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All sex offender records currently in our database from California located in ZIP code 93534 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search California sex offender information.

Waldon Alcorn (M: 51) Anthony Mark Allen (M: 36) Andy William Baca (M: 49)
Jesse Jacob Bauer (M: 34) John Odilon Sabad Bercero (M: 42) Cedric Binion (M: 31)
Charles Reginald Brown (M: 32) Edward Alfred Brown (M: 44) Eugene Albert Brown (M: 46)
John Alderete (M: 66) Michael Byrd (M: 50) Matthew David Ellis (M: 33)
Derek Eugene Eichler (M: 40) Bobby Dwayne Fuzzell (M: 56) Freddie B Foster (M: 56)
Martin Ivan Diaz (M: 42) Richard Harrison Fisher (M: 68) Harry Wilton Fields (M: 73)
Ladd Patrick Dayton (M: 31) Elizabeth Marie Cotton (F: 51) Walter Joseph Dombrowski (M: 70)
Keith Cooke (M: 48) Rickey Pierre Collins (M: 52) Tony Coleman (M: 49)
Brandon Lee Colbert (M: 32) Robert A Davis (M: 56) Joseph Denis Dasilva (M: 60)
William Crumpler (M: 54) Douglas Eugene Couch (M: 65) Manuel Cardenas Cossio (M: 57)
Ernest James Collins (M: 66) Billy Clark (M: 64) Ysidro P Castillo (M: 68)
Melvin Joseph Broussard (M: 60) Clifton Louis Briggs (M: 56) Melvin Edward Bragg (M: 54)
Andre Bradford (M: 53) Donald L Rheaume (M: 46) Teodoro Quezada (M: 42)
Donell Pimpton (M: 42) William Boatwright (M: 63) Ignacio Flores Perez (M: 44)
Jose Luis Pacheco (M: 34) Jesus Manuel Osuna (M: 31) James Robert Musolff (M: 44)
Pablo Bernoudy (M: 54) Erick Morales (M: 47) Homer Mckinzie (M: 42)
Deshion Sadio Mcintyre (M: 46) Joe Bob Mays (M: 38) Victor William Phillips (M: 58)
Alfredo Perez (M: 58) Richard Raymond Pereira (M: 65) Richard Erwin Parks (M: 59)
William Charles Bateham (M: 62) Ronald E Leary (M: 43) Justin Richard Lapin (M: 37)
James Millar (M: 66) Edward Ernest Krebs (M: 50) Duane Edward Ketcherside (M: 47)
Mark S Karras (M: 51) Eddie James Jones (M: 50) Lyndon Craig Matthews (M: 60)
Sergio H Mares (M: 67) Gregory Jackson (M: 49) Vidal Aguayo Iboa (M: 42)
Joseph Joel Lopez (M: 56) Melvin Gene Odum (M: 71) Robbie Dale Northern (M: 55)
Robert Lewis Lashley (M: 57) Anthony Kirkland (M: 56) Victor Kennard (M: 53)
Jeffrey Lawrence Harlow (M: 49) Charles Melvin Hamilton (M: 37) Mervin Lee Johnson (M: 67)
Mark Anthony Green (M: 44) Arlester Carlyle Gordon (M: 35) Franklin D Hunt (M: 56)
Douglas Arthur Howell (M: 53) Gary R Asher (M: 68) Walter Hobbs (M: 60)
Robert Garcia (M: 46) Jes Ferdin (M: 41) Teddy Rufus Grant (M: 64)
Troy Allen Fortner (M: 46) Donald Eugene Haney (M: 57) Charles Edward Hammersley (M: 69)
Gregory David Franks (M: 32) Joe Hernandez Ramirez (M: 56) Robert Gene Ritz (M: 59)
Ronald Reagan Seevers (M: 39) David Joseph Schwed (M: 54) Simon Soto (M: 32)
Luther Stewart (M: 51) Michael Thomas Thompson (M: 48) Richard Franklin Burton (M: 89)
Bruce Tripoli (M: 63) Raymond Hicks (M: 80) Kenny Aaron Vanausdall (M: 39)
Eric Vincent Veal (M: 68) Stuart Allan Velie (M: 59) Juan Martinez Victorte (M: 56)
Jess Homer Mcneely (M: 85) Kenneth Mcpherson (M: 79) John W Walton (M: 68)
Raymond Regis (M: 83) Louis Menchaca Villanueva (M: 49) Alfred Lee White (M: 66)
William Earl Wade (M: 38) Charles Arthur Temple (M: 76) David Vergie Thomas (M: 78)
Leonard Robert Thompson (M: 83) Moises Tofoya (M: 78) Bruce Mclachlan Wilkie (M: 86)
Gregory Dwaine Webb (M: 51) Roberto Carlos Briseno (M: 25) Donni Cortes Burks (M: 23)
Jeremy Jay Williams (M: 36) Jerome Williams (M: 49) Tyrone Williams (M: 48)
Randall Alan Cortez (M: 28) Edward Louis Fenstermacher (M: 30) Cesar Zambrano Galvan (M: 31)
Phillip Nelson Ziegenfuss (M: 40) Edward Anthony Zuniga (M: 48) Mylyn Coriche Johnson (M: 28)
Abraham Velez (M: 23) Joseph Robert Mays (M: 38) Tony Belon (M: 53)
Alan Dean Burks (M: 53) James Frederick Fender (M: 85) Timothy Rodney Frederick (M: 60)
Michael J Garrett (M: 52) Marco Gudino (M: 39) Robert H Hughes (M: 100)
Earl Bud Long (M: 60) Charles Bill Love (M: 62) William Frank Lusby (M: 70)
Andre Lamont Mcknight (M: 44) Jerry Morton (M: 67) Warren Lee Moss (M: 40)
Paul Pedro Rivera (M: 81) Allan West (M: 57) Richard Alan Whipple (M: 36)
Kenneth Knight Williams (M: 88) Thomas Romero (M: 36) Hector Garcia Valdez (M: 42)
Cyrus Perry Smith (M: 65) Robert Earl Anderson (M: 47) Mario Toledo (M: 25)
Ehab A Alawi (M: 24) Andrea Louise Bussey (F: 26) Alfred Hazen Newton (M: 77)
Christopher Michael Williams (M: 33) Ronald Lee Morris (M: 46) Michael Anthony Martinez (M: 49)
Curtis Gregory Conemac (M: 59)

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