Sex Offender Profile Directory : Ohio : 43204

All sex offender records currently in our database from Ohio located in ZIP code 43204 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search Ohio sex offender information.

Milton Gary Slone (M: 59) Darrin Keith Adams (M: 45) Paul Thomas Adams (M: 26)
John Anthony Allen (M: 45) Daniel Alan Anderson (M: 59) Ramon J Anderson (M: 56)
Roberto Edmundo Argueta (M: 48) Robert Lee Baer (M: 51) Lawrence Albert Baker (M: 59)
Natasha Elizabeth Barnes (F: 31) James Carwin Barnhill (M: 20) Tyrone Lamar Battle (M: 24)
Delmas Joe Behee (M: 41) William Henry Belter (M: 42) Mark Keith Bernthold (M: 35)
Deneen Leonard Black (M: 32) Timothy Joseph Bock (M: 47) Elmer Gene Brooks (M: 74)
Charles F Brown (M: 69) James C Brown (M: 62) Patrick Walter Bumgardner (M: 40)
John Burgin (M: 64) Anthony William Buskirk (M: 38) Michael Dale Butler (M: 49)
Robert Wayne Campbell (M: 54) Thomas Grant Carter (M: 62) Ronald L Chochard (M: 68)
Keith William Clark (M: 47) Mark Alan Cochran (M: 57) Michael Andrew Cockerham (M: 29)
Thomas Richard Corcoran (M: 66) Andrew Joseph Costin (M: 25) Anthony Herbert Cox (M: 46)
Jerry L Cox (M: 54) Matthew Earl Cummins (M: 31) James Wallace Daniels (M: 49)
Larry Daniels (M: 54) Charles Raymond Deleon (M: 53) Charles Scott Dembowski (M: 49)
Ray Dement (M: 72) Bobby Joe Dixon (M: 76) Bobby Joe Dixon (M: 76)
James S Dougherty (M: 39) Daniel Lee Dyches (M: 59) Thomas A Dycus (M: 43)
Chris Alan Eaton (M: 33) Dennis Jude Eckstein (M: 56) Frank Nmn Elias (M: 79)
Randy Edward Emery (M: 28) Dante Dugaduga Escusa (M: 40) Jose Richardo Esqueda (M: 45)
Jimmie Herschel Estep (M: 72) Jimmie H. Estip (M: 72) William Russell Foster (M: 54)
Kevin Dalaney Freeman (M: 52) Anthony Wayne Fritsch (M: 58) Michael Eugene Gibson (M: 59)
Albert Jackson Gill (M: 56) Charles Jeffery Glass (M: 55) Keith William Goldsmith (M: 48)
Miguel Raul Gonzalez (M: 27) Ronald Clay Gross (M: 55) Mark Kyle Grosz (M: 55)
Bo Guess (M: 55) Shawn Edward Hamblin (M: 34) Daniel Jack Hart (M: 68)
Kyle Dwayne Hettinger (M: 37) Donald Lee Hodge (M: 52) Mark Hopkins (M: 54)
Jeremy Ray Jackey (M: 31) Eugene Jackson (M: 44) Gerald Jackson (M: 61)
Larry Dwayne Jones (M: 29) Christopher Mcarthur Lanier (M: 50) Timothy Leonard Lantz (M: 60)
Brian Dwayne Lawson (M: 40) Kyle Henry Lehnert (M: 37) Aaron Russell Levally (M: 24)
Dewayne Lewis (M: 27) Scott Edward Lewis (M: 41) Ronald Ray Logsdon (M: 36)
William Howard Mabry (M: 56) Thomas Charles Mackaravitz (M: 48) Kenneth Allan Mann (M: 55)
Shawn Joseph Allen Mcdaniel (M: 24) Cory Mcdonald (M: 31) William Frances Mcloughlin (M: 43)
Patrick Charles Mcneal (M: 41) Kevin Mcqueen (M: 38) Paul Wesley Meyers (M: 51)
Kristopher M Mihelcich (M: 30) Gary Lawson Miller (M: 58) Edmund Cornelius Millner (M: 42)
Johnny Lee Mitchell (M: 53) Adam Lewis Moffett (M: 37) Jeremiah Patrick Morrison (M: 26)
Frank Neely (M: 43) Edmund Guy Nixon (M: 52) Jonathan Levio Oddi (M: 40)
William Michael Pauley (M: 46) Lloyd Alfred Paver (M: 52) Raymond Lee Pearson (M: 36)
Jason Olen Peitsmeyer (M: 38) Jason Peitsmeyer (M: 38) Adam Zachary Phillips (M: 30)
Robert William Pierce (M: 52) William Lawrence Pruitt (M: 61) Scott Allen Pryor (M: 49)
James Lewis Purdy (M: 43) Henry Thomas Reichelderfer (M: 28) Timothy O Riley (M: 41)
Timothy O Riley (M: 41) Quentin Robertson (M: 38) Ronald Marshall Robertson (M: 43)
Charles Anthony Roebuck (M: 30) Dewey Samuel Rose (M: 49) Peter Michael Schmitz (M: 64)
James Andrew Scott (M: 40) Shawn Anthony Seymour (M: 41) John Richard Shuman (M: 62)
Robert Ellsworth Sims (M: 64) David Matthew Slane (M: 45) Charles Oscar Smith (M: 52)
Robert Edward Snyder (M: 45) Tremain Rosharrd Steele (M: 37) Steven Edward Steinmetz (M: 45)
Richard Frank Stevens (M: 30) John Tawrosza (M: 62) William N Taynor (M: 31)
Jack J. Thacker (M: 42) Casey Aarron Todd (M: 35) John Robert Tomlinson (M: 54)
Kevin Kanayurak Waldo (M: 34) Randy Luther Watrous (M: 36) Vadia M Watts (F: 39)
Mark Anthony Waugh (M: 40) Denny J Weaver (M: 54) Robert Allen Webb (M: 57)
Robert Caney White (M: 55) Ramont Earl Willis (M: 34) Chantha Nmi Yun (M: 40)
Michael Allen Zindler (M: 25) Richard Houston (M: 30) Ricky Lee Palmer (M: 54)
Mark Sanders Cooperman (M: 55) Terrence Allen Crockett (M: 38) David Michael Hashman (M: 49)
George Gilbert Thacker (M: 40) Francisco Jose Silva (M: 38) Charles George Preston (M: 43)
Andrew Jason Conley (M: 34) Rickey Lonell Wallace (M: 52) Charles Elijah Aaron (M: 32)
Brian Keith Saunders (M: 31) Eugene Marion Mcguire (M: 59) James Michael Zeigler (M: 48)
Phillip M Herron (M: 42) Michael Alen Heston (M: 45) William Jeffery Hickman (M: 63)
Charles Daniel Hinkle (M: 58) Tommy Lee Cole (M: 32) Jason Lee Moore (M: 27)
Harlos Mounts (M: 68) Jonathan A Muncy (M: 32) Flem E Spurlock (M: 44)
Joshua N Balmert (M: 23) Dante Dugaduga Escusa Jr (M: 40) Richard D Houston (M: 30)
Michael Allen Huff (M: 23) Ray Allen Huffer (M: 41) Robert Edward Snyder Sr (M: 45)
Joseph Edward Triacheff (M: 56) Roger Dean Mckinney (M: 45) Phillip Matthew Howard (M: 23)
Thomas Joseph Edvin (M: 51)

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