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All sex offender records currently in our database from Ohio located in ZIP code 45202 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search Ohio sex offender information.

Jessie Royal (M: 55) Nicki Ann Brown (F: 24) James Finley (M: 28)
Michael Shane Humphries (M: 28) William R Abernathy (M: 41) John C Adkins (M: 52)
Kevin Alexander (M: 39) Kevin Alexander (M: 39) Frankie Alfarano (M: 52)
Darrell W Arnold (M: 37) Rayshon A Ashe (M: 29) Robert H Aufderhaar (M: 58)
Weldon D Ayers (M: 55) Chance Ballinger (M: 44) Leando Banks (M: 28)
Richard A Banks (M: 52) Michael J Barbato (M: 54) Kyle Barkimer (M: 29)
Alfred L Bates (M: 58) Nickolaus Bean (M: 34) Steven Gabriel Bell (M: 31)
Terry Bishop (M: 29) Miciah Black (M: 24) Rodriquez A Black (M: 44)
Deon L Bloom (M: 27) Airesse Bostic (M: 31) Mark D Bridgers (M: 40)
Anthony T Broadus (M: 33) William Bruton (M: 63) Gordon Bryant (M: 53)
Justin Bush (M: 24) Victor L Byrd (M: 56) Rodney Lee Carmack (M: 48)
James Carney (M: 45) Damien Cash (M: 24) Brian L Centers (M: 44)
Darius Darnell Chambers (M: 42) Tyrone H Chandler (M: 27) Shane Cheneau (M: 37)
Christian Clark (M: 46) Clifford Todd Clark (M: 44) Clifford T Clark (M: 44)
Gary Clark (M: 51) William C Cody (M: 48) Jerome Collins (M: 54)
James Colquitt (M: 51) Charles Craig (M: 36) Norman J Davenport (M: 55)
Darvey Davis (M: 39) Troy Debruler (M: 27) Gary Delaney (M: 51)
Charles L Duskin (M: 41) Robert L Duskin (M: 60) Eric James Earhart (M: 47)
Kristopher R Eye (M: 28) Terry Fairbanks (M: 51) Rayshane Fears (M: 27)
Mark Ferguson (M: 42) Sammy Charles Ferguson (M: 61) Leo J Fiasco (M: 33)
James D Finley (M: 28) James M Fleming (M: 41) Pete Fossett (M: 33)
Brian J Franxman (M: 45) Jerry Freeman (M: 61) Mark A Frisby (M: 33)
Larry L. Fry (M: 66) Jack A Gatewood (M: 48) Paul Gatewood (M: 21)
Raymond E Gebbie (M: 57) Wayne Gill (M: 52) Cleve M Ginn (M: 64)
David B Gold (M: 56) Arthur William Goodwin (M: 24) Jurado M Graber (M: 51)
Rodriguez M Green (M: 34) Timothy E Green (M: 48) David Griffin (M: 55)
Jeffrey M Hafner (M: 29) Anthony L Hamm (M: 52) Marvin Harrison (M: 65)
Damon Keith Hayes (M: 40) Clarke R Heath (M: 61) Dwight D Ingram (M: 53)
Daniel Jackson (M: 47) Leonard Maurice Jackson (M: 46) Roger O. Jackson (M: 45)
Maxwell Jennings (M: 57) Howard D Johnson (M: 22) Centica S Jones (M: 36)
Dwane A King (M: 42) Anthony Kirkland (M: 43) Barton Lacey (M: 49)
Robert Ladriere (M: 49) George W Lainhart (M: 25) Joan Ann Lapella (F: 45)
Sylvester J Lawson (M: 42) Frankie E Lee (M: 58) Steven F Lee (M: 35)
Jeffrey W Lett (M: 45) Stanley Lewis (M: 59) Andrew A Lindsey (M: 52)
James Lomax (M: 43) Ernest Lee Manery (M: 56) Robert L Mason (M: 26)
Terry R Matthews (M: 37) Christopher Mcclain (M: 40) Eric L Mccree (M: 35)
Charles Wayne Mcintyre (M: 48) Terrance D Mcmiller (M: 33) Timothy J Mcnamee (M: 58)
Donald Miller (M: 68) Jesse J Miller (M: 74) Paul B Morris (M: 36)
