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All sex offender records currently in our database from Ohio located in ZIP code 45405 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search Ohio sex offender information.

Andre Semond Abernathy (M: 36) Mario Orlandis Allen (M: 26) Jimmy Fitzgerald Anderson (M: 47)
Eugene John Arbino (M: 56) Freddy Maurice Ashford (M: 43) Gail Lynn Banks (M: 50)
William Anthony Barker (M: 46) David A Barksdale (M: 29) Raymond Lewis Bass (M: 31)
Jeffrey Lonnie Bateman (M: 53) Ryan Miller Beckner (M: 33) Michael Larry Bell (M: 63)
Edward Eugene Bellman (M: 40) Leroi Edward Benson (M: 30) Darlene M Black (F: 53)
Gary W Blackburn (M: 46) Shedward Bogan (M: 49) Jonathan K Bretz (M: 42)
Danny Lorenzo Brown (M: 58) Willie James Brown (M: 34) William Jeffrey Bruhn (M: 45)
Steven Frederick Bruns (M: 58) Charles Allen Bryant (M: 43) James Talmadge Bryant (M: 52)
Ricky Vancleve Bush (M: 46) Jason Lee Byrd (M: 30) Derrick Lamont Caldwell (M: 33)
John Marion Caldwell (M: 56) Darin Duane Caviness (M: 44) Timothy Larue Javon Clemons (M: 30)
Clifton B Cole (M: 47) Trevin Coney (M: 44) Michael Tyrone Conner (M: 29)
Davion Lc Cotterman (M: 22) Gary Lynn Crafton (M: 55) Frederick Eugene Creech (M: 32)
Yves Montand Daniels (M: 51) Michael Christopher Darnell (M: 28) Francis Raymond Decarreau (M: 70)
Reginald Lamont Dillard (M: 37) Joseph Edward Dilling (M: 52) Dinh C Dinh (M: 49)
Alonzo Nmn Doggett (M: 73) Shawn Kelii Dowell (M: 34) Timothy Dunnier (M: 59)
Henry Brandon Essick (M: 27) Matthew James Estes (M: 31) Charles Ezell (M: 53)
Paul Timothy Fenwick (M: 49) Timothy Dunn Ferguson (M: 43) Chester Anderson Finley (M: 57)
Marshall Lynn Fleming (M: 52) Rodger Denton Golden (M: 34) Michael Scott Gorby (M: 42)
Melvin Nmn Hall (M: 61) Nigel Nmn Harrison (M: 40) Roy Arbra Higginbotham (M: 60)
David Ray Hill (M: 56) Nelson Eddie Howe (M: 51) Gary Wayne Hundley (M: 48)
James Parsley Isom (M: 39) Robert Henry Ivey (M: 55) Antonio Eugene Jackson (M: 39)
Denver Lee Jackson (M: 30) Emari Jaray Johnson (M: 26) Vernon Corwin Johnson (M: 59)
Steven Craig Jones (M: 53) Thomas William Jones (M: 52) James Matthew Kuna (M: 54)
Edwin Ray Leach (M: 56) Jeffrey Todd Malloch (M: 48) John Jujuan Matthews (M: 37)
Anthony Mayo (M: 33) Eric Mcclure (M: 54) Dandre Walter Lee Mccomb (M: 27)
Glenn Lee Mcdaniel (M: 51) James Michael Melton (M: 54) Calvin C Metcalf (M: 28)
Joseph Richard Miller (M: 50) Jack Eugene Moore (M: 34) Nicholas Nartker (M: 33)
Charles Milo Newsome (M: 49) Laron Travio Nooks (M: 25) Dedrick Dion Palmer (M: 36)
Eric Chinel Pearson (M: 41) Craig Elliot Perkins (M: 43) Richard James Pflager (M: 49)
Jerry Dean Phillips (M: 63) Naud Barrington Pinnock (M: 52) John Willliam Proctor (M: 56)
Jason Alan Pruiett (M: 32) William Rainey (M: 54) Victoria Lin Reaves (F: 20)
Charles William Reichelderfer (M: 77) Daniel Scott Reindel (M: 38) Harold Nmn Rimblert (M: 29)
Hugh Ross (M: 32) Daniel Taylor Rowland (M: 31) Shawn Donalle Sanders (M: 38)
Danny Ray Sargent (M: 28) David Athony Saum (M: 49) Kareem Shabazz (M: 34)
Phillip Gayelord Shackleford (M: 43) Joseph John Shough (M: 52) Shaun Keith Smith (M: 48)
William Ac Spear (M: 33) Joseph Lee Taylor (M: 31) William Collier Thomas (M: 57)
David Michael Thompson (M: 55) Calvin Eugene Turner (M: 52) Ray Tyler Lloyd (M: 36)
Jason Charles Vaughn (M: 35) Mark Keith Wadsworth (M: 61) Daniel Edward Wagner (M: 42)
Bellmon Rydell Watts (M: 52) James Christopher Wellinghoff (M: 29) Anthony S Williams (M: 26)
Glenn Steven Williams (M: 33) Austin Nicholas Wills (M: 29) Nathan Junior Woodle (M: 44)
Reuben Mario Woods (M: 40) Michael Lee Wright (M: 42) Antoine R. Young (M: 35)
Travis Lee Young (M: 28) Derrick Dwayne Huntley (M: 42) Eric Martin Winfrey (M: 33)
Keith Devon Colvin (M: 49) James C Cooper (M: 54) Richard Allen Cunniingham (M: 63)
Charles Flowers (M: 32) Joseph Nmn Hamilton (M: 39) Johnny Nmn Hardin (M: 55)
William George Harrison (M: 83) Shawn Kevin Heflin (M: 47) Jesse Elvin Maddex (M: 40)
Carlos Rico Martin (M: 43) Wayne Lavoy Mcbride (M: 70) Lawrence Nmn Mckinney (M: 51)
Milledge Edward Morgan (M: 29) Perry Curtis Morgan (M: 53) Omar Maurice Murphy (M: 39)
Anthony Dewayne Newsome (M: 45) James Allan Patrick (M: 44) Robert Lee Pummill (M: 53)
Derrick Lamont Rainey (M: 41) Donna Jean Rose (F: 46) Michael Jim Rose (M: 26)
Darryl Eugene Scott (M: 44) Marilyn Louise Pasupuleti (F: 48) Napoleon Nmn Prather (M: 40)
Mindy Leann Penny (F: 29) Thomas Edward Pritchett (M: 63) Romas Darmon Johnson (M: 37)
Richard Nmn Smith (M: 46) Ronald Leon Hill (M: 47) Dennis W Morris (M: 65)
David Ahmeri Barksdale (M: 29) Ronald Eugene Leslie (M: 46) Miller Nmn Mclemore Jr (M: 51)
Tyler Lloyd Ray Jr (M: 36) David A Fisher (M: 52) Daniel Matthew Furrow (M: 40)

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