Sex Offender Profile Directory : Ohio : 44108

All sex offender records currently in our database from Ohio located in ZIP code 44108 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search Ohio sex offender information.

Carl Adams (M: 61) Pettis Curtis Adams (M: 60) Rickey Adams (M: 59)
Daniel Earl Agee (M: 52) Michael A Amankwah (M: 30) Antonio Amerson (M: 34)
Loren William Andrew (M: 32) Sheldon Antoine (M: 33) Ralph Kent Archie (M: 51)
Bentley Axson (M: 41) Victor J Bailey (M: 33) Michael Baker (M: 58)
Nelson Barnes (M: 51) Terrence Barnes (M: 41) Charles Lashawn Barron (M: 31)
Lee Bates (M: 47) Anthony Beasley (M: 50) Deandre Benjamin (M: 31)
Antonio Emmanual Berry (M: 28) Romulus Bey (M: 38) Arnold Black (M: 23)
Andre Blackman (M: 51) Tony K Blakey (M: 24) Marven Bonner (M: 44)
Stanley Braxton (M: 61) Kevin W Bridget (M: 42) Levar Briggs (M: 34)
Jerrod Browder (M: 43) Lawrence L Brown (M: 42) Darrell William Bruce (M: 56)
Nevil Bruce (M: 37) Luther Burks (M: 84) Thomas Fitzgerald Camp (M: 47)
Timmy Chambers (M: 49) William Ernest Childs (M: 68) Jason Clark (M: 29)
Tharne Earl Clark (M: 52) Willie Clark (M: 44) Carlin Cloud (M: 31)
Kendridge L. Coburn (M: 41) Timothy Benson Coleman (M: 49) Rezata Coleycarr (M: 31)
Jonathan C Collier (M: 39) Terrell Compton (M: 43) Darryl Cook (M: 35)
Daimem Dawson (M: 26) Andrew Diamond (M: 60) Ronald Dupree (M: 57)
Terrence Eads (M: 30) Johnson Earl Edward (M: 54) Leland Keith Edwards (M: 48)
Robert Keith Edwards (M: 41) Anthony Gerard Eskridge (M: 55) Jerrol Faison (M: 65)
Gayland Fancher (M: 64) Laron Fields (M: 25) Rodney Fisher (M: 50)
Gregory Fitzgerald (M: 27) Leonardo Frazier (M: 46) Ricardo A Freeman (M: 29)
Michael Dale Gaines (M: 33) Dwayne Gary (M: 46) Milton Steve Gaston (M: 49)
Robert Gates (M: 74) Rahim Germany (M: 28) John Henry Gibson (M: 66)
Leroy Glass (M: 55) Edward Golson (M: 36) Michael Grant (M: 55)
Eric Green (M: 44) Mark Hall (M: 32) Curtis Hamilton (M: 51)
Curtis Hampton (M: 48) Rueben Hardy (M: 45) Patrick Hawthorne (M: 28)
Kenneth Iverson (M: 72) Wiley Ivory (M: 61) Clarence Jackson (M: 47)
Willie Andrew Jackson (M: 55) Willie L Jackson (M: 28) Raynold Jefferson (M: 77)
Sherman Jeffries (M: 53) Aaron Rammil Jeter (M: 38) Larry Johnson (M: 43)
Ronald L Johnson (M: 35) Roosevelt Royce Johnson (M: 60) Dominic Jones (M: 34)
Robert B Jones (M: 34) Kevin Keith King (M: 32) Robert Daniel King (M: 33)
Walter J Lanier (M: 36) Rodney Curtis Lawson (M: 46) Roderick Lee (M: 24)
Jaime Paredes Lim (M: 60) Alphonso Little (M: 44) Brandon Lockhart (M: 28)
Jessie Gus Maddox (M: 55) Aaron May (M: 39) Walter Leroy Mayle (M: 42)
Michael Lee Mcadams (M: 50) Gary Eugene Mccants (M: 50) Tymikia Mcclarty (F: 34)
Julius Mccoy (M: 60) Harold Mccray (M: 52) William R Mckinsey (M: 44)
Ronnie Speed Meadows (M: 29) Christopher Miller (M: 35) Troy Miller (M: 36)
Ryan Mitchell (M: 36) Bernard Oneal (M: 41) Bruce Parker (M: 60)
Mukeshbhai Maganbhai Patel (M: 38) Anthony Patton (M: 40) Christopher Pinkney (M: 32)
Johnnie Pullum (M: 55) Phillip Purse (M: 37) Gregory Julius Qualls (M: 55)
Nicholas Romaine Quarterman (M: 31) Andre Demetrius Ray (M: 46) Stanley Reese (M: 52)
Louis Hall Robert (M: 43) Carlos Robinson (M: 32) Richard Rone (M: 47)
Jermaine C Rosenburg (M: 29) Walter Russell (M: 63) George Seigers (M: 66)
James Sellers (M: 43) Ronald Sharp (M: 34) Frank Simmons (M: 48)
Robert Stanley Smith (M: 82) Rondale Sparks (M: 27) Manley Spencer (M: 63)
Erick Stanback (M: 37) Joseph Walker Stanley (M: 51) Alan Michael Stephens (M: 22)
John Calvin Stewart (M: 39) Terrell Summers (M: 27) Anthony Taylor (M: 31)
Henry Taylor (M: 48) John Allen Terrell (M: 68) James Nathaniel Toney (M: 77)
Charles Townsend (M: 67) Jerome Wagner (M: 51) Anthony Walker (M: 24)
Robert Walls (M: 57) Carl Ware (M: 52) Demetrius White (M: 29)
Treverence Whitmore (M: 40) Brett Wilkerson (M: 46) Andre Satori Williams (M: 54)
Andrew Williams (M: 41) Eric D. Williams (M: 34) John Barry Williams (M: 49)
Thomas Blanton Williams (M: 49) Dale Emerson Wilson (M: 31) Deandre Alan Woods (M: 30)
Dorin Woods (M: 36) Calvin Worthy (M: 61) Kenneth Wright (M: 50)
Reginald Wynn (M: 41) Michael Delano Yarbrough (M: 56) Anthony J Ward (M: 47)
Ricardo Freeman (M: 29) Kelvin Moore (M: 58) Dennis James Moore (M: 56)
Toney Eugene Boyce (M: 59) Michael L Clark (M: 30) Jason Demelo (M: 36)
Taron C East (M: 45) Rodney Grant (M: 44) Randy Mcdowell (M: 50)
Edward Hudson-Bey (M: 37) Christopher Parks (M: 48) Lonnie Dickerson (M: 33)
Anthony Mack (M: 29) Ricky Hemingway (M: 52) William Hernandes (M: 38)
Cornelius Hightower (M: 39) Anthony Hobbs (M: 40) Dionte Hodges (M: 34)
James P Golak (M: 53) Harold Augustus Moore (M: 60) Stephen Lamont Morgan (M: 41)
Dwayne Warren Bogan Sr (M: 49) Curtis Christian (M: 51) Willie Clark Jr (M: 44)
Robert Louis Hall Jr (M: 43) Travis Honey (M: 28) Kevin Hooks (M: 35)
Terry Hughley (M: 52) Demetrius James (M: 35) Ahkiym Isaiah Saliym (M: 45)
Fred J Wiley (M: 57) Charles Adam Williams (M: 27) Ronald E Johnson (M: 43)

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