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Sameerah Medina Abdullah (F: 47) Denise Renee Anderson (F: 50) John Elbert Anderson (M: 45)
Frederick Beck (M: 49) Russell Lee Blackmon (M: 42) Elmer Emerson Branch (M: 33)
Jeffrey Dean Adams (M: 54) Shawn Buie (M: 41) Richard Wayne Bushore (M: 48)
David Lamont Butts (M: 39) Sidney Allen (M: 69) Clarence Levi Allmendinger (M: 65)
Rudolph Cabrera (M: 49) Vincent Eugene Campbell (M: 43) Richard Andrew Garcia (M: 64)
Herman Alexander Garcia (M: 54) Charles Jefferson Downes (M: 37) Marques Wyndell Dorsey (M: 31)
Harvey Lee Friend (M: 64) Peter Glen Dentoni (M: 42) Daniel M Fernandes (M: 53)
Kenneth Karl Evans (M: 66) Louis Cropp (M: 48) Shawn J Crenshaw (M: 34)
Michael Craven (M: 32) Bill Lee Cox (M: 49) Floyd Cooper (M: 39)
Wayne Russell Cook (M: 33) John Arthur Cline (M: 49) Charles Anthony Clement (M: 44)
Wally Ray Davis (M: 54) Robert Virgil Crane (M: 56) Josph Barzia Cornett (M: 70)
Douglas Keith Cook (M: 58) Kevin Dashawne Carlock (M: 32) Anthony Mark Cantu (M: 54)
Kim Christopher Campbell (M: 27) Joseph Wayne Rider (M: 47) Kyle David Rees (M: 33)
Alyn Evan Pritchard (M: 49) Kevin Dwain Perry (M: 38) Lloyd Eric Blume (M: 53)
Timothy Cornell Patterson (M: 50) Curtis Darald Overbeck (M: 45) Phetsamone Onephones (M: 36)
Antonio Francisco Nunez (M: 40) Bobbie Lee Muse (M: 49) Joseph Patrick Muege (M: 50)
Francisco Ilario Morales (M: 48) Tracy Lee Minchue (M: 44) Roy Dean Bell (M: 56)
Stanley E Mcclish (M: 51) Brian Dale Pietle (M: 67) Michael Stanley Mason (M: 49)
Ramon Andrade Martinez (M: 47) John Allen Perry (M: 60) Joseph Louie Perez (M: 64)
Luis Pereyra (M: 65) Larry Don Maldonado (M: 48) Robert Van Lees (M: 48)
Darrel Lee Miller (M: 56) Robbie A King (M: 51) Robert Brown Mearns (M: 55)
Douglas Allen Johnson (M: 39) Joseph Rey Jimenez (M: 33) Dennis James Marcussen (M: 56)
Richard Anthony Maldonado (M: 53) Michael Dennis Holder (M: 42) Steve Genehomg Lee (M: 63)
Otis Joseph Lozinto (M: 43) Burl Harley Nichols (M: 58) David Allen Lara (M: 59)
Brian Laforce (M: 53) Mark Allen Hayes (M: 33) Robert Victor Haven (M: 33)
Clarence D Keller (M: 69) Wilford Leeland Jacobs (M: 59) Takaomi Ishitani (M: 73)
Doc Holliday (M: 63) Kenny Earl Golden (M: 39) Paul Giro (M: 32)
Victor Andres Hernandez (M: 63) Victor Joe Hernandez (M: 64) Dennis L Heinz (M: 60)
Joseph Charles Fees (M: 50) Samuel Charles Flores (M: 49) Kevin Lamar Frazier (M: 44)
Mark Lance Rodriguez (M: 51) Gregory Jackson Rayburn (M: 59) Nohemi Carolina Ruiz (F: 39)
Michael Darrell Reynolds (M: 55) John Clayton Rioux (M: 59) James T Sanchez (M: 46)
Donald Curtis Roberts (M: 54) Silberio Rodriguez (M: 63) Gerald Patrick Schrader (M: 49)
Donell Montreal Scoggins (M: 33) Amanda Robbie Scott (F: 51) Paul Wayne Rumbo (M: 65)
Carmen Maria Sester (F: 38) Vanna Sisounthone (M: 44) Darnelle Mckae Smith (F: 43)
Herbert Smith (M: 52) Thomas Seidel (M: 64) Robert Sherwood Smith (M: 51)
Roy E Severance (M: 55) Robert L Shea (M: 68) Ernest Lee Skelton (M: 56)
David Richard Smith (M: 56) Fran Dell Smith (F: 59) Thomas Arthur Steele (M: 48)
Chad Edward Stiverson (M: 40) John Lee Stroud (M: 50) Brian Gerard Sullivan (M: 49)
Robert Johnathan Spence (M: 61) Robert Lee Tallman (M: 41) Albert Lory Stewart (M: 57)
Maceo Orlando Taylor (M: 38) Ronnie Strickland (M: 61) Donald Eugene Thomas (M: 32)
Michael Steven Tibbett (M: 38) William Vernon Thomas (M: 57) Luther G Brown (M: 81)
Joe Curtis Carnell (M: 79) Jorge Tostado (M: 59) Rosseau Warner Tracy (M: 72)
Robert Louis Treat (M: 73) Bryce Floyd Tyler (M: 43) Jonathan Gus Underwood (M: 55)
Francesco F Valdez (M: 42) Pierre J Hall (M: 74) Alvin Hatch (M: 74)
David Evan Loucks (M: 84) Anthony Walter Velasquez (M: 50) Jeffrey Scott Watson (M: 57)
James Glenn Weaver (M: 62) Karl Schoepelin (M: 88) Raymond A Soto (M: 73)
Roger Willem Walraven (M: 52) William Roy Tubbs (M: 74) John Edward Ware (M: 52)
Jawan Warrack (M: 47) Michael Andrew Warrecker (M: 35) Clifford Lee West (M: 38)
Fredrick Wilburn (M: 41) Terranace Lamar Wilburn (M: 42) Timothy Michael Everon (M: 30)
Rayford Demond Green (M: 30) Dennis Elliott Hendricks (M: 26) Justin Cornell Johnson (M: 29)
Joshua Richard Kendrick (M: 31) Wayne Fortunato Montoya (M: 28) Antonio Rodriguez (M: 29)
Deshiro Deshaun Tardy (M: 29) Johnny Thongchai (M: 26) Charles Barnett (M: 75)
George Leroy Cox (M: 51) Donald Dow (M: 53) Richard Charles Duncan (M: 81)
Jon Kevin Greiner (M: 52) David John Heroux (M: 49) Kenneth Wayne Jacobs (M: 72)
Scott Mathis (M: 52) David Gordon Matthews (M: 65) Melvin Eugene Poe (M: 80)
Peter Louis Provencial (M: 64) Jose Artega Silva (M: 88) William C Smart (M: 78)
James Byron Sparks (M: 55) Xochia Xiong (M: 62) John Christopher Lohmann (M: 63)
Paul Ray Westbrook (M: 35) Jose Luis Reyes (M: 44) David Russell (M: 49)

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