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All sex offender records currently in our database from Nevada located in ZIP code 89119 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search Nevada sex offender information.

Bryan L Alt (M: 40) Richard Christian Amato (M: 47) Salvador Amaya (M: 30)
Raymond Warner Anderson (M: 50) Alexander Aranda (M: 71) Alexander Aranda (M: 72)
Herman Aranda (M: 63) Richard Tomas Armstrong (M: N/A) Antonio Rodriguez Avila (M: 86)
Edward Clinton Bakken (M: 52) David Banvelos (M: 45) Johnny L Blevins (M: 30)
Iesa Abdulla Britt (M: N/A) Tyrone Brown (M: 41) Harry Lawrence Burdick (M: 60)
Paul Bernard Burgess (M: N/A) Maurice Lavelle Calcote (M: 42) Vincent Lance Carnes (M: 56)
Raul Carranza (M: 42) Miguel Carrero (M: 46) Elvert Carver (M: 59)
Anthony James Christian (M: 47) Mario Degadillo (M: 26) Lawrence C Deutsch (M: 49)
Ronald Dixon (M: 29) Christopher D Duran (M: 33) Martin Wayne Ford (M: N/A)
Carl Bernard Fore (M: N/A) Zoely L Fountaine (M: 34) James Leslie Frye (M: 65)
Joseph Glasel Gamble (M: 34) Erik Eddie Giraldo (M: 38) Charles Gray (M: 78)
Ricky Grundy (M: N/A) Robert Earl Haley (M: 33) Johann Handy (M: 26)
David Preston Harvey (M: 60) Kevin Alan Henry (M: 44) Tito Clovis Herrera (M: 55)
Ricky John Hodge (M: 57) Walter Thornto Holbert (M: 81) Dale Hungerford (M: 59)
James Hunter (M: 56) Monroe Jackson (M: 50) Alexander Carvell Jc (M: 33)
Richard Lee Jones (M: N/A) Lajos Kenez (M: 69) Howard James Kinard (M: N/A)
Andrew C King (M: N/A) Samuel Donald Knight (M: N/A) Gregory Alan Laboon (M: 48)
Henry Lawson (M: 51) Randall Stephen Little (M: 56) Virgilio Alfred Lorenzo (M: 41)
James Mathew Lyons (M: 38) James Mathew Lyons (M: 39) Pedro Pablo Mancilla-Sanchez (M: 26)
Raymond R Marruffo (M: 50) John Nathan Meek (M: N/A) Sean Robert Mickey (M: 36)
James Allen Miller (M: 62) Charles E Mines (M: 44) Charles Edward Mitchell (M: 57)
Brian Patrick Monegan (M: 49) Alan Ray Moore (M: N/A) John L Moore (M: N/A)
David Morrison (M: 32) Albert John Muick (M: 50) Albert John Muick (M: 49)
Armando G Munoz (M: 42) Ricardo Alan Munoz (M: 46) Robert E Murray (M: 58)
Kalil Obdalla (M: 48) David John Olivas (M: 39) Ramon Herman Orozco (M: 51)
Juan Ostorga (M: 22) Joseph L Peters (M: 57) Michael James Peterson (M: 48)
Stanley Eugene Raines (M: 39) Jose Manuel Ramos (M: 60) William R Randolph (M: 47)
Anthony Ravenna (M: N/A) Charles Henry Reed (M: 50) Jeff Tommie Reynolds (M: 41)
Ronald Kenneth Rowen (M: 60) Roderick Lewis Russ (M: 41) Bobby Wayne Shurm (M: 48)
Ronald Wayne Smith (M: 48) Sanford Allan Stein (M: 45) Fred L Stewart (M: 36)
Joey L Strussenberg (M: 38) William Powell Stubbs (M: 64) Douglas Lee Thayer (M: N/A)
Frank J Tondee (M: N/A) Armand Anthony Troncoso (M: 58) Mynor Villanueva (M: 31)
Ralph Nelson Wade (M: 56) Donnie Ervin Weaver (M: N/A) Glen Curtis Westberg (M: 42)
Barry Allen Westervelt (M: 43) Duane Keith Whetzel (M: 46) James Donald White (M: N/A)
Lee A White (M: N/A) Steven Gregory White (M: 56) Robin Howard Willits (M: 58)
Jeffrey Allen Wright (M: N/A) Bobby Shurm (M: 49) Edward Nathan Dowland (M: 36)
Kurt B Spencer (U: N/A) Michael R Aceves (M: N/A) James R Banks (M: N/A)
Dylan Daniel Boggs (U: N/A) Shawn Laveal Carter (U: N/A) Thomas Allen Chapman (M: N/A)
Jose Manuel Chavarria (M: N/A) Eric Wayne Parham (U: N/A) Everette P Sackville (U: N/A)
Richard Jay Wilk (M: N/A) Barry Wayne Gores (U: N/A) Jeremy T Settles (U: N/A)
Wade Thomas Mills (U: N/A) Charles Manuel Madere (M: N/A) Robert Edward Murray (M: N/A)
Michael Derry Tryon (M: N/A) Julian Jeffrico Valentino (U: N/A) Jayson Reed Charlie (U: N/A)
Derick Antonio Rejas-Marin (U: N/A) Rodney Laron Dotson (U: N/A) Richard L Jefferson (M: N/A)
Na Na (U: N/A) Kenneth Floyd Carter Sr (M: N/A) Adam Daniel Harris (U: N/A)
David Elmer Bennett (M: N/A) Steven Aloyious Allen (M: N/A) Jon Curtis Gorby (U: N/A)
David Joe Williams Jr (M: N/A) Bobbie Nelson Darnell (U: N/A) Derreck Matthew Lane (U: N/A)

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