Sex Offender Profile Directory : Indiana : 47374

All sex offender records currently in our database from Indiana located in ZIP code 47374 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search Indiana sex offender information.

Grady Obryant (M: 33) William Lee Abbott (M: 38) James A Abercrombie (M: 59)
Scott Daniel Adams (M: 36) Elizabeth Christine Agee (F: 27) Thomas Patrick Agricola (M: 68)
Timothy Eugene Alexander (M: 44) Damien K Allen (M: 33) Robin Alvey (M: 52)
Bryan David Applegate (M: 49) Mitchell Jacob (M: 39) Alex C Bennett (M: 20)
Alex Coy Bennett (M: 22) William Joseph Berry (M: 57) Philman Bickel (M: 62)
William Duane Bishop (M: 50) Steven Ray Bolton (M: 58) Jerome Miciahi Boston (M: 42)
John Mason Broderick (M: 73) Brian Burdette (M: 27) Leroy Carter (M: 44)
Christopher Shane Caudill (M: 32) Jacob A Coe (M: 36) Jeff Allen Collins (M: 42)
Christopher Michael Cones (M: 38) Michael R Cook (M: 40) Gary R Davis (M: 40)
Harold B Dean (M: 39) Harold Benjamin Dean (M: 40) Calvin Ray Deloney (M: 51)
Daniel Lee Deloney (M: 48) Steven C Deskins (M: 44) Richard Allen Dobbs (M: 53)
Mark Allen Eisenburg (M: 30) Bruce Lee Elliott (M: 52) Clarcy M Estabrook (F: 45)
Duane Templin Fetters (M: 57) Herman Frederick Filice (M: 40) Kenneth M Foster (M: 37)
Aaron Christopher Frame (M: 41) Aaron Christopher Frame (M: 38) Jatal Jason French (M: 37)
Arthur Lee Girdler (M: 43) Arthur Lee Girdler (M: 43) Randy Dean Goble (M: 47)
Cleo J Goodwin (M: 61) Cleo James Goodwin (M: 58) Kenny Leon Gordon (M: 36)
William James Gregory (M: 29) Charles Edward Gross (M: 53) Nathan Bailey Gross (M: 28)
Charles E Guess (M: 33) Michael D Haddix (M: 52) Brad A Hall (M: 40)
Roger L Hammock (M: 48) Max Kenneth Handley (M: 52) Tyris Lemont Harvey (M: 44)
Faron Haycock (M: 36) Bobby G Hayre (M: 44) Antonio D Hegg (M: 37)
Larry Lee Heltzel (M: 56) Joel L Hilbert (M: 50) Ricky Lee Hollingsworth (M: 35)
Robert E Hosenfeld (M: 67) Charles E Hubbard (M: 50) William Robert Hughes (M: 64)
Steven Kent Jenkins (M: 62) David L Jennings (M: 50) David Lee Jennings (M: 51)
Paul Edward Jeter (M: 62) Jeremy Adam Karanovich (M: 27) Ronald Lee Kelley (M: 43)
Barry Alan Kimble (M: 54) William Harvey Kirtz (M: 44) Andrew J Krofta (M: 51)
Andrew James Krofta (M: 54) Paul L Land (M: 69) Trent Scott Lawson (M: 38)
Jeffrey Darnell Lewis (M: 52) Franklin Paul Maiden (M: 50) Anthony Scott Maiola (M: 26)
Theodis Nmi Mathis (M: 59) Jonathan J Mcclellan (M: 34) Jonathon J Mcclellan (M: 32)
Mark Luchia Miller (M: 51) Timothy J Miller (M: 24) Scott Minton (M: 58)
Earl L Moon (M: 17) Garganus T Moore (M: 31) Cory Morris (M: 19)
Cory Russell Morris (M: 21) Jimmy L Murphy (M: 33) Jerrold Charles Murray (M: 63)
Jerrold Charles Murray (M: 66) Daryl Shawn Napier (M: 37) David Nmi Oconner (M: 40)
David Gene Oconner (M: 42) Jason Adam Parker (M: 40) David E Peters (M: 42)
Walter Earl Powell (M: 43) Jerry Lee Privett (M: 57) Barry W. Reffitt (M: 56)
John Noel Reister (M: 39) George Renteria (M: 44) George Renteria (M: 47)
Robert D Richardson (M: 52) Lucius Charles Robinson (M: 73) Luther Gene Robison (M: 49)
Paul James Robison (M: 62) David Warren Rosier (M: 44) Glenn Wallace Ross (M: 31)
John Edward Rowland (M: 65) John Edward Rowland (M: 68) Christopher James Samms (M: 29)
Jason James Samuels (M: 29) Nathan Scott Shaffer (M: 37) Mark Allen Sittloh (M: 40)
Charles Kevin Snowden (M: 33) Edward Darnelle Sparks (M: 29) Roy Edward Sparks (M: 50)
Sylvia Fay Sparks (F: 35) Randall Stephens (M: 40) Steven Edward Stoller (M: 62)
Jeffrey W Strasser (M: 49) Ernest D Surber (M: 32) Jack Kevin Tippett (M: 57)
Barry Dewayne Tompkins (M: 48) Donald Edwin Toschlog (M: 38) Mark Edward Toschlog (M: 40)
Anthony Lee Treep (M: 57) Richard Sylvester Twine (M: 37) Jason Allyn Vanausdal (M: 38)
Brent D Vanwinkle (M: 35) Brent D Vanwinkle (M: 37) Steven John Walsh (M: 43)
Brian K Wedding (M: 59) Joseph Scott West (M: 29) Leroy Nmi Williams (M: 67)
Larry L Wyatt (M: 50) Larry Lee Wyatt (M: 52) Charles Lloyd Zumwalt (M: 58)
Robert E Grays (M: 44) William J Knight (M: 35) James E Clabaugh (M: 80)
Ricky D James (M: 57) Richard A Dobbs (M: 50) Michael Troy Jacob (M: 38)
William N Lindsey (M: 56) Robert Ernest Grays (M: 43) Mitchel Alan Jacob (M: 38)
Brian A Marshall (M: 21) Jaielaron Anthony Marsh (M: 18) Shawn Nmi Taborn (M: 43)
Lewis Joseph Dodd (M: 35)

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