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All sex offender records currently in our database from Ohio located in ZIP code 44120 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search Ohio sex offender information.

Anthony Mcgee (M: 47) Napolean Abner (M: 38) Enoch Al-Amin (M: 43)
Martino Albert (M: 37) Nathaniel Algee (M: 33) Lineal Ray El Amin (M: 46)
Michael Vernon Anderson (M: 54) Ray Nathdamial Anderson (M: 34) Will Anderson (M: 66)
Danilo Z Artez (M: 76) Larry Attaway (M: 44) Demetrius Axson (M: 46)
Carl E Baker (M: 57) Tyshawn Ball (M: 31) Leslie Banks (M: 49)
Jamico Maurice Barnes (M: 43) Antoine Cortez Bell (M: 48) Adrian S Bello (M: 49)
Dennis Bernard Benson (M: 49) Lacey Raymar Bibb (M: 32) Preston Billingsley (M: 61)
Tracey Bishop (F: 64) William Board (M: 54) John G. Bowers (M: 58)
Larry Bradford (M: 49) Eric Donnell Brown (M: 41) Henry Brown (M: 56)
Colbert Burrell (M: 53) Michael Bursey (M: 41) Andrew Lee Byrd (M: 54)
Devon Lamont Byrd (M: 39) William Thomas Caldwell (M: 31) Dewayne Carroll (M: 54)
Kermit Caves (M: 43) Christopher Cavna (M: 26) Jonathan Chambers (M: 24)
Eddie Walter Chapman (M: 45) Kendall Clark (M: 40) Charles Oscar Clarke (M: 86)
Jeremiah L Cleveland (M: 31) Gary Cole (M: 46) Howard W Collins (M: 50)
Terry C Conrad (M: 52) Darryle Angelo Cook (M: 55) Michael Christopher Cook (M: 52)
Keith Coopwood (M: 60) John A Danko (M: 50) Cleo Davis (M: 51)
Joel Davis (M: 28) Reginald Wayne Davis (M: 52) Dallas Douglas (M: 55)
Dallas Michael Douglas (M: 55) Brian Keith Duncan (M: 43) Bernard Eathridge (M: 50)
Robert Eathridge (M: 43) James Efford (M: 35) John W Evans (M: 42)
Jason A. Falkner (M: 36) Steve Fears (M: 44) Shedric F. Finklea (M: 45)
Tahl Fishman (M: 39) Lord Demoines France (M: 29) Tuan Fullen (M: 27)
Arnold Gainer (M: 60) Tyrone Gibson (M: 44) James Gilbert (M: 61)
Marcus Gilson (M: 31) Daryl Gocher (M: 45) Melvin Goodman (M: 33)
Artrice Demetrius Gordon (M: 44) Jason Graffenreed (M: 38) Ronald Christopher Greene (M: 33)
Michael Griffey (M: 50) Derrick Eugene Griffin (M: 39) Michael Sekou Gross (M: 38)
Alex Jerome Hamm (M: 26) David Hardges (M: 27) William Charles Harris (M: 60)
Darryl Hawkins (M: 63) Charles Hightower (M: 63) Johnnie H Hyche (M: 63)
George Hicks Iii (M: 25) Don E Jackson (M: 60) Gagan Marlon Jackson (M: 27)
Warren Jackson (M: 74) Amanda J. Jandes (F: 34) Clarence Johnson (M: 30)
Kevin Arenett Johnson (M: 49) Lamont Johnson (M: 35) Clifford D. Jones (M: 53)
Ronald D Jones (M: 54) Laquisha Tamera Jordan (F: 32) Laquisha Tamera Jordan (F: 32)
Anthony R Junior (M: 48) Christopher Darrell Keener (M: 29) Willie Kidd (M: 62)
Michael Knowles (M: 27) Denis Lard (M: 55) Roman Lavant (M: 28)
Otto Lawrence (M: 42) Russell Leegrand (M: 57) Frederick Cornelius Lilly (M: 58)
John A. Lloyd (M: 53) Brandon Locke (M: 31) Erik Robert Lofton (M: 39)
