Sex Offender Profile Directory : Maryland : 21202

All sex offender records currently in our database from Maryland located in ZIP code 21202 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search Maryland sex offender information.

Seyoum A Abera (U: 54) Harry Ellsworth Anderson (M: 64) Michael James Andrews (M: 32)
William Edward Aycock (M: 60) Thomas Carlton Ayers (M: 56) Steven Michael Bailey (M: 49)
Gregory Leo Baines (M: 51) Gary Terry Barnes-Bey (M: 57) Richard Barr (M: 45)
Lawrence Monte Berry (M: 44) Steven Best (M: 48) Barry Wilson Blitch (U: 40)
Barry Wilson Blitch (M: 42) Brian Joseph Boyer (M: 52) Larry Gene Breshears (M: 46)
Odell Manning Brooks (M: 56) Edward P Brown (M: 44) Johnetta B Brown (F: 47)
Marvin Lewis Brown (M: 44) Ronald L Brown (M: 44) Willie Floyd Brown (M: 52)
Yoki M Brown (M: 35) James Franklin Buckmaster (M: 32) Vernon Rodriquez Butts (M: 36)
Benjamin Franklin Carter (M: 50) Eric Leroy Carter (M: 53) Thomas Carter (M: 50)
Gregory Cassell (M: 47) James Henry Cassidy (M: 49) Michael Joseph Chadeayne (M: 60)
Jose Antonio Cidre (M: 44) Michael Stanley Cole (M: 43) Jeffery Lewis Coleman (M: 49)
Anthony Jerome Colter (M: 46) Donald G.Jr. Connor (M: 38) Dana Ronnie Cooley (M: 31)
Roger Curtis (M: 30) Francis Bernard Czosnowski (M: 54) Bobby Davis (M: 25)
Jamal Josef Dillard (M: 32) Antonio Carmello Dominick (M: 43) Richard Rosevelt Edward-El (M: 54)
Nathaniel G. Edwards (U: 34) Justin Michael Fiorenza (M: 26) Marshall Leroy Forbes (M: 44)
Carl Eager Frost (M: 65) Ronald Glimmer Gerald (M: 57) Lee Becton Ginter (M: 43)
Richard Howard Glazer (M: 53) Andre Duane Green (M: 47) Andre Greene (M: 49)
Linwood Grier (M: 41) Luis Carlos Gudierrez (M: 22) Kentay Gerard Gwaltney (M: 33)
Joseph Ellsworth Hall (M: 46) William Andrew Harden (M: 71) Michael Anthony Harmon (M: 51)
Lamar William Hayes (M: 26) Kenneth Lee Henderson (M: 54) Malcolm Dubois Henry (M: 40)
Toure Anthony Hines (M: 25) Leroy Hopkins (M: 56) Dennis Lee Horkey (M: 50)
Robert Alexander Horton (M: 60) Antione Marquise Huff (M: 27) Bryant Irvin Hunt (U: 50)
Dante Jefferson (M: 26) Calvin Antonio Johnson (M: 26) Charles Johnson (M: 49)
Damien Tyrone Johnson (M: 32) Jace Jun Johnson (M: 26) Maurice Donald Johnson (M: 40)
William Frank Johnson (M: 54) Beryl Jones (M: 58) Joseph Reese Jones (M: 45)
Robert Maurice Jordan (M: 27) Larry Grant Judkins (M: 58) Paul Rehmann Kelbel (M: 43)
James Steven Kells (M: 55) Rodney Junior King (M: 51) Robert Wayne Klotz (M: 72)
Purnell Thessoloinn Knight (M: 28) Sidney Ross Knighton (M: 55) Lamont Leroy Laney (M: 27)
John Paul Levers (M: 54) Edgar Jay Lindamood (M: 56) Andre Loney (M: 57)
Daron Wayne Long (M: 41) Deryl Lopez (M: 43) Daniel Joseph Ludwin (M: 40)
Robert Raymond Lumb (M: 53) Steven Leon Mack (M: 31) Bernard Matthews (M: 32)
Randolph Mccoy (M: 35) Cedric Mckinsey (M: 39) Zachary Mcleod (M: 29)
Larry Wayne Merson (M: 53) Christeropher Lorenzo Mickie (M: 35) James Patrick Mister (M: 51)
