Sex Offender Profile Directory : Nevada : 89121

All sex offender records currently in our database from Nevada located in ZIP code 89121 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search Nevada sex offender information.

John Paul Aguilar (M: 33) Mota Santos Antonio (M: 54) Jack Wesley Anway (M: 63)
Kenneth William Applegate (M: 79) Wilfred Argarin (M: 82) David Lee Austin (M: 49)
David Lee Austin (M: 49) William Rex Austin (M: 47) Leslie Jesse Avelar (M: 58)
John Wayne Aviero (M: 65) James Avldridge (M: 60) Joshua Seth Bach (M: 31)
Rodney D Barnhill (M: 30) Robert David Baugh (M: 54) William L Beatty (M: 51)
Derrick Bell (M: 42) Steven Ulysses Bernard (M: 57) Chris A Blaha (M: 37)
Dale Gill Blazzard (M: 59) Harold Thomas Brinkley (M: 41) Lowell Buckner (M: N/A)
Gilbert Daron Buie (M: 46) Anthony Calzada (M: 51) Lamont Julius Carlock (M: 32)
Gregory Carmichael (M: 28) Charles Leaon Carter (M: 59) Steven Carter (M: N/A)
Joe Luis Castaneda (M: 40) Shannon Michael Cavanaugh (M: 39) Craig Collier (M: 56)
Craig Vincent Collier (M: 56) Eric James Crager (M: 32) Charles Crane (M: N/A)
Rooney Crenshaw (M: 49) Shane Edgar Crowe (M: 36) Leroy Glen Cunningham (M: 62)
Larry Gene Davis (M: 45) Elden Frank Delp (M: 39) Gary Robert Durkovitz (M: 59)
Ezell Ellis (M: 51) Miguel Angel Espinosa (M: 29) Anthony Vincent Fabre (M: 31)
Robert S Feld (M: 45) James Miranda Flores (M: 51) William Earl Fort (M: N/A)
Todd Edward Fox (M: 42) Robert J Fugiasco (M: 34) Ural Gamble (M: 49)
Ralph Edward Gibson (M: 70) Chad Glabraith (M: 33) Javier Padilla Gonzalez (M: 57)
Terry Leventa Green (M: N/A) Fred Benjamin Greeno (M: N/A) James Leslie Hansen (M: N/A)
Daniel Bruce Harrington (M: 60) Scott Mckay Hayes (M: N/A) Victor Manuel Heaivilin (M: 48)
Darrin Heights (M: 43) Phil H Hiland (M: 60) John Matthew Hintsala (M: 64)
Belarmino Jacquez (M: 33) Venson Dwayne Johnson (M: N/A) Aaron Keith Jones (M: 48)
Andre Lee Jones (M: 39) John Quinten Jove (M: 51) Na Juice (M: 23)
Jeff Allen Kersbergen (M: 53) Jeffery Allen Kersbergen (M: 53) Bryant Devoin Kirkland (M: 40)
John Lawrence Lamel (M: 57) Joseph Jerome Lanuto (M: 41) Robert Russell Lawson (M: 63)
Patrick Alston Lee (M: N/A) Charles Anthony Lofty (M: N/A) Gregory Longario (M: 24)
Danyell Lamar Louis (M: 41) Henry Valdez Lucius (M: 66) Robert Ludlow (M: N/A)
David Antonio Madrigal (M: 50) Andre L Martin (M: 48) Mark Leo Mccarthy (M: 50)
Ricky Gene Mcclain (M: 51) Anthony Darnell Mcclellano (M: N/A) Michael Richard Mcelhaney (M: 47)
Richard Wesley Mcginness (M: N/A) Richard Vaughn Mclaughlin (M: 72) Matthew Shawn Mcmullen (M: 51)
Marcus Jerome Mcnair (M: 38) Michael Joseph Mcquarrie (M: 27) George Luis Meza (M: 51)
Kenneth Edward Miller (M: 68) Nathan Lane Miller (M: 50) Robert F Mims (M: 54)