Carlton Love (M: 50) Anthony Mack (M: 29) Sherman Manuel (M: 33)
Charles Buddy Markham (M: 47) Paul Marsh (M: 48) Paris Mccrary (M: 54)
Stephen Mccrary (M: 30) Anthony Mcgee (M: 47) David Demetrius Mincy (M: 34)
Charles Mitchell (M: 68) David M. Mitchell (M: 62) Willie Moncrief (M: 37)
Anthony M Morgan (M: 38) Shaheed Muhammad (M: 42) James Nicholson (M: 47)
Van Dashawn Patterson (M: 40) James Camden Payne (M: 62) Antwan Phelps (M: 44)
Julius Vaughan Phillips (M: 47) Edward Woody Pierce (M: 48) Tyrone Pierce (M: 59)
Michael Platt (M: 40) Clemons Porter (M: 47) David Porter (M: 44)
Emell Rashford (M: 59) Dallas Matthew Ray (M: 45) Walter Andrew Redding (M: 36)
Mardy Reeves (M: 52) William Reynolds (M: 59) Lonell Dewayne Ricks (M: 49)
Chase Brock Riley (M: 43) Reginald Roberson (M: 59) Ernest D Robinson (M: 27)
Roy Rucker (M: 39) Marcus Sanders (M: 29) Demetrius Satterwhite (M: 33)
Louis J. Shaw (M: 51) Ernest Shinaul (M: 49) Brandon Steven Short (M: 31)
Tyrone Simon (M: 45) Quintell Henry Alexander Simpson (M: 31) Curtis Smith (M: 51)
Donald K Smith (M: 53) Donta Smith (M: 28) Isaiah Smith (M: 33)
Tommie W Smith (M: 36) Anthony Edward Sowell (M: 53) Craig Ellis Springfield (M: 42)
Anthony Wayne Stewart (M: 55) Antonio Carlos Stewart (M: 41) Mario Stewart (M: 30)
Andrew Sullivan (M: 33) Dashawn Tate (M: 28) Terry Maurice Thomas (M: 47)
Frank Edward Thompkins (M: 42) Mirl Timmons (M: 34) Sherman Townsend (M: 27)
Duane Turner (M: 28) John Vandergriff (M: 48) Antonio Michael Veira (M: 28)
Ali Vinson (M: 44) Khari Wade (M: 41) Charles Waiters (M: 43)
Edward Walker (M: 58) Horace W Walton (M: 45) Otae Quddus Watkins (M: 56)
Mario Deshaun Welch (M: 31) Brian Williams (M: 31) James E Williams (M: 41)
John D Williams (M: 64) Marlon Desammie Williams (M: 29) Anthony Williamson (M: 28)
Harvey F Wilson (M: 57) Rashaad Wilson (M: 24) Louie Wong (M: 34)
Karl Woodard (M: 67) Geron W Wright (M: 54) Anthony M Morgan (M: 39)
Angel Ortega Martinez (M: 44) Leonard Palmer (M: 48) Kevin Eugene Thomas (M: 50)
Samuel Brewer (M: 28) Gary E Craig (M: 63) Thomas Daniels (M: 43)
Frederick Davis (M: 31) Derrick Donald (M: 30) Charles P Dowd (M: 55)
Reginald J Edwards (M: 52) Larry Ellington (M: 51) Chester James (M: 42)
Charles Edward Harris (M: 60) Julian Jay Davis (M: 40) Kenneth Rapoport (M: 60)
Loretta Jones (F: 38) Deon Darnell Crawford (M: 25) George Dillard (M: 53)
Charles Sims (M: 26) Anthony Jones (M: 38) Edward Walker (M: 58)
Kenneth Thomas (M: 53) Luray Chardonnay Hawkins (M: 40) Willis Hawkins (M: 52)
Frank Henderson (M: 57) Darrell Deont E Hendricks (M: 36) James Duke (M: 34)
Collyn M Green (M: 21) Eric Moore (M: 46) Pasauell Brooks (M: 57)
Isaac Houston (M: 46) Samantha Hunter (F: 42) Samuel Jermaine Hurth (M: 37)
Anthony Brown (M: 51) Lashawn Deramus (M: 31)

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