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All sex offender records currently in our database from Indiana located in ZIP code 46219 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search Indiana sex offender information.

Fredrick Dewayne Hines (M: 45) Michael Wayne Adams (M: 51) Michael Wayne Adams (M: 49)
Gregg Thomas Adsit (M: 41) Matthew Harold Alamillo (M: 33) Billy Wayne Anderson (M: 53)
Kevin Dajuan Arnold (M: 25) Tommie Lewis Bacon (M: 22) Bradley Lemanal Baker (M: 32)
Leroy James Baker (M: 27) Gary Lee Barnes (M: 54) Kevin James Bass (M: 48)
Kevin James Bass (M: 51) Betty Sue Bell (F: 62) James Gillies Belser (M: 51)
James R Berry (M: 54) Antwan Maurice Bibbs (M: 32) Antwan Maurice Bibbs (M: 30)
Aaron Wayne Birdwell (M: 23) Robert Allen Bohnenkamp (M: 36) William Forster Bond (M: 50)
Stephen Lee Bowling (M: 28) Patrick William Bratton (M: 48) Robert Charles Brenneman (M: 43)
Gerald Leonard Broude (M: 35) Donald Brown (M: 78) Donald Paul Brown (M: 78)
James Clinton Bundy (M: 48) Jeffrey Allen Burdine (M: 47) John E Butler (M: 49)
Humberto Camino (M: 32) Daniel M Carmichael (M: 45) Clayton Theophilus Carroll (M: 23)
Gerald Richard Carter (M: 85) Paul Michael Casler (M: 29) Ronald Lee Clark (M: 58)
Tyree Coleman (M: 33) Carl Eugene Conner (M: 26) Raymond Eugene Constant (M: 39)
Mark Kevin Cook (M: 50) Jason Neal Cooper (M: 31) Keith Oneal Cooper (M: 48)
Keith Oneal Cooper (M: 51) Douglas Craft (M: 28) Paul Rex Daly (M: 38)
Paul Rex Daly (M: 38) Michael Davis (M: 54) William David Dawson (M: 46)
Thomas Eric Deem (M: 49) Donald E Dennis (M: 26) Darrell E Denny (M: 58)
Glenn E Dillard (M: 41) Jimmy L Dunn (M: 65) Richard George Dunn (M: 71)
David Wayne Earlywine (M: 53) Andrew Roosevelt Easley (M: 59) Benji Bernard Easter (M: 36)
Larry C Edwards (M: 64) Lashawn Charles Ellery (M: 32) Charles David Ellison (M: 48)
Billy Ray English (M: 35) John Walter Evans (M: 24) Robert Herman Fields (M: 77)
Kevin Maurice Flemmonds (M: 53) Willie James Ford (M: 46) Leslie Earl Fox (M: 58)
Joseph Nmn Franklin (M: 52) Michael Wayne Gardner (M: 56) Brian S Gary (M: 41)
Robert Javon Gary (M: 27) Jeffrey Allen Gholston (M: 38) Matthew Thomas Gilpin (M: 32)
Reginald Anthony Gipson (M: 42) James E Goins (M: 23) Gary D Gramman (M: 62)
Donald E Gray (M: 51) Dawayne L Gross (M: 36) Jeffery Thomas Hack (M: 43)
Nicholas Joseph Hair (M: 28) Eric Eugene Hammond (M: 36) Jacob Joseph Hansel (M: 30)
Gerald Heiskell Harris (M: 39) Michael Anthony Harris (M: 48) Frederick Douglas Harrison (M: 38)
Michael Wayne Harting (M: 30) Jeremy Kristopher Heidrich (M: 38) Tom J Helman (M: 52)
Wallace Stanley Henderson (M: 50) Adam Vaughn Hester (M: 49) Eric Jeffrey Hicks (M: 50)
David Melville Hogan (M: 47) Willie Dale Hollis (M: 48) Craig Elmer Hoog (M: 59)
Jeffrey S Howell (M: 49) Thomas J Hudson (M: 79) Wayne Allen Hughes (M: 46)
April M Hunt (F: 28) Edward Dwight Huspon (M: 40) William David Hutsell (M: 54)
Randy D Jackson (M: 52) Nicholas Peter Jaruzel (M: 29) Kevin T Johnson (M: 49)
Rickey Cameron Johnson (M: 28) Rodney Jerome Johnson (M: 49) Douglas Woods Johnston (M: 56)
Terrence Dejuan Joiner (M: 35) Kenneth Lee Jones (M: 25) Charles J Kendall (M: 30)
Roy Sheldon Kincaid (M: 55) Lou Migel King (M: 64) Phillip Raymond King (M: 51)
Phillip R King (M: 48) Newton Kirk (M: 31) Christian Aaron Klingman (M: 38)
Timothy S Kukesh (M: 61) Charles Clyde Kurbursky (M: 63) Edward Joseph Lang (M: 65)
Jimmy Ray Lewis (M: 35) Bruce Patrick Macklin (M: 38) Edward John Maguire (M: 41)
Robert Lee Martin (M: 46) Charles Jason Masden (M: 32) Kenneth L Matthews (M: 40)
Rhonda Jane Mays (F: 47) Frankie E. Mccorkle (M: 47) Marvin Dale Mcghee (M: 35)
Larry Wayne Mcgovern (M: 46) Holly Ann Mellis (F: 31) Eric Joseph Merz (M: 55)
James Delbert Miles (M: 38) Harold Norman Miller (M: 69) Gerald Maurice Mitchell (M: 54)
Theodore Robert Mitchell (M: 43) Jerry Michael Moore (M: 28) Anthony M Mosley (M: 50)
