Sex Offender Profile Directory : Ohio : 44114

All sex offender records currently in our database from Ohio located in ZIP code 44114 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search Ohio sex offender information.

Larry D. Addison (M: 50) Anthony B Alexander (M: 59) Ansuri Ameem (M: 55)
Charles Amos (M: 46) James T Anderson (M: 28) Anthoniey Vantrez Anthony (M: 45)
Robert Matthew Arias (M: 49) Raymond Joseph Arthur (M: 60) Joshua Austin (M: 29)
Bernard Bacon (M: 45) James Banks (M: 42) Richard Baron (M: 64)
John Bartholomew (M: 36) Charles Beard (M: 60) Charles Junior Beard (M: 60)
Mansoor Saleem Bey (M: 45) Edward Bialec (M: 31) Brian Scott Binkley (M: 51)
John Bland (M: 61) Samuel R Bowen (M: 59) John Hennon Bowie (M: 49)
Danny Lee Bowles (M: 57) David Bowman (M: 41) David Michael Brabant (M: 59)
Terrance M Brasfield (M: 43) Guy Allen Brewer (M: 50) James Brooks (M: 29)
Walter Broom (M: 53) Charles E. Brown (M: 55) Jimmy L Brown (M: 59)
Johnny Brown (M: 58) Lorenzo R Brown (M: 26) Deangelo Bruce (M: 44)
Roger W Bundy (M: 51) Michael G Butler (M: 45) James Patrick Byrne (M: 60)
Frank Camarillo (M: 46) Alejandro Capeles (M: 47) Bruce Carroll (M: 46)
Hector Castro (M: 60) Ivan Eduardo Chacon (M: 38) Benjamin Travis Clark (M: 50)
Ronald L. Cline (M: 77) Jeffrey Cohutt (M: 38) Derrick Cook (M: 48)
Ted Scott Copperman (M: 39) Joseph Corbett (M: 40) Melburn Chris Cornwall (M: 46)
Keith Edward Cottrell (M: 55) Christopher Lee Cowger (M: 32) Frank E Crum (M: 42)
Angel Cruz (M: 51) Charles Joseph Curtis (M: 53) Delmar Cutlip (M: 64)
Charles Derosett (M: 54) Calvin Kenneth Douglas Dewberry (M: 39) Tarrence Eric Dial (M: 49)
Tariq Doss (M: 38) Trevino Dotson (M: 41) Albert Dennise Eanes (M: 47)
James Eddie Edinburgh (M: 64) Daniel Lamont Edmonds (M: 27) Andrew E Elmore (M: 38)
Brandon Evans (M: 24) Leon Farney (M: 42) Michael Farrell (M: 52)
Richard Fears (M: 49) Dennis Fenty (M: 56) Jeremiah Thai Ferguson (M: 34)
Russell Ford (M: 44) David Thomas Fowler (M: 33) Fred Franklin (M: 46)
Reginald Frierson (M: 52) James Stanley Fuller (M: 63) Terrell L Gardner (M: 37)
Mitchell W Garner (M: 33) Carl Benjamin Geddas (M: 39) Carl Geddes (M: 39)
Sterling George (M: 61) Oliver Cameron Gibbons (M: 39) George Dimas Gonzalez (M: 51)
Jamal Goode (M: 36) Erice Grady (M: 37) Victor Dewayne Grant (M: 58)
Michael Grayson (M: 26) Lamar Anthony Green (M: 31) Percy Gross (M: 41)
Thomas Grunden (M: 40) Gregory Gruszka (M: 36) Charles Michael Hall (M: 46)
Franklin Delano Hall (M: 63) Robin Rufus Hall (M: 42) James Hannah (M: 45)
Kellen M Harper (M: 22) John Ingle (M: 55) Andre Antonio Jackson (M: 26)
Terran Jackson (F: 49) Tremaine Jackson (M: 32) Tyrone Jackson (M: 40)
Chester Ray James (M: 42) Earlie Calvin Jenkins (M: 52) John Lewis Jenkins (M: 22)
Brian Johnson (M: 28) Percy Johnson (M: 58) Robert Anthony Johnson (M: 42)
Girard E Jolly (M: 52) Curtis Jones (M: 56) Darryl Jones (M: 45)
Jerold Jones (M: 35) Rayshawn Jordan (M: 32) Frank Joseph Kehoe (M: 37)
Kirklynn Kennedy (M: 50) James Kenny (M: 42) Benjamin Joseph Klepatzki (M: 46)
Michael Anthony Knowles (M: 27) Richard Landers (M: 35) Jesus Laureano (M: 75)
Christopher Lee Lawless (M: 34) David Jay Lee (M: 41) Donald Ray Lewis (M: 41)
Troy Lewis (M: 44) Leslie Lindsey (M: 59) Daniel Godines Loera (M: 54)
David Jose Loos (M: 34) Anthony Loper (M: 30) Kevin Lott (M: 46)
William Joseph Loveless (M: 44) Jorge Lugotapia (M: 45) Jerry Malone (M: 67)
