M: 49) Daniel Richard Law (M: 47) Gregg Lee Myrup (M: 31)
Terry William Jones (M: 41) Michael Gary Deherrera (M: 64) Walter Anthony Martinez (M: 57)
Riley Earl White (M: 29) Frank Shafer (M: 58) Joshua Shawn Gravitt (M: 26)
David Barnett Stannard (M: 71) Leon Lawton Givens (M: 59) Leslie Kaye Baird (F: 48)
Mark Record Crockett (M: 53) Jeremy Robert Kozlowski (M: 36) Raymond Andrew Berry (M: 35)
Richard Cyle Gill (M: 61) Brian Edward Schaff (M: 24) Gary Clifford Swan (M: 44)
Sean Robert Wolfe (M: 31) Justin Lyle Huffman (M: 29) Cecil Hoeck Douglas (M: 68)
Mike Therril Loertscher (M: 36) Juan Francisco Luna (M: 30) Anthony Schulz (M: 24)

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