Sex Offender Profile Directory : California : 93013

All sex offender records currently in our database from California located in ZIP code 93013 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search California sex offender information.

Darren Aragon (M: 48) William Lee Armstrong (M: 50) Ismael Barraza Avila (M: 42)
Cesar Garcia Barajas (M: 47) James Raymond Barrett (M: 37) Francisco Javier Beltran (M: 33)
Sergio Bermudez (M: 34) Ricky Dean Blount (M: 52) Richard Alben Boden (M: 50)
Toby Dean Breck (M: 52) Robert Anthony Brennen (M: 52) Albert Lee Allen (M: 57)
Charles Allison (M: 73) Richard Ambrosi (M: 60) Leoncio Araiza (M: 54)
George Gonzales (M: 54) Johnny Nmn Fabela (M: 37) Honorio Rigoberto Lopez Espana (M: 41)
Wayne Perryman Engelbert (M: 52) Langdon Smith Foster (M: 64) Humberto Perez Espinoza (M: 60)
Daniel Clarence Ellis (M: 63) Martin Corral Corral (M: 42) Arturo Cisneros Cisneros-Hernandez (M: 49)
David Louis Crisenberry (M: 56) Marco Anthony Ceja (M: 39) Dennis Jay Columbus (M: 60)
Dan Edward Clayton (M: 56) Julian E Cardenas (M: 39) Robert Paul Christofferson (M: 62)
Robert Wayne Chenier (M: 53) James D Caswell (M: 68) Henry Gregory Camacho (M: 57)
John William Bremerman (M: 73) Daniel Martin Rodney (M: 38) Maria Rivera (F: 52)
Lorenzo Daniel Renteria (M: 45) Victor Simon Renteria (M: 41) Danny Ramirez (M: 35)
Earl Lee Bolton (M: 58) Dale Alan Boda (M: 55) Javier Ortega Paz (M: 47)
Juan Alfred Ortega (M: 35) Steven Mark Nunes (M: 46) Mark Allen Neal (M: 44)
Aurelliano Murillo (M: 44) Chube Medina (M: 50) Richard D Mccarthy (M: 44)
John Phillip Mason (M: 41) Bruce Duane Nelson (M: 60) Carl Andrew Littler (M: 42)
Charles Linderholm (M: 45) Scott Edward Karwowski (M: 45) Richard Jones (M: 47)
Chris Wesley Matson (M: 63) Joey Bernard Johnson (M: 45) Tomas Reyes Jimenez (M: 39)
Kevin Patrick Irwin (M: 47) Micheal Alan Hutchins (M: 33) Sahun Reggie Hughes (M: 43)
Daniel Raymond Loya (M: 68) Frank R Lopez (M: 59) Mark Hernandez (M: 50)
Lucio Hernandez (M: 36) Robert Leonard Labarge (M: 65) John James Kolodgy (M: 59)
Bennie Gene Hanner (M: 46) Gabriel Alonzo Handall (M: 39) Victor Wayne Giles (M: 35)
Mario Gonzalez Hernandez (M: 65) Charles E Garner (M: 47) William Garcia (M: 46)
James Stinnett Greene (M: 53) Felipe Dejesus Flores (M: 41) Brandon Allen Ford (M: 39)
Cynthia Marie Guerrero (F: 55) Ed Fondren (M: 46) Mario Corral Guaderrama (M: 58)
Fabian Garcia (M: 51) Daniel Castillo Garcia (M: 49) Donald Martin Rojo (M: 48)
Rodrigo Quintero (M: 58) Eric Paul Russell (M: 43) A Sanchez (M: 49)
Joaquin Anthony Robles (M: 60) David Keith Rodriguez (M: 54) Andrew William Roux (M: 58)
Donald Lee Shouse (M: 43) Francisco Sanchez (M: 55) Paz Sifuentez (M: 55)
David Martin Speciale (M: 55) Richard Farr (M: 78) Jose Maria Valdez (M: 55)
Barry Earl Lund (M: 79) Robert Jeffrey Voigt (M: 68) Michael Walker (M: 57)
Richard N Waiman (M: 77) Timothy Jonathan Anderson (M: 24) Carlos Lopez Avila (M: 25)
Ulrick Kevin White (M: 38) Jerry Thomas Criado (M: 21) Phillip Charles Wright (M: 31)
Vincent Anthony Newkirk (M: 27) Anthony Aaron Pratt (M: 31) Gerald Ray Brozik (M: 58)
Lorenzo Thomas Clark (M: 42) Frank Javier Gomez (M: 47) Troy Douglas Moore (M: 38)
Jesus Deleos Ponce (M: 57) Raymond Earl Reed (M: 50) Herbert Leo Reno (M: 84)
Allen Isaac Schnurr (M: 58) Virgil Filmore Williams (M: 80) Andre Michael Quintanar (M: 26)
Michael Joseph Straw (M: 42) David Lloyd George (M: 51) Giovanni Lopez Martinez (M: 19)
Michael Sandy Yrizzarris (M: 54) Anthony Gene Zamarippa (M: 59) Michael James Cox (M: 41)
Albert Roy Fillman (M: 69) Mark Colin Myers (M: 53) Eric Dale Livermore (M: 44)

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