Sex Offender Profile Directory : California : 96080

All sex offender records currently in our database from California located in ZIP code 96080 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search California sex offender information.

Edward Elliot Acevedo (M: 49) Kevin Ray Alexander (M: 32) Thomas Wayne Alexander (M: 50)
Scott Allen Appleby (M: 49) Mark Allen Armstrong (M: 43) David Lee Benzler (M: 46)
Andrew Blankenship (M: 46) Charles Joseph Bronzi (M: 52) Marci Marie Calarruda (F: 39)
Jason Pardee Calvert (M: 38) Jeffrey Alan Drummond (M: 51) Danny Ray Droddy (M: 49)
William Dale Fox (M: 59) David James Detavis (M: 39) Donald Thomas Degraw (M: 46)
Samuel N Fazio (M: 62) George Neil Dykes (M: 70) Marvin Dyer (M: 69)
Charles William Coffee (M: 48) John William Deletto (M: 73) Scott Andrew Clark (M: 48)
Grady Joe Davis (M: 57) Joel Peter Crystal (M: 54) Aaron Howell Craig (M: 67)
Reginald Cosper (M: 69) Willis Conrad (M: 52) David Charles Brown (M: 70)
Jeremy Jason Reid (M: 35) David Prather (M: 35) Roy Auburn Peck (M: 44)
Edouard Eugene Oullette (M: 37) Martin Orosco (M: 50) Jimmy Allen Bingham (M: 57)
Fredrick Dean Morgan (M: 40) James Woodrow Miller (M: 43) James Mercer (M: 46)
Brian Duane Mcneely (M: 33) Thomas Lee Pike (M: 55) Matthew Neal Picklesimer (M: 52)
Richard Paul Martinez (M: 47) Scott Lee Perry (M: 59) John William Neal (M: 66)
Donald Ray Morris (M: 58) William Monroe (M: 54) Daniel Jay Misick (M: 55)
Howard Roy King (M: 46) John Herschel May (M: 70) Todd Elliott Johnson (M: 47)
Donavon Matlock (M: 58) Arron James Hosler (M: 51) Earl Warren Baker (M: 65)
Jason Phillip Long (M: 35) Edward Robert Bailey (M: 69) Ronald Lloyd Johnson (M: 61)
Timothy James Guarino (M: 49) Cruz A Avila (M: 62) Brian Howard Graham (M: 34)
Leslie Thomas Hewitt (M: 58) John Helm (M: 66) Ronald D Heathcote (M: 66)
Virgil Lee Hayes (M: 72) Rodney Wayne Farr (M: 46) Daniel Harvey Gridley (M: 60)
Daniel Guadalupe Guerrerro (M: 54) Nathan Henderson Hall (M: 69) Harry Ronald Hass (M: 55)
William Edward Harris (M: 52) Kenneth Franklin Harris (M: 62) Frank Spike Roehrich (M: 45)
Alan R Quinn (M: 69) Phillip Augustus Raglin (M: 62) John Joseph Reis (M: 59)
Donald C Rice (M: 64) Justin Syrus Salter (M: 33) Steven Wayne Runge (M: 55)
Thomas Charles Scott (M: 54) Joseph Carson Smith (M: 47) Michael Taylor (M: 51)
Richard Chandler (M: 76) Harold Stuart Cudd (M: 85) Lumino Frances Valdes (M: 66)
Hubbard Johnson (M: 82) Darrell Keith Vansickle (M: 33) James Gene Meurer (M: 76)
Jerry Hoover Norried (M: 81) Clarence Richard Wallis (M: 61) Wilford Wayne Porter (M: 85)
Alvin Spitzer (M: 85) Jack Maurice Tyler (M: 73) Ronald Leslie Williamson (M: 62)
Richard James Almeda (M: 30) Donald Nicholas Whatley (M: 48) James Williams Williams (M: 47)
Keith Allen Wilson (M: 44) James David Wright (M: 49) Thurman James Franks (M: 28)
Kenneth Edward Gammon (M: 27) James Edward Hager (M: 27) William Darrow Jacobs (M: 24)
Kenneth Leon Mcfadyen (M: 31) Bryan Mckenny (M: 29) Michael Dathan Medina (M: 24)
Derek Matthew Oelrichs (M: 27) Christopher Poehler (M: 25) Alan Marcus Sandberg (M: 29)
Lawrence Twiford (M: 25) Christopher Antonio Vasquez (M: 27) Evan Henry Walters (M: 27)
Richard Leland Spurgeon (M: 54) Jeffrey Lee Hipsher (M: 41) Louis M Banuelos (M: 63)
Donald Chambers (M: 49) Gifford Joseph Dahl (M: 58) Alan Wayne Dove (M: 46)
Gregory Lane Elmore (M: 65) Timothy Joe Harris (M: 59) Gene Norman Lander (M: 68)
Earl Wayne Leard (M: 67) Alan Ayers Manning (M: 94) Edward Max Morrey (M: 60)
Dwight Edward Pratt (M: 36) Charles Lennia Robinson (M: 92) Tim O Tadlock (M: 50)
Donald Richard Tooley (M: 63) Ronee Trumbo (M: 66) Jimmie Floyd Turner (M: 77)
Gordon Dale Martin (M: 73) Dalbert Lynn Mcdaniel (M: 31) Leary Edward Townsend (M: 69)
Charles Richard Petty (M: 61) Andrew Lee Spliethof (M: 53) Jeffery Leo Griffith (M: 57)
Michael J Stephenson (M: 64)

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