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All sex offender records currently in our database from Texas located in ZIP code 78745 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search Texas sex offender information.

Linwood Eugene Bryan (M: 35) Linwood Eugene Bryan (M: 35) Aaron L Butler (M: 37)
David Manuel Cano (M: 34) Wally Chavez (M: 27) Brandon Holly Cole (M: 30)
Jose Jaime Donjuan (M: 29) Tyler Paul Emery (M: 27) Jesus Esquivel (M: 36)
Rebecca Garrison (F: 35) Lance Lee Hajek (M: 30) Christopher James Hardin (M: 31)
Gregory Scott Bradshaw (M: 38) James Anthony Keane (M: 32) Nelson David Kugle (M: 27)
John Allen Little (M: 27) Johnny Thomas Malak (M: 33) John D Clarke (M: 43)
William Scott Clawson (M: 42) William Lynn Coddington (M: 40) Jarryl Wayne Curtis (M: 39)
Raul Davila (M: 48) Pedro Gabriel Morin (M: 37) Robert Eugene Fisher (M: 45)
Leonard Wayne Foreman (M: 40) George Avela Garcia (M: 41) Juan Manuel Garcia (M: 40)
Michael Thomas Gilles (M: 47) Jason Eaton Ramsey (M: 37) Maurice Andrew Richards (M: 32)
Anthony Guerrero (M: 48) Anthony Guerrero (M: 48) Carlos David Robles (M: 36)
Jacob Guzman (M: 43) Willie Rodriguez (M: 27) Gary Christopher Ruedas (M: 30)
Ronnie Satterwhite (M: 36) David W Hill (M: 42) Cecil Carl Scott (M: 32)
Rogue Brandon Smith (M: 33) Webster Marlowe Smith (M: 29) Matthew James Stalzer (M: 36)
Michael Steven Kurko (M: 42) Daniel Soto Trinidad (M: 30) Ryan Christopher Urias (M: 29)
Christopher A Vidrio (M: 26) Lance Craig Wagner (M: 36) Thomas Edward Walker (M: 29)
Larry Decker Wilson (M: 37) Doyle Allen Arnold (M: 51) Norman Glaser Coe (M: 53)
Dionicio Contreras (M: 53) Valentine Corpus (M: 55) Charles David Gallardo (M: 56)
David Garcia (M: 53) Martin Guerra (M: 51) Gene Richard Helms (M: 55)
Donald Glenn Hollifield (M: 53) Richard Wayne Hutchison (M: 54) Darrel Lynn Jackson (M: 50)
Scherry Gail Lucas (F: 53) Michael Mclamb (M: 41) Robert Casias Machado (M: 55)
Douglas Joseph Manney (M: 52) Jerry Davila Molina (M: 43) Gary Lee Morris (M: 47)
Charles Gregory Ming (M: 51) Arthur Michael Pannell (M: 38) Oscar Ornelas (M: 49)
Patrick Riley Presser (M: 43) Patrick Riley Presser (M: 43) David Perez (M: 55)
Henry Ramirez (M: 46) Manuel Leybas Robledo (M: 38) John Jason Rodriguez (M: 38)
Mario Rodriguez (M: 41) Robert Raymond Rodriguez (M: 45) Everett Richardson (M: 51)
Francisco Javier Rodriguez (M: 55) Fernando Solis (M: 39) Fernando Solis (M: 39)
Donald Ra Sims (M: 55) Michael Andrew Steinman (M: 46) Jamey Fitgerald Stimpson (M: 48)
Steve Earl Szabo (M: 44) Julio Cesar Vasquez (M: 41) Otto Scott Waddles (M: 46)
Demetrius Derwin Weldon (M: 47) Darren E Williams (M: 45) Rufus Junior White (M: 58)
Michael Alan Whitwell (M: 55) Richard Duane Wilson (M: 47) Timothy Dale Barnes (M: 59)
Roger Dale Barton (M: 63) Frank Rios Cardenas (M: 60) William Ernest Cooper (M: 66)
Julian Mendoza Gutierrez (M: 64) Ruben Casares Lopez (M: 67) Adrian Guerrera Mata (M: 60)
Todd Mcdowell (M: 62) Mike Moreno (M: 65) Michael Elridge Nichols (M: 60)
Paul William Oxley (M: 61) Michael Thomas Preston (M: 64) Jimmy Sneed (M: 61)
William Raymond Whitten (M: 70) Ramon C Deanda (M: 77) Thomas Jefferson Evans (M: 78)
Domingo Olo Penn (M: 87) Jose Roy Perez (M: 84) Brian Adam Gutierez (M: 26)
Christopher Michael Stevens (M: 24) Martin Zapata (M: 36) Gary Charles Roberts (M: 32)
Gordan Eugene Kane (M: 60) Mark Reuel Colyer (M: 32) Kimberlee A Caves (F: 30)
Brandon Lee Law (M: 31) Manuel Reyna Garcia (M: 51) David Edwin Stegall (M: 49)
Arturo Maa (M: 38) John Michael Langley (M: 48)

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