Sex Offender Profile Directory : California : 95206

All sex offender records currently in our database from California located in ZIP code 95206 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search California sex offender information.

Anthony W Harris (M: 55) Sunny Mabuti Abenojar (M: 39) Juan Ricardo Andrade (M: 36)
Vincent Gilbert Arce (M: 39) Ignacio Arellano Ayo (M: 36) James Richard Alcantar (M: 55)
Victor Manuel Gallegos (M: 54) Joe Galindo (M: 60) Fred H Flores (M: 65)
Michael Deni (M: 35) Ruben Delrio (M: 46) Zackaras Ferrarya (M: 57)
Robert Louis Espinoza (M: 61) Casey Scott Dalton (M: 34) Roger Elliott (M: 56)
Keith Edwards (M: 56) Jose Diaz (M: 67) Douglas Juan Childers (M: 40)
Laroyce Chew (M: 46) John Steven Dalesandro (M: 62) Janay Dupree Charles (M: 31)
Louie Solorio Corona (M: 53) Richard Corona (M: 58) Gregory Charles Cash (M: 45)
Juan J Chacon (M: 59) Jose Diaz Campos (M: 54) Robert M Cain (M: 70)
Robert Stanley Cagle (M: 70) Miguel Alonzo Buzo (M: 63) Kenneth Earl Burford (M: 61)
Jimmy Don Brown (M: 55) Ruben Recio (M: 47) Carlos Ramos (M: 51)
Joseph Claro Bolanos (M: 63) Dennis Perryman (M: 47) Donald Wayne Peirsol (M: 52)
Michael Bledsoe (M: 59) Larry Ortiz (M: 51) Joseph Navarro Ortiz (M: 50)
Richard Burgos Orsino (M: 46) Richard William Navarrette (M: 40) Jose Murillo (M: 52)
Ramon Vaca Moreno (M: 46) Felicia I Mora (F: 35) Donald Ray Maye (M: 43)
Raul N Martinez (M: 50) Tedfilo Bucao Padua (M: 54) Thuan Huu Mai (M: 34)
Ricardo Osorio (M: 59) Javier Ortiz (M: 57) Robert Lee Nelson (M: 62)
George Coleman Little (M: 46) Theodore Madison Morgan (M: 71) Francisco Barriga (M: 52)
Tommie L Moore (M: 55) Terry Steven Kitaguchi (M: 51) Kevin R Jillie (M: 50)
Leon Warner Manteufel (M: 66) Frank Mantua (M: 61) Robert Abina Lopez (M: 63)
Clarence Holmes (M: 42) John Christopher Holiday (M: 47) Jack Steven Hickson (M: 44)
Charles Edward Lighty (M: 57) William Leicher (M: 62) Edmund Madrid Ornelas (M: 60)
Robert H Baugh (M: 73) Richardo Rodriguez Ocegueda (M: 57) Russell Albert Kramer (M: 55)
Brian Edward Harlan (M: 46) Jeffrey Lee Gross (M: 56) Arthur Jackson (M: 63)
Mark E Hughes (M: 52) David Gonzales (M: 38) Jorge Gomez (M: 46)
David Florencio Godoy (M: 50) Manuel Paul Hernandez (M: 59) Ernesto Jose Hernandez (M: 57)
Robert Osmund Hendren (M: 53) Jesse Adolph Flores (M: 43) Tereso Ibarra Flores (M: 52)
Theodore M Hall (M: 61) Tomas Isaac Fuentes (M: 36) James Edward Pope (M: 67)
Ralph Portillo (M: 62) Henry M Ramirez (M: 63) Manuel David Ramos (M: 61)
John Leroy Resendez (M: 60) Danny Lyle Rohweder (M: 64) Ken Dewayne Scott (M: 47)
Steven Albert Rubio (M: 57) Mauricio Contreras Saenz (M: 69) Juan Sanchez-Tafolla (M: 54)
Joseph Sandoval (M: 73) Syrail Scrivens (M: 57) Andrew Edward Semanisin (M: 64)
Lonnie Lee Smith (M: 59) Daniel C Sotello (M: 62) Guillermo Tarulla Suarez (M: 46)
Steven Lee Stafford (M: 55) Wayne Leslie Taylor (M: 51) Anthony Thomas (M: 49)
Hector Solorio Tafoya (M: 59) David Sanford Thompson (M: 40) Willie E Thomas (M: 69)
Lawrence Melvin Baker (M: 79) Robert Ray Burgan (M: 73) Roger Mora Torres (M: 61)
Jesse Garcia Diaz (M: 77) Bernardo Alonzo Ugale (M: 52) Thurman Cannin Geddings (M: 82)
Mark Leonard Vanderkarr (M: 63) James Meadows (M: 76) Danny Leo Ramirez (M: 75)
Phil Salgado (M: 81) Kevin Whitfield (M: 54) Willie Wiley (M: 59)
Odis Michael Williams (M: 60) Forrest Winston (M: 56) George Bradley Wright (M: 58)
Robert Lee White (M: 42) Alfred Dean Williams (M: 49) Salome Refugio Zuniga (M: 40)
Garry Dean Lenz (M: 26) Juan Martinez (M: 24) Jose Roman Palacios (M: 29)
Daniel Resendiz (M: 25) Shawn Mikel Tidwell (M: 25) Salvador Zamora-Madrigal (M: 31)
Bobby Joe Standifer (M: 46) David Michael Abujen (M: 56) Frank Lewis Costa (M: 97)
Peter John Fromm (M: 42) Erasmo Garcia (M: 74) Johnny Felix Garcia (M: 67)
Huot Kim Gov (M: 43) Robert Hanly Huber (M: 63) Victor O Salcedo Jacobo (M: 73)
Raul Lopez (M: 36) Charles Richard Roland (M: 68) Gerald Fojas Sales (M: 45)
Stephen Earl Walker (M: 57) Ricky Lynn Williams (M: 54) John Joe Escobedo (M: 66)
Allen Heckathorn (M: 47) Donald Paul Peterson (M: 47) Jorge David Paz (M: 58)
Bernardo Maglangit Siano (M: 37) Jermaine Franks (M: 33) Jose Edward Gallegos (M: 29)
James Edward Dove (M: 32) Paul Gapasin (M: 23)

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