Sex Offender Profile Directory : California : 95354

All sex offender records currently in our database from California located in ZIP code 95354 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search California sex offender information.

Randy Lee Adams (M: 51) James Gregory Alexander (M: 51) Jimmy Mendez Alvarado (M: 48)
Jeffrey Daniel Baldwin (M: 43) John Mark Barnes (M: 49) Jon Christopher Bennett (M: 49)
Jack O Blood (M: 43) Robert Andrew Burgin (M: 43) Rudolph Phillip Almansa (M: 52)
Carey William Anderson (M: 57) Sean Gilham (M: 56) Richard Ruben Garcia (M: 55)
Jesus Lopez Garcia (M: 60) Jerry Brian Drawhorn (M: 47) Robert Manuel Freitas (M: 70)
Daniel Phillip Damon (M: 51) Darrick Lamont Crosby (M: 36) Jose Humberto Chavez (M: 35)
Bruce Kerlew Crane (M: 61) Leonard Coulter (M: 59) Robert Serrano Cortel (M: 63)
Ronald Leroy Clayton (M: 59) Tommy Dee Cain (M: 58) Rodolfo Rocha (M: 51)
Rod Rex Rider (M: 42) Curtis Frederick Boone (M: 61) Robert Daniel Pope (M: 47)
Don Wesley Parker (M: 35) Todd Ogden (M: 45) Michael Thomas Bilyeu (M: 66)
Catherine Mary Nava (F: 51) Sebastian Morales (M: 49) Carl John Berg (M: 54)
Gene Donald Benton (M: 69) Tom Henry Mesta (M: 47) Manuel Pinto (M: 63)
Donald Ray Pinkston (M: 56) Michael Eugene Masquart (M: 48) Ronald Wallace Philpot (M: 55)
Danny Richard Martinez (M: 43) Michael Ray Parrott (M: 64) Mark Murphy (M: 55)
David Barrientos (M: 61) Thomas Ray Miller (M: 53) Dennis J Krum (M: 42)
Leobardo Lorenzo Mendoza (M: 54) David Leon Mckinney (M: 58) Timothy Ryan Jamison (M: 52)
Michael Shawn Irons (M: 37) Jerry Macias (M: 63) Delbert Wayne Howell (M: 48)
Douglas Jay Ball (M: 54) Robert James House (M: 47) Patrick E Lovelace (M: 58)
William Holcomb (M: 49) Matthew Lovdahl (M: 36) George Waldmar Korelin (M: 59)
Bradley Harris (M: 50) Larry Arlyn Babcock (M: 57) Spencer Lee Hamby (M: 49)
Rae Lavern Jones (M: 55) Ricky Curt Johnson (M: 56) Claude Daniel Jackson (M: 59)
David Thomas Hutton (M: 60) Richard Lee Hernandez (M: 52) Aaron Lee Gayle (M: 31)
James Donald Gassett (M: 51) Daniel John Gurule (M: 62) Robert Shawn Gudel (M: 55)
Ramon Sanchez Haro (M: 53) Miguel Gallegos (M: 48) Michael A Rontal (M: 43)
Jesse Joe Ruiz (M: 47) Jerry Refuerzo (M: 64) Frank M Regalado (M: 72)
Ruben Rodiriguez (M: 54) Ignacio Jesse Rodriguez (M: 66) Eugene Gerard Schmitz (M: 50)
William Joseph Rose (M: 59) Joseph Robert Sabala (M: 54) Danny Robert Shilts (M: 49)
Carl Shoitz (M: 44) Bryan Kevin Smith (M: 49) Dennis William Selby (M: 58)
Geronimo Sierra (M: 62) Robert Allen Speer (M: 46) Harlann Clifton Stewart (M: 42)
Jerry Allen Strong (M: 48) Jimmy Alan Teague (M: 57) Maurice Aylesworth (M: 74)
George Joseph Bettencourt (M: 79) Robert I Bradley (M: 85) Anthony R Cisero (M: 75)
David Paul Ulm (M: 44) Gilbert Paiz Uribe (M: 62) Larry Duane Utley (M: 54)
Robt J Grubbs (M: 81) Armando Reyna Vargas (M: 49) Jerry Dock Mcclain (M: 75)
Raymond Vincent Villavicencio (M: 61) Troy Daniel Velasquez (M: 46) William Odis Newberry (M: 76)
Jack Thomas Warner (M: 70) Joseph D Warren (M: 57) Ernesto L Porras (M: 76)
Pedro V Ramirez (M: 83) John Robert Reed (M: 75) Robert Stephen Wellman (M: 59)
Peter Joseph Warner (M: 48) Paul Raymond Woodson (M: 73) Daniel Wayne Bean (M: 29)
Matti K Yousif (M: 54) Isidro Zuniga (M: 68) Rene Ybarra (M: 33)
Edward Youkhanna (M: 48) Andrew James Sisneroz (M: 27) Cesar Tafoya (M: 30)
Lloyd Borrelli (M: 65) Nicholas Andrew Burrichter (M: 31) Jay H Casey (M: 77)
Jack Bose Cockerham (M: 90) Roger D Colvin (M: 60) Michael Arlen Murphy (M: 63)
William Jackson Presley (M: 53) Aubry Ray Rawlinson (M: 81) Charles Lee Toler (M: 70)
Walter Downs Walker (M: 60) Kenneth Warthan (M: 68) Clenton Allen Wilson (M: 43)
Troy D Brimm (M: 50) Billy Joe Johnson (M: 35) Rafael Torres Selvera (M: 49)

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