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All sex offender records currently in our database from California located in ZIP code 95823 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search California sex offender information.

Douglas Crisp Adams (M: 52) John Anderson (M: 46) Sherryann Ayala (F: 49)
Anthony Jeffery Bailey (M: 41) Ronald Lee Blanson (M: 40) John Ray Borrell (M: 46)
Ronald Scott Braziel (M: 48) Patrick Oneal Brinkley (M: 47) Bert A Britton (M: 50)
Michael Rushal Brown (M: 47) Robert Coleman Browning (M: 50) Robert Lee Aller (M: 56)
Richard Tino Garcia (M: 58) Patrick James Ferrie (M: 53) Kevin Lamont Decker (M: 49)
Brandon Ameyr Debise (M: 40) Lloyd Faulkner (M: 52) Gregory Gabriel Fallis (M: 53)
Gerald Ivor Edwards (M: 56) Darryl Alvin Collins (M: 49) Alex Deorosan (M: 54)
Melvin Dean Crowder (M: 53) Stanley Ray Cropp (M: 56) William Jackson Corley (M: 54)
Roger Earl Colvin (M: 71) Alonzo James Coles (M: 59) Luther W Brown (M: 62)
Jimmy Wayne Brown (M: 60) Joe Edward Robinson (M: 40) Duncan Eric Robinson (M: 48)
Allen Robinson (M: 41) Jay Jerome Ridley (M: 50) Jose Luis Ramos (M: 40)
Marco Arturo Quintero (M: 31) Demetrist Igratius Perryman (M: 52) John Fernando Perez (M: 39)
Desiree Estelle Pearson (F: 49) Ray Edward Patterson (M: 35) Lewis H Blake (M: 60)
Larry Franklin Blake (M: 59) Timothy Morris Oliver (M: 52) Jonathan Nguyen (M: 50)
William Darnell Mosley (M: 34) Bryant Keith Morrison (M: 42) Julian Moreno (M: 48)
George Henry Benn (M: 69) William L Perkins (M: 59) Hector Isander Martinez (M: 46)
David Pennington (M: 55) Richard Charles Pennington (M: 60) Billy Lee Owens (M: 64)
Steven Joseph Macias (M: 47) Carlos Raymond Orozco (M: 54) Wilbert Ray Newsom (M: 55)
Michael E Neiman (M: 59) Walter Ervin Basped (M: 52) Michael Glen Moore (M: 53)
Alonzo Darnell Leacy (M: 47) Robert Ara Miller (M: 57) Jason Mark Kliewer (M: 32)
Leroy King (M: 46) John Henry Mccray (M: 53) Leroy Napoleon Jones (M: 42)
Bobby Lee Jones (M: 51) James J Johnson (M: 51) Ismael Flores Martinez (M: 63)
Michael Lee Madonia (M: 61) John Leonard Hudson (M: 40) Frank Joseph Lopez (M: 61)
Gerald Dwayne Lobsien (M: 68) David A Hicks (M: 39) Gregory Thorne Lewis (M: 62)
Eugene Leighton (M: 54) Samuel Lee (M: 63) Clifton Lionel Lee (M: 54)
Joseph Harvey Orcutt (M: 61) Trent G Herd (M: 49) Reed Harris (M: 43)
Clark Jay Hammer (M: 49) James Charles Jordan (M: 56) Shedrick Johnson (M: 57)
Louis Kennard Johnson (M: 62) Donnie Johnson (M: 63) Charles E James (M: 61)
Ronnie Ray Green (M: 45) Whitney R Jacobs (M: 57) Gregorie Andra Green (M: 37)
Edward Allen Grayson (M: 50) Jay Henry Gordon (M: 48) Eric Joseph Goodman (M: 41)
Phillip Michael Gonzales (M: 52) Ronald William Asaro (M: 58) Eddie Keith Henry (M: 64)
