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All sex offender records currently in our database from Indiana located in ZIP code 46901 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search Indiana sex offender information.

James Russell Mcintyre (M: 58) Brian Keith Chandler (M: 33) Travis E Griggs (M: 26)
Stephanie J Adamson (F: 36) John N/A Alvarado (M: 47) Russell Jennings Bagwell (M: 42)
Diego M Bare (M: 30) Randy Eugene Barrett (M: 39) Michael Lee Beeman (M: 43)
Curtis D Belt (M: 32) Matthew Thomas Belt (M: 32) Matthew Thomas Belt (M: 29)
William J Bennett (M: 36) Anthony Allen Berry (M: 53) William Wade Boatwright (M: 49)
Donald Ray Bowman (M: 51) Timothy N Brewer (M: 22) James L Bright (M: 40)
George H Brinker (M: 52) George Harvey Brinker (M: 49) Paul J Brown (M: 44)
Alonzia Nm Cannon (M: 46) James Junior Cannon (M: 70) Manuel Galan Chavez (M: 44)
Danny James Clark (M: 43) Donald Lee Clevenger (M: 35) Steven Edward Clontz (M: 28)
Earl Anthony Cobb (M: 45) Anthony B Cochran (M: 39) Larry Lee Conwell (M: 46)
John William Cook (M: 55) Donald Gene Crawford (M: 42) Jeremy Ryan Cunningham (M: 30)
Vernon Ray Daniels (M: 67) Vernon Ray Daniels (M: 67) William Patrick Daugherty (M: 49)
Joseph Scott Davis (M: 43) Troy Ray Davis (M: 49) Larry Leroy Defoi (M: 34)
Larry Leroy Defoi (M: 37) Nathanial E Dodson (M: 31) George Joseph Doss (M: 46)
Matthew Allen Dotterer (M: 28) James Ronald Douglas (M: 41) James Ronald Douglas (M: 44)
Ronald Dale Eads (M: 67) Marvin H Ewing (M: 58) Stephen Michael Featherstone (M: 34)
Jasson Duane Fenton (M: 31) Scott Ray Ferguson (M: 43) Gregory Allen Fisher (M: 37)
Ruben R. Garcia (M: 49) James Wesley Geary (M: 25) Mark A Gillem (M: 34)
Jerry Lewis Gold (M: 54) Jerry L. Gold (M: 54) Travis Edwin Griggs (M: 26)
Benjamin David Gross (M: 34) Everett Lee Hager (M: 42) Everett Lee Hager (M: 42)
Richard Allen Harner (M: 40) William Harry Hartman (M: 29) Robert Scott Hawkins (M: 41)
Todd Michael Haworth (M: 35) Mitchell Walter Hedger (M: 60) Jason W Higgenbotham (M: 22)
Roger Wayne Hill (M: 68) Christopher A Hollingsworth (M: 24) Kevin J Holloway (M: 46)
Terry L Holmes (M: 42) Vern Dewitt Hucks (M: 61) Jerry Wayne Huey (M: 41)
Donald Andrew Huntsman (M: 27) James Lynn Imel (M: 33) Brandon D Ivory (M: 47)
Christopher Joe Jackson (M: 34) Christopher Talmadge Jackson (M: 31) Ray Melvin Jackson (M: 33)
Ray Melvin Jackson (M: 35) Erick James (M: 33) William Alan Jenks (M: 40)
Theral M Jessop (M: 46) Wayne A Jewell (M: 44) Donald Wayne Johnson (M: 45)
Nathan Lee Jones (M: 33) Michael Gene Justus (M: 50) James Eric Kanable (M: 56)
Billy D Kellems (M: 46) Jeremiah G Kelley (M: 32) Teddy Duane Kinder (M: 50)
Randall Harlington King (M: 47) James Lewis Kirkpatrick (M: 46) David G Kistler (M: 66)
Kenneth Luke Kremke (M: 32) Jeffrey Allen Kuntz (M: 52) Jeffrey Allen Kuntz (M: 49)
Jayson Eli Lawhead (M: 30) Bret Alan Lovegrove (M: 44) Randall David Mace (M: 45)
Kenneth L Mann (M: 64) Jonathon Earl Martin (M: 49) Markus Ray Martin (M: 35)
Gary Mccluskey (M: 48) James Russell Mcintyre (M: 57) Robert James Mckinney (M: 42)
Robert James Mckinney (M: 42) Terry L Mcmillin (M: 52) Rodriquez L Merriweather (M: 29)
Randall Nmi Meyers (M: 49) James A. Michael (M: 54) Brent William Miller (M: 35)
Brian Gene Miller (M: 43) Weldon Wayne Miller (M: 59) David Scott Molden (M: 37)
Michael Anthony Monroe (M: 54) Brian K Morgan (M: 47) Marion A Morris (M: 79)
Robert Michael Mundell (M: 31) Anthony Wayne Murphy (M: 41) Randall Lee Myers (M: 53)
Jeffrey David Nelson (M: 53) Larry J Nester (M: 50) Dale Edward Nicholson (M: 29)
