Sex Offender Profile Directory : Mississippi : 39208

All sex offender records currently in our database from Mississippi located in ZIP code 39208 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search Mississippi sex offender information.

Jimmy Leroy Abington (M: 60) Clyde William Adams (M: 42) Derrick Allen (M: 36)
Sherdell Robertive Anderson (M: 27) Johnny Lee Andrews (M: 60) Johnny Ray Bailey (M: 34)
Kendrick Ball (M: 31) Alvin Barksdale (M: 56) James Curtis Barnes (M: 87)
Tony Davis Barnett (M: 45) Mark Allan Bartlett (M: 39) Walter Dalton Bass (M: 67)
Albert Rickey Bates (M: 55) Charles Bates (M: 58) Eddie Lewis Beals (M: 59)
Eddie Louis Beals (M: 59) Kenneth Wayne Beech (M: 44) Jeffery Dole Beecham (M: 54)
Clarence Antwain Bell (M: 33) Eric Bell (M: 36) Rodger A Bethany (M: 47)
Veronica Ann Bilbo (F: 45) William L Blanchette (M: 55) James G Bowen (M: 44)
Christopher Jacob Brawley (M: 29) Ronald Earl Brister (M: 58) Ronnie E Brookshire (M: 48)
Charles Brown (M: 46) Stanley Titus Brown (M: 58) Kent Joseph Buffinet (M: 34)
Brian Austin Byrd (M: 24) Willie James Cain (M: 47) Dawn Ann Cassady (F: 24)
Thomas Coffey (M: 44) Thomas Keith Coleman (M: 37) Robert David Collier (M: 24)
Tazarius Cooper (M: 24) Jermaine Cork (M: 35) Richard Clyde Cromer (M: 43)
Richard Crossley (M: 43) Charles Warren Crouch (M: 65) Lee Albert Crowley (M: 33)
Amos Earl Crump (M: 26) Russell Lee Culpepper (M: 41) Johnny S Curry (M: 47)
Tony William Davis (M: 47) Jason Christopher Dean (M: 23) Clinton Shane Dooley (M: 40)
David Richard Drummond (M: 53) Donald Wayne Edmonds (M: 42) Nathan Lee Edwards (M: 31)
Matthew Stanford Evans (M: 32) Ollie Lee Evans (M: 53) Moses Charles Everett (M: 55)
Joseph Ewing (M: 55) Derrick Faust (M: 23) Anthony Jerome Ferguson (M: 33)
James Otis Figgures (M: 33) Bobby Eugene Fike (M: 42) Donmontay Darnell Fisher (M: 24)
William L Flanagan (M: 48) Alfred Folk (M: 55) Robert Forrest (M: 68)
Ray Lamar Freeman (M: 54) Larry David Frith (M: 31) Carl Edward Gardner (M: 56)
James Michael Garrard (M: 38) Terry Dale Gaskin (M: 46) Ira Gentry (M: 80)
Ronald Larry Goodloe (M: 31) Christopher Lee Gray (M: 27) Jerry Neal Gray (M: 71)
John E Gray (M: 64) John M Gray (M: 50) Christopher Demond Griffin (M: 22)
Anthony Devin Groover (M: 25) Christopher Wayne Haden (M: 30) Norma Jean Hall (F: 44)
Jonathan Hardin (M: 40) Ronnie Denver Harper (M: 58) April Nicole Harrison (F: 30)
Tyrone Claiborne Hatten (M: 43) Thomas Clayton Havers (M: 45) Richard Lawrence Hayles (M: 66)
Daniel Ray Henderson (M: 32) Paul Earl Hill (M: 76) Larry Vincent Hook (M: 41)
Christopher M Howie (M: 47) Eddie Hughes (M: 33) Brian Michael Hurlburt (M: 30)
Joseph M Inabnitt (M: 44) Charles Kenneth Ingram (M: 66) Sonny Kisler Ingram (M: 27)
Bobby Fate Jackson (M: 57) Sterling Jackson (M: 40) Timothy Patrick Joel (M: 31)
David Carroll Johnson (M: 44) James Milton Johnson (M: 49) Kelvin Terrell Johnson (M: 27)
Calvin Tobias Jones (M: 30) Tommy Lee Jones (M: 65) Lonnie Ray Keys (M: 37)
Jimmy Darrell King (M: 52) Thomas Lawrence King (M: 46) Patrick Joseph Kirby (M: 76)
Berkley Timothy Knowles (M: 49) Timothy Berkley Knowles (M: 49) Gary Lynn Kopszywa (M: 46)
Melvin Langston (M: 52) Dan Lanier (M: 55) Chadrick Aaron Leach (M: 28)
Ronald Duane Lee (M: 45) Vessie Lynn Lee (M: 50) Nancy Hendl Lewis (F: 54)
Sherman Parker Licciardi (M: 28) David Wade Linder (M: 52) Carmon Lindsey (M: 89)
Lonnie Edward Lloyd (M: 33) Robert Eugene Lott (M: 43) John Bartholomew Lowe (M: 41)
Bobby J Malley (M: 67) Jeremy Wayne Manieri (M: 32) Terry D Mardis (M: 50)
