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Christian James Atwood (M: 40) Eric Douglas Baggett (M: 38) Lance Leon Baker (M: 40)
Bernard Andrew Baltierra (M: 51) John Alden Battiest (M: 47) George Chester Beebe (M: 47)
David Dewayne Bobb (M: 37) Brandon Bowden (M: 31) Steven Waine Bowles (M: 46)
Luther Allen Brown (M: 52) Gary Dwayne Bruce (M: 49) William Martinez Garcia (M: 57)
Alexander Wayne Dulyea (M: 43) Merlin Owen Lee Draper (M: 38) Douglas Eugene Furtado (M: 63)
Timothy David Foskett (M: 72) Johnny Ray Darden (M: 48) Eric Ray Crikman (M: 45)
Antone Maxon Dotta (M: 55) Mark Alexander Cooper (M: 33) Gregory Allen Dileonardo (M: 64)
Mark W Devoll (M: 57) Richard E Colbourn (M: 50) Michael Kevin Dean (M: 54)
Dennis Vincent Corbaley (M: 69) Gilbert Matthew Castillo (M: 64) Richard Ruben Carpenter (M: 73)
Barkley Vance Bryan (M: 67) Daniel Huntley Brommage (M: 70) Brant Rix (M: 33)
John Michael Rist (M: 36) Ren Reynolds (M: 47) Justin Neil Pritchard (M: 33)
Patrick Charles Pejsa (M: 50) Bryan Scott Owen (M: 49) Brady Jay Nash (M: 42)
Nedde Max Murphy (M: 45) Michael Patrick Morton (M: 44) Cecil James Mccormick (M: 41)
Robert Ryan Mascadri (M: 49) Richard Earl Marks (M: 49) Michael Dean Parker (M: 59)
Nicholas Alan Manes (M: 38) Larry Ostrander (M: 67) Exzavier Laswhaine Lloyd (M: 37)
Chong Neng Lo (M: 50) Willie James Montgomery (M: 54) Jeffrey Allen Kuehl (M: 42)
Edwin Kincaid (M: 47) Richard W Jones (M: 49) Robert Lee Jones (M: 41)
Kevin Yarnell Jones (M: 52) Calvin Demond Jones (M: 36) Brian Terence Jones (M: 50)
Jeffrey Robert Johnson (M: 33) Elbert William Jennings (M: 38) Yura Phinn Jauregui (M: 50)
James Matthew Banks (M: 55) Jerry Wayne Baker (M: 69) Robert J Herrington (M: 50)
Alex Lee Herrera (M: 48) Ronald E Lee (M: 65) Alejandro Orejel (M: 61)
Donna Jean Lancaster (F: 66) Dale Charles Herd (M: 47) Leslie Allen Kniss (M: 72)
Chu Hang (M: 38) William Henry Jennings (M: 58) Allen Joseph Grissom (M: 42)
William Witt Austin (M: 63) Daniel George Huffman (M: 58) David Gonzalez (M: 33)
John Hill (M: 52) Michael Irwin Green (M: 62) Mark O Guess (M: 58)
Robert A Fury (M: 51) Randolph Gary Hall (M: 54) Wayne Paul Freeman (M: 52)
Pat Edwin Plaster (M: 62) Jose Romero (M: 44) Marty Lee Quinn (M: 58)
Thomas C Rabbitt (M: 53) Kenneth Kidd Rowland (M: 35) Kevin Anthony Rutherford (M: 50)
James Francis Ryan (M: 47) Feithalean Sampson (F: 48) Steven Damaso Rodriguez (M: 54)
Daniel Dale Rogers (M: 57) James Eugene Saylor (M: 51) Thomas Michael Rowe (M: 54)
Tommy Max Smith (M: 51) William Henry Smith (M: 43) Thomas Henry Spradlin (M: 45)
Robert Lee Staller (M: 34) Harold Smith (M: 61) Ronald Ernest Smith (M: 65)
Michael Anthony Sommese (M: 60) Gene Alan Taylor (M: 67) Robert Cross (M: 75)
Larry Dean Tuttle (M: 49) Robert Frank Edmondson (M: 75) Theodore W Glaum (M: 82)
Victor Maximino Valero (M: 53) Phillip D James (M: 82) Benjamin Orr (M: 80)
Jason Michael Victor (M: 33) Donald Norbert Wasche (M: 64) Roderick Gerard Washington (M: 58)
Robert Allan Randall (M: 77) Johnny Lee Webb (M: 58) Derwin B Walton (M: 50)
James Robert Varner (M: 82) Jack Fredric Wilson (M: 73) Merle E Woods (M: 69)
David Eugene Conn (M: 26) Jeffery Woods Egbert (M: 30) Edward Wilburn Wright (M: 50)
Melissa Jean Gilbreath (F: 25) Lawson Reed Rankin (M: 29) Samuel E Roberson (M: 31)
Lance Prescott Rogers (M: 26) Francisco Rosales (M: 25) Lonnie Duane Spicer (M: 52)
Charles Dominic Williams (M: 50) William A Anderson (M: 75) Jack B Atherton (M: 82)
Martin Joseph Claessens (M: 58) Herman Edward Conn (M: 72) Bobby Don Glass (M: 60)
Clifford Griffin (M: 61) Charles Leo Leman (M: 95) Clinton Arthur Lower (M: 54)
Leslie Seldon Morgan (M: 42) Russell Lee Robinson (M: 73) Ronald Dean Smith (M: 66)
Richard E Speaks (M: 68) James Michael Stewart (M: 90) Gabriel David Walker (M: 34)
Jeffrey Scott Havens (M: 48) Eugene Leroy Stienbarger (M: 49) Edward Gonsalves (M: 86)
John Charles Larrison (M: 38) Charles Edward Hamilton (M: 47) Stanley Ray Roff (M: 55)
Patrick Riley Presser (M: 43) Albert Lee Rose (M: 84)

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