Eric Nance (M: 38) Robert William Neack (M: 35) Stanley A Niceley (M: 32)
Norman E Norfleet (M: 57) Paul Norris (M: 50) Benoit Ntarumotima (M: 52)
Daniel K Ollie (M: 55) Theodore Papalardo (M: 50) Terry E Paster (M: 51)
William A Patmon (M: 59) Eugene Patton (M: 45) Joseph Pettis (M: 39)
Andrew Powell (M: 29) Damion Pressley (M: 35) Anthony Purnell (M: 44)
Gary Raleigh (M: 56) Wesley S Rasdorf (M: 29) Rodney Reece (M: 46)
Robert J Reynolds (M: 41) Clyde Rice (M: 40) Dontae Robbins (M: 22)
Jay W Robbins (M: 51) Patrick C Robson (M: 22) Katie Z Rosenbluth (F: 36)
Andrew Ross (M: 56) Earl R Schepers (M: 56) William Todd Schleehauf (M: 49)
William O Schneider (M: 70) Bernard Schuler (M: 34) Gerald Scott (M: 29)
Daryl Shepherd (M: 58) Kenny Sheppard (M: 46) Joseph Darnell Shipman (M: 38)
Rickey Simmons (M: 55) Lamont M Sims (M: 45) J C Sipple (M: 66)
Frank Smith (M: 61) Jason D Smith (M: 34) Jerry J Smith (M: 36)
Daniel L Stacy (M: 56) David Stallworth (M: 26) Jeffrey Stephens (M: 38)
David Stiles (M: 51) Joseph W Stoffel (M: 51) Todd W Stowers (M: 53)
James E Swigert (M: 54) Gregory Tanner (M: 38) Kenneth Carl Thomas (M: 42)
Thomas H Thompson (M: 51) Meroll Thoses (M: 32) Jeffrey W Traynor (M: 53)
Charles Tustin (M: 53) Keith L Tye (M: 58) Changamire Abiade Uchechukwu (M: 67)
Desmond Vaughn (M: 36) Steven R Walker (M: 56) Michael Robert Ward (M: 27)
Henry Warren (M: 65) Edward Watson (M: 52) Derrick None Weakley (M: 32)
John Wells (M: 26) William Thomas Wesley (M: 40) Robert E Wheeler (M: 60)
Chester L White (M: 47) Mariel K White (M: 44) Orlando Wilcox (M: 29)
Jermaine Williams (M: 31) Samuel F Williams (M: 46) Timothy Williams (M: 62)
Arthur Wilson (M: 39) Charles Wilson (M: 44) William A Winans (M: 41)
Larry J Winslow (M: 62) John D Wood (M: 56) Maurice Wright (M: 41)
Michael J Ohare (M: 34) Arthur J Green (M: 61) Daniel Everett Andrews (M: 35)
George C Bedinghaus (M: 59) Byron K Betts (M: 54) Michael Browner (M: 45)
Anthony J Calhoun (M: 56) Terrell W Cook (M: 45) Anthony Diaz (M: 52)
Joseph Hignite (M: 80) Charles R Jones (M: 57) Randy Allen Ewel (M: 53)
Harry R Price (M: 58) Charles Perkins (M: 47) Rodney Steven Beamon (M: 55)
Milton Hawkins (M: 53) Albert F Steele (M: 64) Anthony L Blackmon (M: 34)
Richard R Davol (M: 45) Bertram Dole (M: 53) Jeff Haggard (M: 56)
Don L Stanley (M: 27) Robert W Vanhoosier (M: 46) Frank Campbell (M: 66)
Michael J Barbato (M: 54) William Dufran (M: 27) Clyde F Herald (M: 59)
Matthew M Hermann (M: 37) Jerome Lillard (M: 51) Emanuel Thomas (M: 34)
Waco Tohausen (M: 40) Carl Julius Arnold (M: 50) Kenya Gilliam (F: 28)
Tyler J Glore (M: 20) Cisse Kane (M: 53) Robert J Kasee (M: 28)
Antonio Moore (M: 41) Charles L Moore (M: 43) Johnny R Mullins (M: 67)
Andrew Snellings (M: 20) Kevin Michael York (M: 30) Clifford E Howell Jr (M: 54)
Daniel Ray Latchford (M: 19) Wendell Franklin Sr (M: 48) John Gus Mosley Jr (M: 50)
Michael P Morris (M: 26) Wayne W Johnson (M: 46) Terry Fairbanks (M: 51)

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