Andre Martin (M: 37) Mark Martin (M: 38) Robert Keith Matthews (M: 47)
Raymond Allen Mccloud (M: 27) Lawrence Mccollins (M: 31) Jeffery Allen Mccumbers (M: 23)
James Mcginty (M: 32) Richard Mchenry (M: 40) Jamal Mcwilliams (M: 28)
Robert N. Melnyk (M: 41) Charles Thomas Milhous (M: 45) Kenneth Ray Neal (M: 53)
Terry Allen Neal (M: 28) Christopher Lee Nutting (M: 47) George Franklin Oconnor (M: 51)
Sontay Serrob Ogletree (M: 27) James Olah (M: 60) Gerald Lee Oliver (M: 36)
Ruben Ortiz (M: 59) Radford Earl Parker (M: 48) Darnell Pate (M: 33)
Mark Douglas Patterson (M: 59) Edward Lee Patton (M: 53) Walter James Payne (M: 51)
Reginald Perry (M: 51) Nathaniel L Pettis (M: 30) Delon Price (M: 23)
Kelvin Leonard Price (M: 44) Paul Pumerano (M: 45) William Thomas Pyne (M: 42)
Oscar Quinones (M: 58) Andre D. Ray (M: 46) Duane Richards (M: 56)
Darnell Leshaun Richardson (M: 34) Lashon Riley (M: 43) Karl Roberson (M: 57)
Robert Luther Robinson (M: 41) Pedro Colon Rodriguez (M: 46) Richard Romero (M: 47)
Mark Saxon (M: 45) Benjamin Semeyn (M: 35) Michael Senk (M: 42)
James Paul Shafer (M: 43) James Andrew Sharp (M: 56) Gregory Sherels (M: 50)
Chris Sillett (M: 49) Dirk Kimble Small (M: 47) James William Smelko (M: 45)
Anthony Smith (M: 46) Marcus Fonte Snorton (M: 42) Paul Starkey (M: 47)
Danotis Starks (M: 32) Lindsey Stewart (M: 60) Kenneth E Stover (M: 41)
James D Sullivan (M: 55) Jason Walter Sumner (M: 29) Terence William Sutton (M: 25)
Mary Anne Swank (F: 56) Michael Switzer (M: 27) Dwayne Rl Taylor (M: 26)
Anthony Thomas (M: 48) Nathaniel Booker Thornton (M: 31) Miguel Andrew Torres (M: 44)
Andre Lamont Tripp (M: 45) Leonard Urban Vaccariello (M: 59) Raymundo Vaquera (M: 39)
Lynn Michael Vaughn (M: 61) Donald Lee Vinton (M: 62) Charles Robert Walls (M: 47)
Erick Ware (M: 47) Jerry Warren (M: 45) Reginald Washington (M: 57)
Reginald Washington (M: 47) David Weigand (M: 39) Christopher Terry West (M: 55)
David L West (M: 44) Aaron Williams (M: 53) Dwayne A Williams (M: 49)
Mark A Williams (M: 27) Corwin Timothy Willis (M: 43) Brandon Wilson (M: 23)
Daniel H Wilson (M: 58) Stephen Kendal Wilson (M: 62) Curtis Withrow (M: 51)
Lamont Marcel Wright (M: 46) Marco Marcellus Wright (M: 47) Darryl Allen Young (M: 34)
Leonard Young (M: 29) Paul A Fried (M: 46) James Sheldon Meade (M: 51)
James Barnwell (M: 45) Samuel Bowen (M: 59) Gerard Davis (M: 61)
Anthony Louis Donofrio (M: 48) Richard Doss (M: 56) Adacia Douglas (M: 30)
Willie Page (M: 51) Wayman D Kent (M: 25) Jonathan Fort (M: 29)
Sean P Patton (M: 30) Dinero Martinez Smith (M: 26) Ben Ellis (M: 43)
Sheldon Mitchell (M: 28) Myrna Faye Centers (F: 48) Cardell Covington (M: 30)
Larry D Knox (M: 52) Jerome Gregory (M: 60) Maurice Gregory (M: 52)
Emmanuel Hakim (M: 30) Jason Williams (M: 31) William Eric Heaton (M: 58)
John William Hixenbaugh (M: 45) Demetrius Timberlake (M: 40) Antoine Bell (M: 39)
Shondale Lawson (M: 40) Jermandez Mosley (M: 24) Willie Lee Williams Jr (M: 60)
Oliver Cameron Gibbons (M: 39) Jose Gabriel Gonzalez (M: 32) Edward Wesley Grinage (M: 60)
Donald Lee Hoover (M: 24) Harold Hubbard Ii (M: 44) William Humansky (M: 37)
Darryl Chris Hurley (M: 59) Charles Marshall Jr (M: 39) James Patrick Rutti (M: 54)
Jack Taylor (M: 50) Miguel Torres (M: 44) Charles Yanovich (M: 41)
Jeffrey Cohutt (M: 38) Jermaine Williams (M: 40) Joe L Hill Iii (M: 19)
Robert F Johnson (M: 37) Sean Patrick Cifra Jr (M: 24) Wesley Wright (M: 40)

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