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Aaron Isaac Acosta (M: 33) Jerry Jay Agee (M: 40) Eugene Benjamin Akers (M: 65)
Robert Wayne Alexander (M: 43) George Roy Allen (M: 38) Lindon Austin Allen (M: 40)
Timothy Lee Anderson (M: 51) Derwin Dean Armentrout (M: 54) David Michael Ballis (M: 55)
Terence Alan Barnett (M: 49) David Edward Benton (M: 36) Herbert J Beyer (M: 62)
John Marvin Bidwell (M: 43) Fitzgerald Jay Blackwell (M: 46) Douglas Blaine Branham (M: 38)
Melvyn Wayne Branine (M: 70) Mark David Brull (M: 37) Rodney Dean Callow (M: 59)
Christopher Michael Case (M: 32) Joe Cavens (M: 37) Michael Ray Chubb (M: 46)
Larry Michael Clawson (M: 30) Tracy G Cochran (M: 46) John Freeman Colt (M: 33)
Charles Michael Cowles (M: 63) Edward Jeffrey Dahl (M: 64) Matthew Aaron Dell (M: 27)
Toby Rae Dillingham (M: 33) Paul Stephen Douglas (M: 40) George Patrick Everhart (M: 47)
Albrandon Louis Fields (M: 34) Robert Lee Fox (M: 69) Edward Charles Franklin (M: 59)
Brian Jay Fry (M: 45) Michael Patrick Gallagher (M: 63) Barry Frank Gendron (M: 64)
Douglas Ray Girard (M: 44) Timothy R Goeminne (M: 61) Matthew Brent Griffin (M: 38)
Daniel Tony Grimsley (M: 40) Charles Conley Haymond (M: 67) Mark Alan Henderson (M: 33)
Aaron S Hervey (M: 35) Harvey Darrel Hickman (M: 55) Leslie Thomas Higgins (M: 48)
Robin Ray Hill (M: 58) Benjamin Hilton (M: 26) Andrew Michael Hopkins (M: 24)
Lawrence Lee Huff (M: 32) Jeremy Kendall Hunter (M: 22) Tyce Lawrence Hurst (M: 30)
Daniel Lee Ingold (M: 44) Steven Ray Islam (M: 40) Perry Lee Isley (M: 54)
Edward Claudius Johnson (M: 49) Shawn Lee Johnson (M: 31) Sean Paul Kelner (M: 37)
Brandon Dustin Kelsch (M: 35) Solomon David Kerns (M: 36) Robert H Kinzer (M: 42)
Jonathan Lee Kugler (M: 31) Carlos Daniel Lively (M: 27) Edwin Cruz Lopez (M: 53)
Billy Gene Lowe (M: 40) Eugene Keith Mallard (M: 48) Elmer Lee Maness (M: 53)
Eddie Michael Martin (M: 28) Andrew James Mccrary (M: 30) Michael Dennis Mellon (M: 32)
Jimmy Wayne Miles (M: 59) Justin Wade Miller (M: 30) Charles G Mills (M: 69)
Michael Edward Milotte (M: 41) Floyd Randolph Mondragon (M: 57) Tony Montoya (M: 53)
Roy Carl Nalley (M: 74) David William Neal (M: 41) Steven Eugene Newsome (M: 48)
Jerry Monroe Nichols (M: 72) Charles M Ontiberos (M: 62) Gregorio Orosco (M: 66)
Bruce Lee Palmatier (M: 39) Mark William Palmer (M: 36) Timothy Dale Park (M: 36)
Eric Todd Patterson (M: 49) Anthony Ray Perez (M: 36) Steven Wayne Piersee (M: 44)
William Bruce Pitts (M: 63) Richard Allen Quillen (M: 51) Steven Dann Rainey (M: 43)
Michael Vernon Rector (M: 46) Steven Earl Roberts (M: 45) Donald Dean Rodenberg (M: 60)
Luis Rikk Rodriguez (M: 47) Charles M Rodriquez (M: 41) William Ray Roth (M: 37)
Bob Gene Ruth (M: 43) Lonnie Joe Ryan (M: 35) Clayton Edward Saathoff (M: 56)
Eric Paul Shoemaker (M: 36) Brandon Lee Shultz (M: 29) Danny Earl Shurn (M: 52)
Derrick Devon Simmons (M: 33) James John Simms (M: 48) Charles Fred Smeltzer (M: 46)
Steven Ray Sparkman (M: 49) Billy Joe Stanley (M: 35) Danny Wassell Stanley (M: 59)
Nicholas Andrew Stape (M: 32) Shelby Lee Starr (M: 37) Dustin Christopher Joachim Verlan Strait (M: 38)
Randy George Taylor (M: 55) David August Tucker (M: 38) Johnny Dale Twilleger (M: 53)
Michael Don Unruh (M: 49) Paul Michael Vancamp (M: 35) Shaun Paul Wagoner (M: 40)
William Eugene Wald (M: 52) Gabriel Jackson Walls (M: 36) Vance D Walters (M: 62)
Robert Louis Watkins (M: 45) Jeffery Alan Waugh (M: 43) Lee Desmond White (M: 42)
David Elwin Williams (M: 58) Mark Lee Wilson (M: 29) Walter Marvin Wilson (M: 37)
John Matthew Woods (M: 48) Stephen Joshua Zarate (M: 30) Rusty James Brown (M: 31)
Larry Dean Clawson (M: 55) Larry Donnell Dupree (M: 42) George H Oldham (M: 59)
Ernest Dean Sebring (M: 64) Luke Albert Cody (M: 31) Thomas James Dwyer (M: 75)
Dale Dean Patterson Jr (M: 33) Kodi Alonzo Thomas (M: 43) Mickey Galen Nance (M: 57)
Darrin Lynn Joy (M: 37) Chad Brooks Boyke (M: 39) Randall J Ritchie (M: 50)
Michael Anthony Barron (M: 31) William Leroy Harger (M: 30) Jimmie Arthur Sebek (M: 29)

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