Jack Jerome Moten (M: 46) Anthony Ray Murray (M: 55) Edmond David Nash (M: 48)
Steven Gerald Newsome (M: 46) Terry Anthony Nickols (M: 48) Cory Daniel Niese (M: 34)
William James Nikolich (M: 41) Samuel A Nolan (M: 37) Sean Bernard Nolan (M: 46)
Timothy B Nugent (M: 28) Richard Odum (M: 28) Brian Michael Palmer (M: 31)
Jarvis Maurice Parker (M: 19) Stephen Michael Parrish (M: 45) Allen Rann Pavey (M: 48)
Keith David Pease (M: 46) Paul Person (M: 37) Keevin Dwayne Pettis (M: 44)
Stephen Eugene Phares (M: 51) Larry Pinnick (M: 68) Michael John Pipher (M: 46)
Tracy Earl Pitts (M: 46) Phil R Poole (M: 51) Johnathan Lee Post (M: 50)
Danny Joe Powers (M: 44) Dejuan Anthony Price (M: 34) Wayne Alan Pryor (M: 52)
Patrick Nathan Quarles (M: 31) Martin Lloyd Ragle (M: 36) Daniel Alan Raine (M: 27)
Tavaris Ronnel Ratliff (M: 32) Duran Lamont Ray (M: 35) Jerrell D Ray (M: 23)
Timothy Allen Reddy (M: 46) Jackson Eugene Reed (M: 72) Danny A Reynolds (M: 61)
Gregory Warren Rhodes (M: 49) Michael Anthony Rhone (M: 44) Joseph Matthew Sheldon Ridge (M: 26)
Terrence Evan Roberts (M: 23) Roy C Robinson (M: 55) Ralph Steven Roundtree (M: 52)
George W Rybolt (M: 32) Richard Earl Schumaker (M: 55) Tom Anthony Schuster (M: 52)
Eric Jacob Settles (M: 30) Kimberly Anne Shepard (F: 38) Robert Wayne Silvis (M: 53)
Eric Lee Simpson (M: 33) David L Skiles (M: 58) Anthony D Smith (M: 28)
Antoine A Smith (M: 38) Delbert Lee Smith (M: 68) Enoch R Smith (M: 52)
Shawn Douglas Smith (M: 28) Jeremy David Snider (M: 35) Cantrell Solomon (M: 50)
Richard Charles Spalding (M: 36) Andrew Jay Stamps (M: 29) Edward J Stewart (M: 57)
Ron Christopher Stewart (M: 42) Kenneth G Stiles (M: 75) Donald L Strange (M: 71)
Eric Ricardo Strong (M: 38) Steven Christopher Lego Svp (M: 23) Gerald Byron Tanner (M: 55)
Kyle Jerome Tanner (M: 32) Demetrius D Taylor (M: 37) Idron Thomas Taylor (M: 55)
Ronald Phillip Taylor (M: 63) Jennifer Louise Thomas-Garrett (F: 28) Curtis Edward Tillman (M: 27)
Kendal W Trent (M: 47) Wendell T Turpin (M: 41) Paul Earl Waggoner (M: 39)
Marc Allen Wallace (M: 38) William Paul Walters (M: 40) Danny R Waltz (M: 45)
Harry Leslie Waltz (M: 79) John Fredrick Ward (M: 37) Johnny Warren (M: 55)
Jeremy Dee Welker (M: 34) Norman Douglas Wells (M: 55) Robert Harrison Wells (M: 40)
Robert Harrison Wells (M: 42) Tracy Wayne Werner (M: 45) Jeffery Mariam West (M: 33)
Stuart Evan West (U: 54) Duane Alan Wethington (M: 28) Neil A Whitaker (M: 52)
Mark Allen Whitlatch (M: 41) Alan Nicholas Wiles (M: 56) James Wesley Wilkins (M: 28)
Rodney L. Williams (M: 58) Rodney L Williams (M: 60) Steven Scott Williams (M: 41)
Tyrone Spencer Williams (M: 46) Emanuel Warren Wilson (M: 40) Ronald Lamar Winfield (M: 43)
Curtis Dewayne Winnie (M: 29) Robert Neal Winters (M: 44) Chad A Wright (M: 38)
Travis William Wright (M: 44) Troy A Bemis (M: 49) Thomas Lee Castor (M: 55)
Joaquin Torres Bustos (M: 26) Robert Alan Sanders (M: 42) Nicolas Aguilar (M: 51)
Aaron D Basham (M: 39) Victory Eugene Boicourt (M: 42) Bruce Brooks (U: 42)
Ronald Lee Brown (M: 56) Troy Dale Brown (M: 43) Jesse James Bullens (M: 66)
Larry Elmer Burtts (M: 57) Joaquin J Bustos (M: 27) Gerald Richard Carter (M: 80)
Bobby Chambers (M: 55) Rusty A Amonette (M: 49) Roy L Edwards (M: 64)
David L Vanbuskirk (M: 64) Anthony Dwayne Coe (M: 31) Steven Douglas Burkert (M: 62)
David Arthur Brunnemer (M: 51) Nathan Lee Albertson (M: 31) Jaime Nieves (M: 61)
Michael Dale Rogers (M: 22) Bryan J Votzie (M: 36) Daniel Scott Cassaday (M: 27)
Scott Douglas Edwards (M: 45) Juan Montez Garrett (M: 47) Bobby L Johnson Jr (M: 32)
James E Schutt (M: 29) Adam J Shoffner (M: 28) Neil Franklin Warner (M: 66)
Brian Michael Palmer (M: 31) Rocky Lee Critser (M: 30) Kenneth R Trisler (M: 22)
Jonathan M Maguire (M: 28) Christopher A Bracken (M: 41) Carl C Mccutcheon Jr (M: 56)
Gary Dean Trobaugh (M: 47)

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