Sex Offender Profile Directory : California : 92544

All sex offender records currently in our database from California located in ZIP code 92544 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search California sex offender information.

Peter Molina Alejos (M: 49) Richard David Alexander (M: 44) Stacey Walter Andrews (M: 45)
Maurice Antuan Armstead (M: 37) Christopher Matthew Armstrong (M: 39) Ted Bolczak (M: 46)
Ricky Maurice Brightmon (M: 35) Thomas Earl Brown (M: 43) Henry Pacheco Adame (M: 66)
Christopher Lee Burrows (M: 33) James Douglas Ambrose (M: 68) Kenneth Earl George (M: 69)
Daniel Edward Geer (M: 54) Michael Gene Earnest (M: 41) Kenneth Joseph Gagne (M: 70)
James Michael Foster (M: 57) Virgil James Dennis (M: 32) Mark Clinton Ferris (M: 56)
Brad Davis (M: 33) Michael A Dain (M: 52) Dante Albert Cudini (M: 49)
Michael John Cortez (M: 51) John Frederick Dowalter (M: 62) Edward Francis Demedio (M: 59)
Michael Patrick Clarke (M: 52) Bryon Joseph Christensen (M: 43) Alonso Flores Chavez (M: 42)
Phillip Jeffrey Cook (M: 62) Jose Carrillo (M: 46) Johnnie Knox Camplain (M: 71)
Frank Ernest Butler (M: 68) Michael Brown (M: 53) Gregory Michaek Box (M: 61)
Travis Lee Roads (M: 35) William Rembold (M: 42) Mario Alberto Ramos (M: 44)
Isai Acosta Ramirez (M: 33) Mark Peter Ponce (M: 46) Dale Westley Berg (M: 53)
Javier Juan Mejia (M: 39) Thomas Ray Mccarver (M: 34) John Desmond Mccabe (M: 33)
Robert Bruce Perrin (M: 60) Daniel Gil Osornio (M: 66) Steven Robert Neithercott (M: 61)
Duane Thomas Lockwood (M: 52) David Benny Moreno (M: 60) Jeremy Michael Jordan (M: 37)
Robert Glen Mccloskey (M: 55) Hugh Richard Madlock (M: 62) Valerio Avila Lopez (M: 57)
Rocky Lloyd Lewis (M: 53) Joseph R Herrera (M: 41) Ronald L Oneal (M: 70)
Charles Ray Olguin (M: 52) Penny Longmire (M: 41) Penny Longmire (M: 41)
Edward Dee Hereford (M: 50) Jason Royal Hackett (M: 34) Jason Royal Hackett (M: 34)
Ramiro Jimenez (M: 63) Jose Gonzales (M: 49) Joseph Lloyd Hooson (M: 55)
Danny Leon Grissom (M: 61) Robert Francis Pople (M: 60) Anthony Dennis Ramirez (M: 61)
Gary Lee Roberts (M: 53) Mark Russell Scull (M: 48) Dennis Harry Sardella (M: 66)
John Paul Seamon (M: 60) Albert Lee Seip (M: 54) Dennis M Sharp (M: 64)
Douglas L States (M: 49) Erwin Edward Stein (M: 50) Gregory Clifford Sumrall (M: 54)
Gary Lee Tensley (M: 50) John Dale Swartz (M: 54) James Eric Tomasek (M: 52)
Danny Joe Tomsen (M: 44) Patrick Francis Toohey (M: 58) Ralph L Troutman (M: 55)
Willie Tune (M: 69) Joseph Turner (M: 64) Christina K Ungerbiller (F: 37)
Donald L Glover (M: 85) James Moreno Valenzuela (M: 56) Douglas James Valverde (M: 54)
Phillip Gus Vasquez (M: 53) Anthony Paul Juliano (M: 77) Albert William Kanter (M: 77)
Devon Edward Lauderbaugh (M: 77) Robert Hugh Lowe (M: 87) George H Mason (M: 84)
Richard P Mazza (M: 75) Victor Murillo (M: 76) Matthew Eugene Venette (M: 39)
Siegried Harold Ward (M: 53) James Allen Victor (M: 42) Robert Arthur Renslow (M: 73)
John Thomson (M: 88) Erik Roy Wolke (M: 54) Skye Angelo Amaro (M: 26)
Eddie Ybanez (M: 53) Gary Lee Yoakum (M: 59) Steven Floyd Wilkerson (M: 42)
David Matthew Yoakum (M: 51) Justin Thomas Hephner (M: 27) Cesar Salcedo (M: 27)
James Allen Victor (M: 42) Clifford Frank Berry (M: 70) Robert Charles Carson (M: 63)
Michael Contreras (M: 44) David Allen Goyen (M: 66) Charles Clisto James (M: 84)
Carl Douglas Johnson (M: 79) Mike A Rodriguez (M: 30) Marc Patrick Stephens (M: 48)
Robert D Warwick (M: 56) Robert Arnold Weingarten (M: 69) Joe Zepeda (M: 57)
Robert Edward Lee (M: 69) Richard Douglas Firman (M: 30) Clay Walter Hines (M: 73)
Adrian Herrera (M: 28)

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