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All sex offender records currently in our database from Ohio located in ZIP code 43207 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search Ohio sex offender information.

Ricky Lee Aiken (M: 58) Earl O. Anderson (M: 51) Arlin Ray Ash (M: 55)
Ralph G. Ash (M: 54) George Scott Ayers (M: 44) Jason Lee Bagent (M: 29)
Darrell Lummie Bailey (M: 35) Robert Harry Bailey (M: 54) Cecil Dale Banks (M: 69)
Ralph Lynnwood Banks (M: 65) Thomas R Bard (M: 55) Scott William Barnhart (M: 32)
Edward John Bartholomew (M: 40) Donald Ricardo Billingsley (M: 61) Rick Alan Birman (M: 52)
Rodney Wayne Black (M: 52) Howard Leroy Bowers (M: 46) Leonard W Bowman (M: 51)
Horace (Nmi) Brown (M: 56) Marvin D Brydie (M: 24) Johnnie Ray Burchett (M: 50)
Michael James Burdette (M: 30) Mark Steven Butler (M: 50) Buss Allen Caldwell (M: 46)
Eric Eugene Campbell (M: 35) Donald Lee Canada (M: 47) John Robert Cannady (M: 38)
William Willard Castle (M: 88) Roberto Romond Cavett (M: 31) Teddie Carl Chandler (M: 61)
Freddie Michael Chappelear (M: 37) Isheim Warren Chatton (M: 28) Patrick Shawn Cleary (M: 36)
David Lee Clements (M: 37) Keon Shondale Colbreath (M: 39) Gregg Steven Coleman (M: 51)
Michael Lee Collier (M: 50) Michael Eugene Colter (M: 35) Andre Lavar Cook (M: 35)
Bondee Orlando Cooper (M: 48) Henry Joseph Couturier (M: 60) Jesse Cox (M: 55)
Steven George Crabtree (M: 63) Jonathan Craig (M: 39) Kelly Jay Daniels (M: 48)
Jesse James Davey (M: 28) Brian Lamont Davis (M: 47) Kenneth Lee Davis (M: 48)
Michael Allen Davis (M: 47) Thomas Aaron Davis (M: 46) David Allen Dickensheets (M: 41)
Donald Eugene Diles (M: 48) Don Edward Downey (M: 46) John Shaw Durham (M: 75)
Larry Eugene Eader (M: 71) Christin James Eckelberry (M: 31) Michael Joseph Erwin (M: 26)
Donald Foster Euton (M: 73) Stephen Dennis Evans (M: 40) Michael Anthony Fleming (M: 55)
Leslie Ford (M: 60) Daniel Scott Fowler (M: 43) Edward Roosevelt Gaines (M: 62)
Lexworth Nmn Garner (M: 46) Allen Gary (M: 58) Terry Lamonte Geiger (M: 39)
John Scott Gilbert (M: 44) Deandre Terrel Glover (M: 32) Davis Richard Gordon (M: 51)
Thomas Charles Green (M: 49) Michael Joseph Greer (M: 51) William Donald Groce (M: 55)
Audie Pride Gutierrez (M: 44) Marquis Hairston (M: 31) Porter Andrew Hampp (M: 42)
Rodney Darrell Hampton (M: 46) Vern Holland Hatcher (M: 64) Kevan R Hatfield (M: 44)
Joseph Michael Heis (M: 43) Michelle Lynne Hilyard (F: 39) David M Howard (M: 56)
Carlos Antonio Jackson (M: 43) Lavodus Ann Johnson (F: 42) Jeffrey P Johnston (M: 29)
Richard Jones (M: 29) William Scott Keaton (M: 41) Kimberly Sue Kendall (F: 52)
Daniel Solanics Kesman (M: 47) Richard Dale Kidd (M: 42) Clifford Eugene Kimball (M: 64)
Timothy Alan Kingery (M: 47) Gregory Allen Kinney (M: 26) Robert William Kirk (M: 39)