Lewis Wayne Norton (M: 71) Richard K Orem (M: 60) Richard Daniel Orr (M: 42)
Gregory Leon Owens (M: 55) Clinton Ray Parks (M: 27) Ronnie L Pearson (M: 60)
Stephen Ray Pierson (M: 41) Terrance Donald Poole (M: 62) James Lynn Pruitt (M: 44)
Mckinley R Quarles (M: 48) Matthew James Racey (M: 32) George L Redman (M: 54)
Lesley Darceil Reed (M: 30) Terrell L. Reed (M: 30) Raymond Dominick Riggins (M: 20)
Crescensio None Rodriguez (M: 50) William Joseph Rogers (M: 32) Christopher Martin Roler (M: 31)
William Joseph Saltsgiver (M: 67) William Saltsgiver (M: 67) Wesley Paul Seger (M: 32)
Jason Emanuel Shepherd (M: 30) James Tex Short (M: 71) Joseph Mark Shutters (M: 44)
John Benjamin Shymanovitz (M: 68) Donald R Slaton (M: 40) David Wayne Smith (M: 46)
Jeffery William Smith (M: 42) Scott Michael Smith (M: 32) Christopher Todd Spane (M: 52)
Randy Allen Stipek (M: 53) Eric Wayne Summers (M: 44) Ronald H Sweatt (M: 44)
Monroe Clarence Thomas (M: 39) Randy Clay Thorrington (M: 43) Randy C Thorrington (M: 44)
Travis Carter Tidler (M: 42) Steven Charles Turner (M: 47) Louis Richard Turpen (M: 61)
Randall Lee Vincent (M: 52) William N Waggle (M: 52) Paul Aaron Waldman (M: 34)
Robert Wade Walker (M: 53) Christopher Allen Ward (M: 26) Daniel Wayne Warwick (M: 56)
Matthew C. Weeks (M: 36) Shane Michael Whaley (M: 37) Teddy Joe White (M: 53)
Jason William Whitmer (M: 28) Robert Wayne Willis (M: 56) Roberts W Willis (M: 56)
Joseph Wayne Woody (M: 29) Steven Travis Worden (M: 35) Jason Michael Wright (M: 33)
Kenneth Eugene Wright (M: 28) Joshua Burton Wyatt (M: 32) Marcus Ingram Yarbrough (M: 41)
John David Young (M: 58) John David Young (M: 61) Raheem Aleen Young (M: 30)
Shawn Craig Stapleton (M: 37) Danny James Clark (M: 36) Timothy D Hutsell (M: 48)
Edward Kinder (M: 56) Eric Wayne Summers (M: 37) Mark Lewis Wall (M: 50)
Dwaine Steven Wooten (M: 30) John Alvarado (M: 40) Russell Jennings Bagwell (M: 36)
Paul Norman Bailey (M: 34) Michael Lee Beeman (M: 37) Hyesha Marie Berry (F: 30)
Criss Alan Bess (M: 52) Bob Bob (M: 33) Thomas Allen Budd (M: 44)
Paul David Burgess (M: 32) Alonzia Cannon (M: 39) James Junior Cannon (M: 63)
David Ryan Cavazos (M: 33) Rudolph Cavazos (M: 52) Danny James Clark (M: 36)
Earl A Cobb (M: 39) Anthony B Cochran (M: 35) John William Cook (M: 51)
Vernon Ray Daniels (M: 60) Troy Ray Davis (M: 43) Everett E Dillon (M: 39)
Jeremy Lee Dunham (M: 27) Michael Scott Evans (M: 31) Robert Jackson Fleming (M: 42)
Kristin Dawn Frye (F: 25) Jose Grifaldo (M: 29) Richard Allen Harner (M: 34)
Todd Michael Haworth (M: 29) Mitchell Walter Hedger (M: 54) Roger Wayne Hill (M: 62)
Charles Robert Howard (M: 39) David Glen Hudson (M: 42) Teddy Duane Kinder (M: 44)
Carl L Lane (M: 42) William Lamont Merriweather (M: 38) Brent William Miller (M: 28)
Michael Anthony Monroe (M: 48) Robert Michael Mundell (M: 27) Randy L Myers (M: 49)
Jeffrey David Nelson (M: 46) Teresa Lynn Pasquale (F: 45) Stephen Ray Pierson (M: 37)
Terry Allen Purvis (M: 27) Anthony Wayne Ritchey (M: 32) James Eugene Roberts (M: 33)
Kenneth Troy Rudd (M: 42) Clarence Sample (M: 42) Kevin Thomas Stahl (M: 52)
Shawn Craig Stapleton (M: 31) Tracey Allen Starkey (M: 36) Eric Wayne Summers (M: 37)
Paul Aaron Waldman (M: 28) Jason Michael Wright (M: 27) Kenneth Eugene Wright (M: 22)
Barry J Krieg (M: 59) Jon Kip Edwards (M: 53) Joseph Mark Shutters (M: 39)
Mark Lewis Wall (M: 51) Robert Nathanial Farmer (M: 29) William M Byers (M: 30)
David Henson Hyatt Jr (M: 44) Carmen Edward Reid Jr (M: 47) Brandon Habit Koch (M: 23)

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