Sex Offender Profile Directory : Nevada : 89030

All sex offender records currently in our database from Nevada located in ZIP code 89030 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search Nevada sex offender information.

Dennis Abeyta (M: 73) Efrain Adame (M: 45) Sione F Aisake (M: 39)
Clemente Alcala-Hernandez (M: N/A) Luis Alejandro (M: 24) Danny Alexander (M: 37)
Danny Finnell Alexander (M: 38) Jose Amarillas (M: N/A) Richard Nario Aquino (M: 64)
Thomas Patrick Banks (M: 43) Javier Barrera (M: 29) Jose Antonio Barron (M: 52)
Steven Thomas Beardsley (M: 51) Charles Evester Becoat (M: 61) Joe Louis Bell (M: 42)
Michael R Bent (M: 52) Michael Robert Bent (M: 51) Michael Bernard Bettendorf (M: 48)
Kamal Borders (M: 29) Jereme Maurice Botiz (M: 24) Donald Ray Brown (M: 71)
Ira Russell Brown (M: 44) Roderick T Brown (M: N/A) Todd Stiles Bryan (M: 47)
Charles Robert Bryant (M: 87) Paul Mathew Byrne (M: 20) Shawn Edward Calhoun (M: 39)
Guillermo Barcelo Cano (M: 58) Jaime Chavez (M: N/A) Virgilio L Chirino (M: N/A)
Richard Daniel Christoffersen (M: 41) Fabian Cisneros (M: 23) Charles John Cormier (M: 64)
Vincent Darryl Crockrom (M: N/A) Paul Edward Culverson (M: 58) Scott Phillip Curtis (M: 43)
Damien Rayvone Daniel (M: 29) Jeffrey Davis (M: 50) Norman Edward Decker (M: 48)
James David Divine (M: 67) George Allen Dungee (M: 56) David Arthur Dye (M: N/A)
Calvin Estes (M: 52) Charles Lamont Estes (M: N/A) William David Fields (M: 60)
Herman Finks (M: 34) Michael Dennis Fischer (M: 41) Christina Lillias Flanagin (F: 35)
Jerry W Fletcher (M: 48) Brian Duwayne Ford (M: 42) Frederick E Foreman (M: 46)
Larry D Fowler (M: 48) David Garcia (M: 46) Scottie Wray Garrison (M: 28)
Robert James Gaskill (M: N/A) Fernando Gonales (M: 49) Fernando Gonzales (M: 49)
Isaiah Lee Grant (M: 67) Frederick Green (M: N/A) Richard Bruce Griffin (M: N/A)
Jack Norvin Haley (M: N/A) Bobby Lee Hamilton (M: 42) Clenard Hardy (M: 46)
Russell B Hayes (M: 57) Raoul D Hetherington (M: N/A) David Hicks (M: 52)
Ronald Lee Hinton (M: 54) Richard George Hogg (M: 49) James Arthur Hografe (M: 64)
Curtis L Holmes (M: 49) Michael Hudson (M: 50) Martin Charles Hurt (M: 62)
Mike Donell Jefferson (M: N/A) Josh Jerome Jerkins (M: 27) Lamont Dale Johnson (M: 65)
Walter Johnson (M: 42) Michael Jones (M: 49) Murray Jones (M: 69)
Mark Andrew Juarez (M: 51) Karen Ann Keaton (F: 58) Roscoe Kennedy (M: 52)
Maurice Darnell Kethen (M: 46) Kenneth Vance Kirk (M: 70) Patrick William Kluth (M: 50)
Richard Allen Kosic (M: 64) Floyd Lawson (M: 59) Dwight Eugene Long (M: 46)
Ronald Madray (M: 40) Martin A Martinez (M: 45) Victor Perez Martinez (M: 41)
Robert F Matakiewicz (M: 44) Terry D Mathes (M: 57) James Brett May (M: N/A)
Kim Richard Mccarrice (M: 57) Jason C Mclaughlin (M: 39) Christopher James Mcneil (M: 25)
Ronnie Earl Mcoy (M: 48) Clarence Albert Mofford (M: 70) Michael Moore (M: 54)
Thomas B Moore (M: 77) Danny Ray Moten (M: 50) James Ray Myers (M: 38)
Victor Ortiz (M: 44) Alfredo Padilla (M: 52) Edward D Pearson (M: 48)
David Daniel Perrone (M: 49) Wallace Pete (M: 65) Lenny L Philliips (M: N/A)
