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All sex offender records currently in our database from Texas located in ZIP code 75207 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search Texas sex offender information.

Jesse Cosme Acala (M: 30) Armarnehius Allen (M: 36) Marc Anthony Baker (M: 28)
Dameon Jude Biessenberger (M: 34) Jeffrey W Brinsfield (M: 34) Axel Estrardo Cartagena (M: 33)
Mitchell Austin Baker (M: 44) Vincent Edward Bell (M: 48) Issac Ivery (M: 30)
Robert Salvador Bravo (M: 48) Robert Nathan Lawson (M: 36) Antoine Marquis Logan (M: 30)
Guillermo Loya (M: 31) Ronald Elliott Clewis (M: 48) Anthony Dewayne Collins (M: 41)
Edwin Earl England (M: 47) John M Patterson (M: 27) Anthony P Gray (M: 48)
Jerry Guinyard (M: 43) Quincey Daleon Hawkins (M: 42) Thomas Charles Hilton (M: 43)
Walter James Shults (M: 30) Eldridge J Joiner (M: 42) Antoine Ladale Taylor (M: 36)
Kipp Kilpatrick (M: 47) James Ray Kyle (M: 41) Harold Martiness Lewis (M: 38)
Richard Anthony Lozano (M: 46) Todd Andrew Lumkes (M: 44) Donnie James Lunsford (M: 45)
Charles Demond Ward (M: 26) Leroy Don West (M: 33) Douglas Gerald Allen (M: 50)
Harold Lavance Anderson (M: 59) Richard Avila (M: 59) Walter Bardley (M: 53)
Ray Barrientos (M: 58) Bruce James Bliss (M: 52) Jimmy Ray Bolton (M: 58)
Gary Don Booker (M: 50) John Alvin Bookman (M: 56) Richard Warren Breeland (M: 55)
Paul D Calhoun (M: 50) Gregory Cleo Camp (M: 51) Bruce Casey (M: 52)
William David Clark (M: 50) Pedro Pete Cortinas (M: 54) Eric Lynn Daniels (M: 59)
John Lincoln Ditto (M: 56) Jesus Enriquez (M: 56) Norman Evers (M: 51)
Raymond Craig Freeman (M: 55) Thomas Odie Gilbreath (M: 56) Edmond Charles Gooley (M: 55)
Olander Grant (M: 52) Michael Norman Griffin (M: 55) Robert Charles Grumsfeld (M: 50)
Lee G Henderson (M: 55) David Lee Highsmith (M: 53) Clarence Ray Hines (M: 59)
Floyd A Holsapple (M: 58) Barry Wayne Hood (M: 50) Donald Joseph Ishmael (M: 58)
Steven Ray Jackson (M: 52) Raymond A Jenkins (M: 49) Bertrand Ray Johnson (M: 57)
Lance Kennedy (M: 53) Stella Omega Marble (F: 47) John David Martin (M: 45)
Onderro Telvis Lawson (M: 53) Willie Mayes (M: 48) Ed Henry Loyde (M: 51)
Johnny Meyer (M: 45) John Midnight Millard (M: 41) Lue Jean Martin (M: 49)
Don Jewel Mc-Gee (M: 57) Albert Ray Miles (M: 55) James Earl Miles (M: 51)
Timothy Neal Orear (M: 46) Norman Patterson (M: 49) Lonnie Earl Price (M: 43)
Willie Pearson (M: 52) Richard Elvin Prince (M: 43) Kevin Rider (M: 46)
Billy Ray Rivers (M: 57) Ernest Salazar (M: 38) David Lynn Rutledge (M: 56)
Ruben Sendejas (M: 45) Rodger Paul Shaheen (M: 43) Glynne Duane Seaton (M: 55)
Steven Ray Skinner (M: 55) Alfred Louis Smith (M: 57) Marvin J Smith (M: 51)
Terry Wayne Starks (M: 57) Ronnie Earlyn Suell (M: 58) James A Threckeld (M: 44)
Rodney Merle Timmons (M: 48) Frederick Tate (M: 53) Binh Van To (M: 38)
Jerry Taylor (M: 52) Theodore Tims (M: 56) Rodney Ladale Turner (M: 45)
Michael Anthony Tyson (M: 51) Thomas Felton Wadkins (M: 44) Alfred Lee Weems (M: 58)
Lawrence Eric Woodard (M: 56) James Brooks (M: 64) Mark David Butts (M: 62)
Jesus Cadena Casas (M: 62) Bennie W Chambers (M: 63) Danny Bruce Conley (M: 62)
Billy Bob Cox (M: 67) Bobby Wayne Crutcher (M: 63) Wallace Edward Elmore (M: 62)
Tommy Allen Garrett (M: 61) Howard Hill (M: 65) Raymond Jackson (M: 67)
Ronald William Jackson (M: 61) Raymond Lee Jones (M: 67) Dwight Junior Marshall (M: 60)
Jack Fredrick Medley (M: 64) Lee Anthony Murphy (M: 66) Michelle Diane Nelson (F: 65)
Al Joseph Novoa (M: 66) Tommie Penelle (M: 69) Alfredo Marzo Rodriquez (M: 61)
Dan Cornell Rosemond (M: 62) Larry E Schaffer (M: 60) Obie R Suarez (M: 61)
Jackie Thomas (M: 59) J C Trine (M: 64) Luther Washington (M: 64)
Louis Charles Bryant (M: 76) Lewis Edward Martin (M: 70) Robert Leon Mitchell (M: 72)
Albert Bell (M: 24) Jeremy Clark (M: 26) Leon Buster Wallace (M: 76)
Jermaine Edward Grover (M: 26) Jerry Wayne Henderson (M: 26) Christopher James Hughes (M: 24)
Anthony Ray Jeffery (M: 25) Gustavo M Mendiola (M: 25) Travis Pollard (M: 26)
Royce Edward Stephens (M: 26) Eric Dewayne Thomas (M: 23) Clarence Thompson (M: 24)
Joseph Anthony Moore (M: 31) Virgil R Healey (M: 77) Robin Stewart Acton (M: 46)
Joe Lee Garcia (M: 34) Anthony John Gamino (M: 46) Paul Efren Hernandez (M: 55)
Joseph Allen Hartfield (M: 55) Simeon Maurice Harrage (M: 29) Peter Gonzales (M: 47)
Steven Douglas Evink (M: 52) Jon Eric Bloyed (M: 51) Patrick Willhoite (M: 74)
Joseph Malcolm Boutte (M: 53) Glenn Andrew Closson (M: 55) Demetricus Perry Moore (M: 57)
Albert Service (M: 56) Carl Anderson (M: 48) Larry James Peel (M: 55)
Theophilus Edetmus Foster (M: 57) Danny Mitchell Burks (M: 61) Richard Lee Hayden (M: 48)
Darrell Lynn Miller (M: 55) Bobby Ray Taylor (M: 63) Benny Curtis Wheeler (M: 53)
Adam Rosas (M: 45) Zachary H Alexander (M: 49) Paul Harvey Andrews (M: 61)
Terry Dale Reed (M: 28)

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