Sex Offender Profile Directory : Missouri : 63116

All sex offender records currently in our database from Missouri located in ZIP code 63116 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search Missouri sex offender information.

Samir Alagic (M: 29) Arthur Lee Allen (M: 58) Andrew Harold April (M: 45)
Deandre Terell Bagby (M: 26) David Jerome Banks (M: 40) Michael Anthony Barbarotta (M: 30)
Dennis William Beasley (M: 58) Kirstie Anne Belden (F: 21) Jason Michael Bergeland (M: 29)
Matthew Stephen Bewig (M: 49) Rodger Lee Boley (M: 51) Roy Lee Bomback (M: 60)
Eugene Hazel Booker (M: 42) Michael Glenn Bradley (M: 58) Alphonso Lamont Brazier (M: 24)
William Herschel Breeding (M: 49) James Patrick Brennan (M: 28) Cortez Maurice Brown (M: 25)
James Darrell Bryant (M: 53) Antwan Lamont Buckingham (M: 36) Dustin Wayne Buescher (M: 31)
Lawrence Ronald Burk (M: 80) Jermaine Burnett (M: 33) Bobby Wayne Burns (M: 36)
Jerome Cartrelle Burton (M: 43) Anthony L Byrd (M: 50) Ricky Arnette Cables (M: 52)
David William Carter (M: 57) Reginald A Coates (M: 55) Bobby J Cochran (M: 54)
Joseph Cohen (M: 65) Thomas Lee Combs (M: 64) Christopher George Crets (M: 32)
Larry Marvin Davis (M: 53) Steven Henry Davis (M: 47) William Austin Davis (M: 30)
Karla Lavonne Day (F: 45) Lance Dimmock (M: 50) David Noah Douglas (M: 45)
Rickey Drummer (M: 58) Darnell Pancho Duckett (M: 52) Donald David Eidson (M: 39)
Anthony William Elgin (M: 46) Richard Allen Emerson (M: 46) Timothy Matthew Farmer (M: 44)
Tony Robert Getz (M: 54) Michael Lee Graves (M: 55) Cornelius Manfrend Green (M: 45)
Marquell Lavall Griffin (M: 27) Larry Dane Hampton (M: 57) Charles Kenneth Harness (M: 44)
John Michael Harris (M: 59) James Leland Harvey (M: 54) Marc Darrell Hasty (M: 33)
Daniel Robert Hayden (M: 57) Antawn Jamar Henderson (M: 25) Steven Henderson (M: 33)
Robert Charles Hohlfeld (M: 38) John Gregory Holland (M: 40) Robert Joseph Holloran (M: 35)
Antonio Deandre Howard (M: 31) George Ellsworth Ilgenfritz (M: 78) Tara Shanell Ivory (F: 30)
Darrell Antoino Jackson (M: 26) Johnny Edward Jackson (M: 40) Rickey Andre Jackson (M: 32)
Daryle Eugene Jasper (M: 47) Brian Edward Jennings (M: 50) Farmann Orlando Johnson (M: 36)
Gregory Scott Johnson (M: 54) Everett Earl Jones (M: 49) Robert Scott Jordan (M: 50)
Kevin L Joseph (M: 51) Gary Anthony Kidd (M: 49) Jon Alvin Kimmen (M: 39)
Harlen Ancial Kirk (M: 58) Jermaine Lacy (M: 35) Samuel Leon Lafrank (M: 54)
Timothy Ross Laturno (M: 55) Dale Alan Lecuru (M: 51) Jason A Lesiewicz (M: 35)
Rodney Allan Long (M: 47) Joseph David Madden (M: 42) Joseph David Madden (M: 42)
Kenneth Wayne Mancell (M: 34) Daniel Lee May (M: 44) Ted G Mcguire (M: 50)
Lawrence Brian Melton (M: 47) Sean Timothy Miller (M: 40) Larry Young Mitchener (M: 50)