Harvey Lee Pyne (M: 77) Carlos B Ramirez (M: 55) Neurys T Ramirez (M: 66)
Gabriel Demayo Rayson (M: 33) Jose Jesus Rede (M: N/A) Dershaw Lamont Reed (M: 40)
Ortha Reid (M: 63) Anna Marie Renaud (F: 58) Christopher L Richardson (M: N/A)
Jeremy Richardson (M: 31) Kenneth Mark Richee (M: 45) Paul M Richey (M: 60)
Bruce Darel Rickman (M: 61) Daniel William Riley (M: 53) Angel Alex Rivera (M: 44)
Lavell Roberson (M: N/A) Gary L Rollins (M: 43) Glenn Thomas Rooth (M: 52)
Raymond Rico Rosales (M: 25) Donald Wayne Ruder (M: 57) Samuel Henry Scales (M: 59)
Todd Allan Schwarting (M: 37) Eugene Shavers (M: 52) Eric Smith (M: 36)
Patrick Smith (M: 30) Paul Hubert Smith (M: 54) Gerald Solomon (M: 47)
Gerald Lyn Solomon (M: 47) George Stewart (M: 36) Allen Lee Stiers (M: N/A)
Donald Ray Swanson (M: 43) Andre Ronea Swift (M: 46) Juan Talavera-Guillen (M: 27)
Michael A Tanner (M: 52) Anthony Eugene Thomas (M: 46) John Lyle Thomas (M: 32)
Lavone Toledo (M: N/A) John Robert Townsel (M: 62) Jimmie Lavelle Tyler (M: N/A)
Rosendo Sanchez Valdez (M: 69) Gustavo Villasenor (M: 31) Jeremy Brian Walton (M: 36)
Donnell Washington (M: 50) Kenneth Watson (M: N/A) Donnie Ray Wesley (M: 45)
Marc D Wesley (M: 45) Robert Nathaniel Whitlow (M: 70) Carl Wiginton (M: 53)
Solomon Murice Williams (M: 57) Dwight Eugene Young (M: 61) Thomas P Banks (M: N/A)
Bradley Dean Brown (U: N/A) James Alan Corbett (M: N/A) William B Cornelius (M: N/A)
Michael Rea Freeman (M: N/A) Thomas L Hamil (M: N/A) Jerry L Harris (U: N/A)
Victor Heaivilin (U: N/A) Rickie L Hill (U: N/A) Ricky Hill (U: N/A)
Kevin Ray Houseman (M: N/A) James Arthur Jimerson (M: N/A) James T Mcfadden (M: N/A)
Dwight Wayne Miller (U: N/A) Vincent Laroy Nicholson (U: N/A) Robert Sturgess (U: N/A)
Alex A Thomas (U: N/A) Manuel Jesus Velasquez (U: N/A) Bob Rj Willard (U: N/A)
Gowan Hasheenide Williams (U: N/A) William Lee Young (M: N/A) Bruce Troynell Towner (U: N/A)
Thomas O Brunsen (M: N/A) Calvin Leo Estes (U: N/A) Ronald Frank Coleman (M: N/A)
Maurice Lavelle Calcote (U: N/A) Michael West Gilbert (M: N/A) John Dargon Barron (M: N/A)
Jimmy Morgan Brown (M: N/A) John Leonard Burke (M: N/A) Lawyer Drake Gohleston (U: N/A)
Thomas Lee Hamil (M: N/A) Alvin Keith Kasko (U: N/A) James H Lewis (M: N/A)
Steven L Powell (M: N/A) Anthony Manuel Saavedra (M: N/A) Michael Wayne Cantrell (M: N/A)
Samuel David Jefferson (U: N/A) Barry Eugene Turner (U: N/A) William D Fields (M: N/A)
David Anthony Gray (M: N/A) Alvin Keith Kasko (U: N/A) John L Rolnick (M: N/A)
Cecil G Gatz (U: N/A) Willie Ray Pierce (U: N/A) Gregory Lynn Coleman (M: N/A)
Charles Lober Williams (M: N/A) Charles Juan Proctor (M: N/A) Thomas Dominic Macias (M: N/A)
Allen Lee Boyer (U: N/A) Ray Anthony Fisher (U: N/A) Terry None Mcmillan (U: N/A)
Maria Ireland (U: N/A) Abdul Howard (U: N/A) Douglas Loving (U: N/A)
Jarvis Ziaire Lowe (M: 29) Thomas Ray (U: N/A) Gustavo Vallasenor (U: N/A)
George Edward Mayzes (M: N/A) Louis Spellman (U: N/A) Na Na (U: N/A)
Steven Alan George (M: N/A)

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