Jerry Lee Martin (M: 38) Jeannie Ranea Mathis (F: 53) George David Matthews (M: 40)
George A Mcalister (M: 59) Jerry Shannon Mcalister (M: 36) George Anderson Mcallister (M: 59)
Broderick Levar Mccoy (M: 33) William Herbert Mckellar (M: 48) Nelson Deonthea Mckinney (M: 23)
Anthony Mcleod (M: 47) Derrick Jerome Mcnair (M: 40) Angela Traci Melvin (F: 43)
Steven E Miller (M: 45) Gene Mitchell (M: 45) Jeremy Lee Mitchell (M: 32)
Walter Shane Mitchell (M: 34) Terry Lee Morgan (M: 28) Jeremy Keith Morris (M: 24)
Lawrence Clifton Myers (M: 71) John Wesley Myles (M: 66) Sylvester Nelson (M: 50)
James Harvey Nicholson (M: 50) Bobby Ray Noah (M: 74) David James Owen (M: 47)
Eddie Will Parks (M: 54) Tony Reginald Payton (M: 42) Muriel L Penny (M: 83)
Melvin Lamar Perkins (M: 45) Jeffery Ponders (M: 50) Andrea Lekela Price (F: 29)
Christopher Lee Rainer (M: 33) Richard Walter Ramsey (M: 48) Corey Leon Rankins (M: 29)
Larry Warren Ray (M: 50) Terance Lenald Readus (M: 36) Christopher Allen Reinsch (M: 32)
Bradley Lee Roach (M: 35) John Kenneth Robertson (M: 40) James Harold Roper (M: 49)
Timothy John Sampson (M: 39) Jahred Leslie Sanborn (M: 35) Calvin Ray Sartin (M: 33)
Frederick Emanual Scurlock (M: 40) Maurice Ricky Sharp (M: 56) Marcus Terrell Sheriff (M: 31)
Gary Clark Shurden (M: 57) Derrick Smiley (M: 33) Adam Michael Smith (M: 23)
James Ralph Smith (M: 58) James Michael Smith (M: 58) Kimble Peter Smith (M: 50)
Larry Smith (M: 34) Michael Smith (M: 36) Richard E Smith (M: 56)
Rodrequez Antayne Smith (M: 26) Ronnie Edward Smith (M: 58) Terry Lee Smith (M: 55)
Thomas W Snider (M: 75) Albert Sparks (M: 55) Timothy D Stafford (M: 32)
Curtis Shawn Stamps (M: 36) Steven Lowery Stanford (M: 46) Mark S Steadham (M: 50)
James Arthur Steward (M: 64) Ronald Keith Stewart (M: 46) Jack E Stillman (M: 54)
Andrew Kindell Stovall (M: 26) John Vernon Strait (M: 36) Edward Allen Sullivan (M: 52)
Lucious Randy Sullivan (M: 65) Lucious Randolph Sullivan (M: 65) Robert Hershel Summar (M: 38)
Jimmy Scott Sumrall (M: 52) Michael James Tate (M: 21) Billy Dee Taylor (M: 26)
Corey Dwayne Taylor (M: 33) John Kirk Taylor (M: 42) Timothy Martel Tillis (M: 32)
Dean L Trudeau (M: 47) Tommy Vitela (M: 68) Derek Matthew Walker (M: 28)
Martin Luther Walker (M: 28) Justin Montrel Wallace (M: 25) Douglas H Walters (M: 43)
Eric Laquintay Ward (M: 27) Dunnell Warren (M: 60) Arthur William Watson (M: 25)
Michael E Watson (M: 44) Harold James Watts (M: 45) James Weatherspoon (M: 41)
Andrian L Wells (M: 52) Joe Louis Wells (M: 64) Anthony Jerome Williams (M: 36)
Frankie Lee Williams (M: 58) James C Williams (M: 28) Jerry Bernard Williams (M: 41)
Richard Lamar Williams (M: 45) Willie Mack Williams (M: 39) Rickey Laverne Williamson (M: 60)
Glenn Alan Wilson (M: 32) Christina Gail Winter (F: 26) Richard L Wirick (M: 37)
Clinton Phillip Wright (M: 28) James Jefferson Wright (M: 45) Johnny Clifton Wright (M: 49)
Edward Scott Yancey (M: 41) Randall F Yates (M: 58) Jackie R Brister (M: 40)
Gregory Booker (M: 53) Don Willis Curtis (M: 40) Alonzo Reddic (M: 47)
William Steven Mccartney (M: 45) William T Varnado (M: 73) Johnny C Wright (M: 49)
Gilbert Dale Peckinpaugh (M: 71) Michael E Martin (M: 65) William Herbert Bo Mckellar (M: 48)
Richard Morrow (M: 49) Timothy Ray Ridge Jr (M: 31) Joseph Wells Jr (M: 36)
Carlie Lee Calyer (M: 65) Darrell Lynn Chaffin (M: 43) Sterling Jackson Iii (M: 40)
Richard David Covey Jr (M: 27) Stevenson Knight (M: 52)

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