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All sex offender records currently in our database from Texas located in ZIP code 77550 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search Texas sex offender information.

Edward E Weyburn (M: 39) Eddie Lee Arceneaux (M: 30) Terrick Gerwayne Ballard (M: 29)
Mark Anthony Cisneros (M: 31) James Andrew Cook (M: 33) Jeffrey Davis (M: 37)
Anthony Daniel Eliaz (M: 34) Fernando Garza (M: 26) Jarvis Wayne Givens (M: 28)
Frank Villarreal Gomez (M: 29) Nelson Enrique Gomez (M: 35) David Gonzales (M: 36)
Lonnie Valentino Hall (M: 31) Abraham Lee Archer (M: 40) Ronald Stacy Bailey (M: 46)
James Davin Houston (M: 32) Jose Mario Benavides (M: 37) Xavier Ray Johnson (M: 26)
Merker Broussard (M: 37) Kenneth Leslie Busch (M: 39) Taufik Latrache (M: 28)
Amin Sean Lewis (M: 35) Jose Inez Martinez (M: 27) Shannon Lee Mc-Afee (M: 27)
Michael Wayne Epley (M: 44) David Leon Ouzenne (M: 37) Marcus Freeman (M: 37)
James Royce Graves (M: 46) Hector Eugene Guajardo (M: 42) Ricky Dale Gutierrez (M: 38)
William Rudd (M: 33) Jerry Lee Hendrixson (M: 39) Gilbert Salgado (M: 28)
Frank Hernandez (M: 40) Donald Joseph Salinas (M: 31) Aaron Leon Shinette (M: 29)
Adrain Smith (M: 27) Lawrence Charles Jackson (M: 44) Taylor Thomas Soape (M: 27)
Casey Lynn Spence (M: 30) Courtney Allen Thompson (M: 29) Sean Dwayne Kirby (M: 43)
Len Terry Leigh (M: 48) Jerrell Ramone Wafer (M: 28) Thomas Max White (M: 34)
Clifton Joesph Alexander (M: 56) Gerald Wayne Bradshaw (M: 52) James Francis Brennan (M: 55)
Keith James Brown (M: 56) Jose Angel Cordova (M: 54) Jonathan Marcus Corpuz (M: 57)
Robert A Cross (M: 57) Christopher M Defatta (M: 53) Matthew Dennison (M: 55)
Charles William Emig (M: 56) Victor Escamilla (M: 56) Lawerence Philiph Faircloth (M: 57)
Jose Falcon (M: 57) James Robert Ferguson (M: 53) Harliss Ray Gayness (M: 56)
Andres Hernandez (M: 56) Thomas Pierce Jolly (M: 58) Robert Manning (M: 46)
Charlie William Lindsey (M: 51) Thomas Charles Mack (M: 52) Kenneth Mathews (M: 54)
Ronnie Kent Mc-Michael (M: 53) Gilberto Ordonez (M: 42) Pablo Morales (M: 50)
Martin L Puentes (M: 48) Alvin Eugene Perdew (M: 55) Jason Timothy Reuter (M: 38)
Murphy Richard (M: 46) Jaramila P Roberson (M: 37) Odis Carl Reynolds (M: 50)
Eddie Lalo Salcido (M: 41) Mary Ellen Salinas (F: 42) Gary Hubert Rohm (M: 49)
Carl Wesley Sheridan (M: 48) Michael Henry Sheridan (M: 45) Mark J Semkiw (M: 50)
William Deon Smith (M: 38) Eric Dichelle Sneed (M: 37) Jobob St-Clair (M: 42)
Eddie Suniga (M: 51) Efrom Leon Thompson (M: 40) George R Taghan (M: 57)
Brandon Tone (M: 40) Ted Dalton Turner (M: 45) Hector Ruben Velasquez (M: 37)
Roy Oscar Venegas (M: 42) Cecil Gene Walker (M: 44) Cecil Gene Walker (M: 44)
Albert Lee Washington (M: 57) Edward E Weyburn (M: 39) Edward Everette Weyburn (M: 39)
Edward Everette Weyburn (M: 39) Allen George Wilson (M: 59) Nathaniel Wiltz (M: 50)
Isaac Fanuiel (M: 61) David Thomas Franklin (M: 60) George J Gumaer (M: 64)
Jesse Lee Julius (M: 60) Henry Walter Merritt (M: 59) Lee Earl Middleton (M: 60)
Francis Joseph Mueller (M: 67) Guadalupe Suarez Pinoin (M: 60) Alexander Medina Reyna (M: 67)
Lloyd Ricks (M: 65) Richard Rivera (M: 63) Edward Vasquez Saucedo (M: 62)
Adolpho Silvas (M: 69) Edward Lawrence Warner (M: 69) Carlos Lee Watts (M: 61)
Larry Lee Winters (M: 60) Carlos Zelaya (M: 65) Melvin Armand Herrmann (M: 71)
Rickey James Benavides (M: 26) John Anthony Casimere (M: 24) Julio Molis (M: 81)
George Anthony Daily (M: 25) Kenneth Wayne Gipson (M: 25) Roosevelt Harvey (M: 25)
Julian Mc-Connell (M: 22) Phillip Andrew Nevelow (M: 26) Phillip Perry Arcola Odom (M: 25)
Ramiro Rodriguez (M: 24) Jessie Edgar Hayes (M: 54) Elias Lee Salinas (M: 72)
George Lee Lynch (M: 44) David Rosario Dellolio (M: 45) Robert Glenn Louviere (M: 39)
Atmos Ray Cannon (M: 34) Alfred Gamble (M: 39) Juan Ferrer (M: 33)
David Ken Dearmore (M: 29) John Charles Mcmurrin (M: 31) Dennis Wayne Young (M: 32)
Timothy Nichols (M: 55) Raymond Anderson (M: 28) Ashley Lee Green (F: 30)
Leroy Harry Feigle (M: 74) Joe Louis Puentes (M: 56) Antonio Amato Dellolio (M: 53)
Reginald Wayne Allen (M: 50) Peter Matuza (M: 56) Charles Harland Smith (M: 51)
Lupe Rosando Juarez (M: 66) James Earl Moore (M: 40) Ted David Olvera (M: 54)

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