Anastasia Moody (F: 36) Alexander Wallace Morris (M: 34) John Joseph Mortimer (M: 49)
Shannon Keith Moss (U: 55) Melvin Wayne Murray (M: 58) Carlos Anthony Negron (M: 25)
Juan Ortiz (M: 46) Alan Wayne Parrish (M: 53) George Leo Powell (M: 57)
Lorenzo Li Presha (M: 31) Elroy Richard Randall (M: 53) Larry Alvin Randall (M: 33)
Larry Reaves (M: 46) Rashid Latef.Sr Reed (M: 38) Robert Kenneth Ricketts (M: 43)
Derrick Lewis Ringgold (M: 42) James Robert Roane (M: 44) Howard Jacob Rohrer (M: 49)
Corgiss Ross (M: 44) Cortez Vashan Seth (M: 34) John C Sharper (M: 62)
Michael R Shockley (M: 52) Alexander Joseph Slater (M: 26) Melvin Small (M: 83)
Thomas Small (M: 43) James Mark Smith (M: 50) Mark Anthony Smith (M: 38)
Nicholas James Smith (M: 22) Treveric Speaks (M: 36) Charles Stokes Spivey (M: 58)
Elisaa Spriggs (M: 56) James Robert Staton (M: 64) Larry Andrew Stevenson (M: 31)
Christopher Recardo Sweet (M: 53) Edward Lee Swinson (M: 49) William Garnett Thomas (M: 41)
Ernest Alvin Thorne (M: 39) Thomas Edward Timlin (M: 52) Algenon Eugene Tisdale (M: 58)
Brian Christopher Trimble (M: 34) Delano W.Jr. Tucker (M: 37) Jamaiul Marlon Turner (M: 34)
Henry Lee Twyman (M: 61) Glenn Paul Valentine (M: 65) Michael Kurtis Vallare (M: 20)
Rico Santay Vinson (M: 33) Linwood Earl Wallace (M: 61) Wilbert Dean Warren (M: 52)
Collin Adolphis Watkins (M: 30) Paul Steven Wetter (M: 37) Gary L Wilkerson (M: 61)
Arnold Tanaki Williams (M: 59) Frederick Alvin Williams (M: 52) Ivean Earle Williams (M: 31)
Warren Neal Williams (M: 52) Allan Charles Wilson (M: 42) Barry Lamont Wilson (M: 46)
Lind Earl Wilson (M: 54) Michael Jerome Wilson (M: 45) Tiwan Tony Wilson (M: 32)
Richard Allan Winder (M: 51) Ivan Charles Young (M: 50) Thomas Richard Young (M: 58)
Darrell Lee Barker (M: 49) Edward Jones (M: 52) Louis W Stepney Jr (U: N/A)
William Eugene Darden (M: N/A) Gary Lee Evans (U: N/A) Joe Lewis Levine (U: N/A)
Roosevelt Pitts Jr (U: N/A) Grady Smarr (U: N/A) Omar Bernard Woolridge (U: N/A)
Lorenzo Earl Neal (U: N/A) Robert Lamback (U: N/A) Steven Murray Ruby (M: N/A)
Robert Meadows (M: 44) James Lawrence Alston (M: N/A) James Edward Yoon (M: N/A)
Robert Llewellyn Jones (M: N/A) Samuel Lee Burks (U: N/A) John Conrad Coker (M: N/A)
Charles Tyrone Johnson (M: N/A) Collin Linwood Johnson (U: N/A) Christopher Lamont Staton (M: N/A)
Sean Connery Thomas Sr (U: N/A) Steve Anthony Martin (U: N/A) Russel Junior Coates (U: N/A)
Kevin Samuel Bennett (M: N/A) Omilthong Milfort (U: N/A) Eric Allen Prindle (U: N/A)
Jordan Tyrell Smith (U: N/A) Joseph Allen Winder (M: N/A) Frank William Chilcoat (U: N/A)
Darnell Jose Owens (U: N/A) Obet Bellamy (M: 50) George Carl Watson Iv (M: 34)
Lester Nathaniel Garrett (U: N/A) Donald Aaron Goble (M: N/A) Jeffery Cissel Neuhauser (M: N/A)
Earl Lee Payton (U: N/A) Doyle Gene Rich (U: N/A) Kevin Lavard Woods (M: N/A)

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