Christopher Grame Mock (M: 41) Parvez Fahad Mohammed (M: 31) Edward Aaron Newa (M: 44)
Edward Aaron Newa (M: 44) John Arthur Odien (M: 60) Guy Garian Osborn (M: 46)
Darryl Scott Parks (M: 48) Francis Eugene Parks (M: 65) Mark D Perry (M: 38)
Eric Lee Phillips (M: 38) Karlos Emanuel Pittman (M: 25) Daniel Kelsey Pizac (M: 47)
David Charles Poe (M: 58) Ronald Laverne Pruitt (M: 37) Brian Keith Pullen (M: 36)
Garlin Rachel (M: 56) Rolf Erick Rathmann (M: 46) Christopher A Reid (M: 59)
Phillip Dean Renshaw (M: 58) Kelly David Rice (M: 41) Scott Michael Rickard (M: 31)
Alan Paul Rutkauskas (M: 43) Richard Christopher Sanders (M: 43) Christopher John Schlereth (M: 42)
Michael Robert Schrauth (M: 54) Keith Lamar Scott (M: 49) Randy Paul Scott (M: 52)
Eugene T Shavers (M: 52) Otta James Spann (M: 29) John Charles Stanton (M: 47)
Reginald Deland Stephens (M: 55) Roy Lee Taylor (M: 50) Manfrend Cornelius Thomas (M: 45)
Lindsey Albert Thompson (M: 38) Ren James Thompson (M: 51) Larry Nathan Throm (M: 63)
Tina Thuan Truong (F: 45) Herschel Wayne Vance (M: 53) Jon Charles Vandyke (M: 44)
Nathaniel Paul Vey (M: 32) James Leroy Wagner (M: 52) Clifford Wallace (M: 55)
Joe Allan Watson (M: 30) Michael Eugene Weaver (M: 64) Joseph Edward Wentz (M: 49)
Earl Stan Williams (M: 61) Ethan Lamont Williams (M: 47) George Harrison Williams (M: 46)
Stanley Williams (M: 57) Stanley Williams (M: 58) Leonard B Wilson (M: 34)
Maurice Ray Wilson (M: 74) Scott Matthew Wilson (M: 24) Paul Anthony Wingbermuehle (M: 54)
Randy Woodland (M: 56) Godfrey Ellis Yancy (M: 40) Alexander Joseph Yochum (M: 29)
Marvin Young (M: 56) Tyrone Floyd Young (M: 46) Steven Henry Davis (M: 48)
Mauren Lyle (M: 57) Steven Henderson (M: 34) Erik H Edmister (M: 48)
Daniel T Becker (M: N/A) Dalemonico L Benson (U: N/A) Lee A Bogan (U: N/A)
Maurice C Bowen (U: N/A) Dan H Brown (U: N/A) Antwan L Buckingham (U: N/A)
Kenneth E Castello (M: N/A) Oscar M Chapman (U: N/A) Harold E Curtis (U: N/A)
James D Dickens (M: N/A) James G Donaldson (M: N/A) Robert J Eager (M: N/A)
John P Gage (M: N/A) Tony R Getz (U: N/A) Donald K Gill (M: N/A)
Gary B Gill (U: N/A) Jihad F Hamdallah (U: N/A) Ricco Harris (U: N/A)
Billy D Hatcher (U: N/A) Daniel G Hayden (M: N/A) Steven M Henderson (M: N/A)
William R Massa (M: N/A) Carl A Mathews (M: N/A) Roderick P Mccoy (U: N/A)
Omar M Mincey (U: N/A) Freddie D Potts (U: N/A) Steven R Prater (M: N/A)
James J Sarac (M: N/A) John C Stanton (M: N/A) Larry N Throm (M: N/A)
Raymond M Verner (U: N/A) James L Wagner (M: N/A) Ethan L Williams (U: N/A)
Ronnie C Yates (U: N/A) Marvin D Young (U: N/A) Jennifer Lynne Dix (U: N/A)
Dean Anthony Kutkas (U: N/A) Yasir Ahmed Albussairi (U: N/A) Mauren Anthony Lyle (U: N/A)
Erik Hans Edmister (U: N/A) Carla Marie Hubble (U: N/A) James Erick Johnson (M: N/A)

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