Luis Miranda (M: 57) Jeffrey Paul Moore (M: 47) Ryan Patrick Moore (M: 37)
James L Moyer (M: 69) Greg Deonte Myers (M: 34) Robert Anthony Nicastro (M: 29)
Charles George Ogle (M: 74) Jose Luis Ortiz (M: 68) Carla Overton (F: 39)
Daniel Robert Padilla (M: 52) Javier Gonzalez Padilla (M: 57) Teofilo Ponavida Palabay (M: 61)
Kevin Roy Pame (M: 57) Arden Pedmour (M: N/A) Michael Eugene Pharis (M: N/A)
Shawn Andrew Pinney (M: 47) Craig R Pozesky (M: 43) Shannon Eugene Pritchett (M: N/A)
Andrew Steven Proctor (M: 46) Kenneth A Puckett (M: N/A) Paul Rather (M: 52)
Donald Robinson (M: 34) Larry Robinson (M: 34) David B Rodgers (M: 43)
Lewis Clinton Ross (M: 69) Joseph Charles Russell (M: 44) James Bernard Sablan (M: 44)
Todd Ryan Schmidt (M: 26) John Lee Scruggs (M: 40) Jaime D Serpa (M: 51)
Alan Bruce Sheppard (M: 68) Robin Ray Simmons (M: 53) Walter Lee Sims (M: 32)
James David Stephens (M: 58) Olee Stewart (M: 51) Michael Stratton (M: 59)
John Edwin Summer (M: 56) Susan Emerlinda Sumner (F: 62) Brian P Thomas (M: 51)
Roy Lee Thomas (M: 68) Brian Stanley Watson (M: 57) Donnie Weaver (M: 55)
Eric Michael Weeks (M: 54) Richard Dean Wilson (M: 47) Cameron Thorevold Wolten (M: 46)
James Dill Wright (M: 78) John Zaremba (M: 72) John Theodore Zaremba (M: 72)
Cardell Shaun Cole (M: 28) Glen Robert Hurst (M: 50) David Michael Wood (M: N/A)
Edward E Roe (M: N/A) Vincent Lance Carnes (U: N/A) Michael Green (M: N/A)
Ruben Jose Martinez (U: N/A) Robert Finney (U: N/A) Thomas Abercrombie (U: N/A)
Christopher M Duran (M: N/A) Spencer R Howard (U: N/A) Christopher Neal Humphrey (M: N/A)
Peter Francis Probst (U: N/A) Shannon Marie Robbins (U: N/A) Wyatt Julius Spencer (U: N/A)
Walter R Spofford (U: N/A) Jay Roderick Thorpe (U: N/A) James Allen Winkle (M: N/A)
Charles Rose (M: 64) Spencer Roy Howard (U: N/A) Keith Larsen (U: N/A)
Johnnie Lingo (U: N/A) Don Jeffery Mcniel (U: N/A) Gregory Ivan Leopold (M: N/A)
Roger L Proffer (U: N/A) Harold See (U: N/A) David James Vanhorn (M: N/A)
Daniel Louis Ataide (M: N/A) Randy Lee Harper (U: N/A) George Martin Guzman (M: N/A)
Vincent Michael Asaro (U: N/A) Craig Alan Tsosie (U: N/A) Wilford John Denning (U: N/A)
Leroy Joseph Swire (U: N/A) Darnell Brown (U: N/A) Gregory Lloyd Brooks (M: N/A)
Bruce William Duke (U: N/A) Gary Michael Frostman (U: N/A) David Alexander Prandi (M: N/A)
Walter Lee Sims (U: N/A) Mauri Taylor (U: N/A) Scott Taggert (U: N/A)
Kelly L Dolfin (U: N/A) Stevie Chavez (U: N/A) William Paul Sackett (M: N/A)
Nicholas Alexander Eckert (U: N/A) Andre Chavez (U: N/A) Robert Scott Feld (M: N/A)
Ervis Rocha Obregon (U: N/A) Douglas Edward Reed (U: N/A) Deandrew Lamont Lewis (U: N/A)
Eduardo Licon (U: N/A) Albert George Mamaty (U: N/A) Stephen Lawrence Sollers (U: N/A)

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