Raymundo Lattimer (M: 49) Terry Andrew Leonard (M: 38) Gary D. Madden (M: 48)
Ray Daniel Marcum (M: 52) Joshua Charles Mathews (M: 28) Malcolm Randolph Maynard (M: 40)
Dewayne Montell Mccree (M: 53) David James Mcdonald (M: 33) David Daniel Mcneely (M: 41)
Charles Lamont Michaels (M: 40) Frederick Joseph Miller (M: 47) Jerry Dean Miller (M: 51)
John Brian Miller (M: 36) Anthony Ray Moore (M: 42) Mark (Jr) Steven Moore (M: 40)
Patrick Lee Mosher (M: 46) Jimmy Nmn Mullins (M: 65) Gerald Eugene Mustard (M: 65)
William Patrick Obrien (M: 47) Terry Ooten (M: 43) Gary Lee Parsley (M: 57)
James Bryan Pattishall (M: 41) Quinn Elliott Paxton (M: 33) Carlos Perez (M: 37)
John Raisley (M: 34) Robert Jason Ray (M: 49) Michael Reinhardt (M: 41)
Jeff Allen Riser (M: 39) Marvin R Robinson (M: 52) Richard Robinson (M: 26)
Joseph Vern Russell (M: 41) Dennis Wayne Scalf (M: 32) Leonard William Scott (M: 53)
Christopher Adam Seifrit (M: 28) William Serban (M: 40) James R. Seymour (M: 56)
James Leroy Sharp (M: 62) James Ray Smiley (M: 30) Brandon Lewis Smith (M: 25)
Bryan Haskins Smith (M: 26) Harry Wayne Stewart (M: 64) James Alexander Stroud (M: 30)
Stephen Lamont Sullens (M: 36) Bobby G Summerall (M: 42) Tyler Houston Tanner (M: 22)
James W. Teach (M: 51) Jeffrey Wayne Thompson (M: 53) Willie Tillery (M: 29)
Dezmand Lamar Townsend (M: 26) Terry Lee Vernon (M: 59) Jacqueline Renee Vinson (F: 33)
Kevin M Wadsworth (M: 24) Gerald Rodney Wears (M: 65) Christopher Lynn Wiggins (M: 41)
Joe Harold Williams (M: 51) Daniel Loyd Wilson (M: 54) Robert Allen Wilson (M: 44)
Patrick Donald Wolfe (M: 55) Thomas William Wooden (M: 47) Andrew S Xaiyakosy (M: 22)
Paul Ingell Mason (M: 59) Raymond R Campbell (M: 82) Thomas Earl Cuffe (M: 73)
Clardy Davis (M: 86) Richard Garrettson (M: 65) Leon Nmi Goodall (M: 77)
Eric Leon Gordon (M: 47) William Bradley Hairston (M: 40) Raymond Donald Hall (M: 50)
Freddy Lee Hamblin (M: 58) David Lee Hodge (M: 31) Elmer Carl Holley (M: 90)
David Michael Howard (M: 56) Frederick Nmn Nixon (M: 44) Johnny Martin Horn (M: 36)
Gary Leon Norris (M: 70) Keith Allen Ogden (M: 42) Chanthavone Khamvongsa (M: 50)
Cedric Lyle Isaac (M: 49) Douglas Kelley (M: 59) Derrick Dwayne Greene (M: 43)
Eric Allen Grizzle (M: 44) Michael Beaver (M: 39) Kevin N Scott (M: 51)
John Thomas Walker (M: 38) Fred Albert Denby (M: 60) Patrick Phillip Schlueb (M: 32)
Timothy Ray Montgomery (M: 43) Gerald Franklyn Mount (Jr) (M: 53) Courtney Jaquala Shine (F: 31)
Anthony Deshawn Stewart (M: 38) Joshua E Bock (M: 20) Donald Ray Dingess (M: 22)
Isreal Alexander Flaten (M: 42) Robert Jeffery Grubba Jr (M: 46) Joseph Hughes (M: 76)
Brandon Charles Leach (M: 24) Mark Steven Moore Jr (M: 40) William Charles Garaux (M: 63)
James A Mehic (M: 32)

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