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Juan Manuel Acosta (M: 50) David D Allen (M: 51) Henry Darnell Anders (M: 49)
Christopher Allan Arsich (M: 36) Michael E Billings (M: 43) Raymond Borquez (M: 45)
Ashanti Brion Boyd (M: 42) John Robert Brooks (M: 50) Johnny Lee Brown (M: 39)
Thomas Alonzo (M: 59) Jaime Gene Alvarado (M: 56) Daniel Robert Caldwell (M: 36)
Patrick Daniel Callahan (M: 40) Anthony Jesse Aragon (M: 59) Charles Edward Gill (M: 53)
Leroy Macia Garcia (M: 68) Brian Lee Dunkin (M: 31) Jaime Cenina Dela Cruz (M: 47)
Conrad Louis Everheardt (M: 60) Howard Andrew Evans (M: 71) Gerald Lee Escue (M: 69)
Herman Theodore Epps (M: 57) Raymond T Crims (M: 39) Carl Lee Dunkin (M: 62)
Edgar Allen Cook (M: 49) Michael Paul Collins (M: 50) Oeiskie C Cleveland (M: 31)
John Prime Clanton (M: 33) Fred Stacy Castillo (M: 50) Sean Cristopher Conrad (M: 58)
Toby William Clark (M: 55) Mychal Earl Childress (M: 53) Freddie Campos (M: 61)
Bobby Wayne Bradford (M: 54) Anthony Mark Rodriguez (M: 47) Billy Joe Bowlin (M: 54)
Louis Riley (M: 35) Arlen James Reed (M: 37) Gerald D Portlock (M: 43)
Michael Peace (M: 51) Michael M Payne (M: 47) Marlon Patterson (M: 47)
Dionisio Rafael Parra (M: 47) James Solomon Parker (M: 46) David Johnson Okorie (M: 48)
Steven Travis Norris (M: 39) Bryan Anthony Nash (M: 49) Kenneth Dean Berry (M: 56)
Magid Khalil Mokatish (M: 52) Richard Martin Benoit (M: 66) Andrew Eugene Bell (M: 55)
Arnold Bert Mathis (M: 52) Raymond Francisco Perez (M: 57) James Lloyd Marr (M: 49)
Michael Alan Marianno (M: 44) Dilbagh Singh Pandher (M: 70) Donald Lindsay Muir (M: 56)
Kenneth Wayne Miller (M: 60) Daniel Lee Miller (M: 56) Brian Alan Koch (M: 46)
Martin Louis Meisler (M: 56) Farrell Will Kanoho (M: 46) Lonnie Barfield (M: 53)
Kevin Andre Jones (M: 37) David Bruce Mc Donald (M: 70) Frank Joseph Martinez (M: 55)
Jeffrey June Jackson (M: 49) Jesse Cedric Jackson (M: 46) Gary Livingston (M: 52)
Brian Mitchell Leyba (M: 56) Rodney U Lewis (M: 53) Ronnie Lee Bailey (M: 57)
Alberto Ortiz Oliveras (M: 73) Paul Leon Latelle (M: 58) David Ray Kirby (M: 62)
Audie Gregory King (M: 53) Frederick Harris (M: 48) Pamela Jane Kendall (F: 59)
Michael Wayne Kelly (M: 60) Michael Roger Johnson (M: 55) James Martin Hughes (M: 60)
Mark Allen Girk (M: 51) Jose Granado (M: 58) Wayne Harry Foster (M: 45)
Ricky Edward Ford (M: 48) Gordon Charles Hancock (M: 66) Ron Lee Rooney (M: 48)
Elias Anthony Ramos (M: 57) Albert Clarence Reed (M: 69) Chan Ching Saeteurn (M: 44)
Miguel Sandoval (M: 42) Paul A Scott (M: 51) Ken William Ruiz (M: 57)
James Neal Russel (M: 63) Charles Allen Salas (M: 65) Homer Calilung Sapao (M: 56)
Daniel Rudolph Sisneros (M: 47) John Patrick Severdia (M: 61) Vernon Lee Smith (M: 48)
Robert J Sierra (M: 56) Gobind Singh (M: 53) Billy James Steelman (M: 59)
Michael David Stultz (M: 57) Benny Morago Supnet (M: 60) Alfred Meno Taitague (M: 54)
Robert Louis Bailard (M: 78) Benjamin Arellano Barcenas (M: 81) Rene Torres (M: 43)
Robert Jackson Broshious (M: 79) Keith Elliott Carrico (M: 74) Earl Thomas Turner (M: 51)
Eugene Tyler (M: 60) Gilbert William Upton (M: 48) Alfonso Velasquez (M: 63)
Jack Raymond Vineyard (M: 56) David Lee Prescott (M: 74) Terence Meridith Watkins (M: 52)
Dana Gene Wegele (M: 64) Steve Allen Waddell (M: 50) Ronnie Gene Wilson (M: 58)
Marcus Orlando White (M: 52) Woodrow D Williams (M: 41) Michael Jerome Gonsoski (M: 29)
Delvon Lajuan Hammond (M: 30) Robbie Scott Mason (M: 26) Rafael Perez (M: 28)
Laron Wilson (M: 30) Jack Henderson Crain (M: 86) Ruben Aguilar (M: 70)
Donald Gary Allen (M: 52) Lawrence Joseph Blake (M: 60) Wm K Cole (M: 68)
Rolando Seandale Coleman (M: 41) Victor Hilario Ferreira (M: 52) Randall Lee Freeman (M: 52)
William Richard Garrett (M: 39) Patrick James Johnson (M: 68) Walter Mason (M: 40)
John Stephen Matti (M: 66) Roy Leon Mccollough (M: 79) James Perkins (M: 64)
Conrad John Puckner (M: 74) Felix Acevedo Santiago (M: 55) Alforense Weary (M: 54)
Melvin Fong (M: 83) Valentin Nepomuceno (M: 49) Jonathan Allard Sears (M: 41)
Daniel Ryan Craig (M: 22)

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