Romeno Garcia (M: 40) Gerald Lawayne Henderson (M: 60) Charles E Haynes (M: 64)
Pedro Miguel Gonzales (M: 57) Andrew M Grayson (M: 70) Eric Donald Folk (M: 44)
Robert Eugene Hanie (M: 68) Robert John Harris (M: 59) Eric Graydon Harris (M: 58)
Theresa Lynn Galli (F: 52) Jesse Napoleon Pollard (M: 55) Rickie Randolph (M: 56)
Roy Zamora Rangel (M: 60) Charles Anthony Rogers (M: 55) David Barry Schmidt (M: 46)
Michael Tyrone Rowan (M: 53) Ricky Lee Sims (M: 47) Aneel Rajnesh Singh (M: 37)
Gregory Smith (M: 55) Chester Stanley (M: 57) Charles Dayton Stillwell (M: 55)
Eddie Ray Taylor (M: 37) Timothy Eugene Taylor (M: 47) Stephen Kaifa Sullivan (M: 64)
Dexter Thomas (M: 51) Johnny E Thomas (M: 62) Gilbert Ballin (M: 84)
Jose Steven Tobias (M: 58) Andrew D Brady (M: 74) Alfred Daniel Bunn (M: 74)
Frank William Burleigh (M: 77) Joseph Torres (M: 65) Andre Troutman (M: 41)
Van Pham Tu (M: 41) Xe Van Troung (M: 54) Raymond Alex Valdez (M: 69)
Jack Maurice Van Duker (M: 60) Virgil Lee Haven (M: 80) Lloyd E Houlden (M: 78)
Chor Vang (M: 41) Jose Castillo Vasquez (M: 62) Richard Henry Vasquez (M: 73)
Melvin Lennox (M: 76) Willie James Vernon (M: 62) Flaviano Mancilla (M: 79)
Albert Trujillo Martinez (M: 89) Adolph Mancilla Vela (M: 51) Robt B Mojica (M: 80)
Irven Paul Wade (M: 62) Andre David Walker (M: 68) Paul Allen Peoples (M: 74)
Bennie Anderson Perry (M: 75) Robert Ford Weissel (M: 68) David Allen Rother (M: 78)
Michael Whitehead (M: 59) Francis Robert Sousa (M: 74) Cornell Eddie Williams (M: 58)
Ray Charles Wood (M: 55) Ernest Lamar Williams (M: 36) Johnny Lee Cha (M: 28)
Alan Christopher Drummond (M: 28) John Young (M: 48) John Young (M: 48)
Velma Young (F: 42) Mitchell Ray Green (M: 28) Ryan Duncan Klein (M: 29)
Dennis Terrell Lomack (M: 27) Jose Angel Magana (M: 28) Nicholas Joaquin Shurden (M: 28)
Vijay Jeet Singh (M: 26) Maurice Anthony Talley (M: 28) Elijah Jeremiah Wallace (M: 23)
Alex M Williams (M: 30) Eric Stokes Christensen (M: 65) Ronald Moore (M: 53)
Joseph C White (M: 51) Paul Singh (M: 55) Bruce Henry Garrett (M: 62)
Steve Young Gordon (M: 68) Daniel Gregg Pimental (M: 51) Raymond Lee Robinson (M: 54)
Lee Salaam Shabazz (M: 68) David Nelson Shea (M: 39) Larry Martin Shelton (M: 52)
David Reed Smoot (M: 69) Joseph Michael Steyn (M: 52) Ahmed Mokhtar Bakr (M: 39)
Nikita Felix Boutte (M: 51) Tommy Ray Gilbert (M: 52) Christopher Daniel Roberts (M: 52)
Alphonse Craig Griffin (M: 38) Anthony Lorenzo Smith (M: 48) James Shiva Nand (M: 58)
John Mark Rugaber (M: 45) Jason Deshion Gilford (M: 40) Ryan Joseph Kile (M: 30)
Robert Michael Broadfoot (M: 30) Baz Mohammad Niazi (M: 24)

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