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All sex offender records currently in our database from Utah located in ZIP code 84067 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search Utah sex offender information.

Bert Jay Adams (M: 30) Willis Gustav Adams (M: 36) Brandon Isaac Allan (M: 33)
James Edward Allison (M: 42) Anthony Earl Bartells (M: 43) Anthony David Borrowman (M: 39)
Bradley Keith Boswell (M: 44) Keith Edward Brant (M: 37) Roger L Brechlin (M: 53)
Danielle Marie Brooks (F: 35) Edward Terry Bunnell (M: 57) Finis Ray Byrd (M: 70)
Secundino Ort Candelaria (M: 35) Thomas Cliffored Carter (M: 68) Chris Jay Chapman (M: 43)
Gary Lee Christensen (M: 63) Travis Iian Conover (M: 29) Gary L Crossley (M: 51)
James Peter Crudele (M: 51) Jesse Ernst Diarte (M: 31) Justin Lynn Eberle (M: 31)
Christopher Allen Ferguson (M: 29) Delbert Lewis Fretz (M: 28) Michael Troy Fuit (M: 46)
Greg Garth Gardner (M: 41) Donald Lopez Garza (M: 30) Scott Lee Goodfellow (M: 42)
Charles David Gordon (M: 24) Hubert David Green (M: 59) Hugh Jefferson Guthrie (M: 38)
Ryan Russell Hall (M: 26) Bret Raymond Hamblin (M: 39) Aaron S Hanna (M: 42)
Dennis P Hansen (M: 68) Jacob Ryan Hardison (M: 29) Jonathan Jared Heaton (M: 31)
Matthew Jon Hess (M: 28) Delmar Leroy Hinckley (M: 47) Derek Thomas Horne (M: 29)
Laurie Dawn Horsley (F: 52) Clinton Lee Hoyt (M: 39) Robert Lynn Humphrey (M: 47)
Charles Timothy James (M: 48) Frank Logan Jamison (M: 45) Charles Lawrence Jimenez (M: 74)
Charles Edward Jones (M: 50) Dean Eldon Jones (M: 79) Michael Jerome Joseph (M: 32)
Allan Duane Kelley (M: 58) Bobby Harold Kirk (M: 31) Lawrence Stewart Knight (M: 44)
Ronald Mitchell Lay (M: 35) Richard Glen Levander (M: 46) Daniel Edward Lewis (M: 35)
Justin S Lovato (M: 37) Timothy Ray Loving (M: 37) Robert Allan Malan (M: 37)
Shaun Patrick Malone (M: 31) Emerson Lynn Martin (M: 51) James Ramon Martinez (M: 31)
John Brodie Mclane (M: 37) Christopher Harry Mikesell (M: 51) Troy Lewis Naylor (M: 47)
Steven Murray Nielson (M: 23) James Nyland (M: 52) Joshua Daniel Ogden (M: 35)
Arthur Lee Olds (M: 50) Michael Anthony Olds (M: 40) Tyler Kent Ollerich (M: 24)
Andrew Lance Orr (M: 24) Joey Leo Ortega (M: 33) Jay Douglas Ottley (M: 49)
Jonathan Lyle Owens (M: 59) Paul T Pakenham (M: 35) Timothy Esten Pettibone (M: 36)
Michael John Pfundstein (M: 47) Eric Winfield Pingel (M: 31) Benjamin Boyd Redington (M: 35)
John Ray Richardson (M: 29) Glen Porter Roberts (M: 52) Jay Randall Robinson (M: 31)
Steven Lynn Simonsen (M: 70) Joshua David Smith (M: 32) Kenneth Troy Smith (M: 47)
Clayton Dean Snowball (M: 31) James Stanley Spell (M: 38) James Robert Tatton (M: 35)
Ricardo Barry Ungles (M: 27) Raymond Harvey Vaughn (M: 25) Zachariah Nicholas Ward (M: 35)
Mark Lewis Watson (M: 53) Mark Lewis Watson (M: 53) Dustin Glen Wilson (M: 32)
Kevin Jack Wood (M: 55) Amber Jewel Atwater (F: 33) Christopher L Crawford (M: 41)
Shane Scott Woodbury (M: 27) Michael Anthony Olds (M: 40) Bret Raymond Hamblin (M: 39)
Nathan Wade Curtis (M: 35) Eric Winfield Pingel (M: 31) Timothy Ray Loving (M: 37)
Bradley Keith Boswell (M: 44) Travis Brent Brechbill (M: 35) Finis Ray Byrd (M: 70)
Gary Lee Christensen (M: 63) Lane Covington (M: 35) Scott Lee Goodfellow (M: 42)
Hugh Jefferson Guthrie (M: 38) Dennis P Hansen (M: 71) Daniel Keith Hensley (M: 58)
Clinton Lee Hoyt (M: 39) Charles James (M: 48) Paul Mark Jojola (M: 47)
Stephen Randal Kaminsky (M: 31) Lawrence Stewart Knight (M: 44) Emerson L Martin (M: 51)
Perry David Martinez (M: 53) Laurie Dawn Mendoza (F: 52) Larry Wilfred Miles (M: 59)
Kelly Lamont Newman (M: 49) James Nyland (M: 55) Joshua Daniel Ogden (M: 35)
Gary D Oliver (M: 62) Jay Douglas Ottley (M: 49) Paul Pakenham (M: 35)
Brandon Mccleary Prusse (M: 39) Benjamin Boyd Redington (M: 35) Kenneth Troy Smith (M: 47)
Clayton Dean Snowball (M: 31) Jeffrey Raymond Trayah (M: 54) Tom Valerio (M: 38)
Mark Lewis Watson (M: 53) Timothy Edward Willard (M: 44) Timothy John Williams (M: 50)
Leon Wilson (M: 59) Kevin Jack Wood (M: 55) Swen Douglas Young (M: 71)
Thomas Cliffored Carter (M: 71) Louis Adam Campbell (M: 31) Robert Lynn Humphrey (M: 47)
Thomas D Lowe (M: 39) Jay Orlan Roundy (M: 67) Steven Roger Trujillo (M: 47)
Brandon Robert Moss (M: 37) Paul Alan Marwedel (M: 66) Mark Alan Parry (M: 45)
Norman Small (M: 33) Michael Troy Fuit (M: 46) Dean Eldon Jones (M: 79)
Robert Allan Malan (M: 37) Steven Lynn Simonsen (M: 70) Steven H Opheikens (M: 40)
Keith Edward Brant (M: 37) Bradley Clair Mcgibbon (M: 42) Camron Ronald Perkes (M: 41)
Donald Channing Oswill (M: 44) Milton Shawn Bachman (M: 45) James Robert Tatton (M: 35)
Justin Lynn Eberle (M: 31) Loftin Elmo Pearce (M: 88) Tyler Kent Ollerich (M: 24)
Arthur Lee Olds (M: 50) Ronald Mitchell Lay (M: 35) Michael John Pfundstein (M: 47)
Billy Guy Rausch (M: 37) Travis Brent Brechbill (M: 32) Bridgette Cole (F: 32)
Angelo Hernandez (M: 39) Laurell Ray Coles (M: 65) James Bowen Dossett (M: 51)
Brian Steven Furniss (M: 38)

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