Sex Offender Profile Directory : California : 92509

All sex offender records currently in our database from California located in ZIP code 92509 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search California sex offender information.

Michael A Andrade (M: 46) Marshelle Edwina Armstrong (F: 46) Samuel David Cano (M: 42)
Robert Garcia (M: 59) Jerome Edington (M: 41) Michael Ross Durbin (M: 43)
Hazel Marrie Dooley (F: 47) Harry Joseph Deschene (M: 51) Steven Robert Fitzgerald (M: 56)
Jack Henry Fernandez (M: 68) Kenneth Alan Daggett (M: 52) Gary Lloyd Eberlein (M: 59)
Donald Archie Dingeman (M: 55) Robert John Dilorenzo (M: 63) Marciana Melchor Cobos (F: 39)
Steven Arthur Delbridge (M: 60) Chambers Clayton (M: 52) Neal Ladon Claborn (M: 63)
Stanley Ross Cain (M: 62) Albert Cabrera (M: 53) Joel Harris Browning (M: 55)
Leslie Brazier (M: 62) Jorge Antonio Rodriguez (M: 32) Lloyd Edward Ridenour (M: 47)
Arnulfo Deloa Reyes (M: 48) Sandy Jay Perry (M: 48) Francisco Javier Pr Perez (M: 38)
Max Von Neff (M: 39) Richard Clayton Morgan (M: 34) Charles William Moore (M: 46)
David G Miller (M: 49) Phillip Paul Medaris (M: 35) Salvador Pena (M: 70)
Antonio Madrid (M: 47) Irvell Morgan (M: 59) Clinton Sam Lepage (M: 41)
Joann Lavigne (F: 38) Chester Ray Kirk (M: 42) Robert F Megowan (M: 70)
James Mccormick (M: 57) Daniel Lee Jones (M: 44) Alan Richard Mazon (M: 56)
Danny Ray Hill (M: 48) Ted C Olson (M: 68) Lonnie Edward Nugent (M: 72)
John Edward Hernandez (M: 48) Terry Alan Kox (M: 67) Juan Manuel Gutierrez (M: 33)
Jamie Alan Gresham (M: 50) Tommy Lewis Hunnicutt (M: 67) Jerry Higa (M: 59)
Joseph Mark Gervais (M: 40) Frank Earl Gurnee (M: 62) David Karl Frost (M: 49)
Roberto Rodriguez (M: 51) Larry Truman Priest (M: 66) Jose Guadalupe Ramirez (M: 60)
John Ransdell (M: 60) Edwin Rivera (M: 53) Leland Root (M: 69)
Albert Ruiz (M: 72) Andres Guzman Sanchez (M: 54) Willie James Smith (M: 58)
Daniel Eugene Story (M: 56) Michael Joseph Subia (M: 55) Rene Terriquez (M: 36)
Kenneth K Talhelm (M: 62) Manuel Barron Barron (M: 85) Richard Allen Thorndike (M: 56)
Richard Lee Bousman (M: 75) Robert Lester Brown (M: 84) James Harrison Trantham (M: 55)
Fernando Deliz (M: 80) Ricardo Sanchez Valadez (M: 55) Robert Gerald Lingo (M: 80)
Charles Edward Massie (M: 82) Ted Tsuneo Morioka (M: 90) Donald Neufischer (M: 73)
Carl Mattison Oler (M: 78) David Mark Warner (M: 61) Jose Veloz Ramirez (M: 76)
Leopoldo Rivoto (M: 74) Juan Rodriguez (M: 79) David Patrick Rogan (M: 73)
Pablo R Salgado (M: 78) Paul Wayne Wendt (M: 62) Joseph Michael Sousa (M: 85)
Joseph Jerome Whittaker (M: 63) Richard Wayne Wilcox (M: 56) Christopher Michael Ames (M: 26)
Luis Alfonso Avila (M: 28) John Irvin Wiese (M: 51) Ricky Zaragoza (M: 57)
Thomas James Kendrick (M: 26) Mark Anthony Miramontes (M: 29) Omar Ramirez (M: 24)
Spencer A Perryman (M: 92) Randolph Ernest Alberga (M: 72) John Guidry (M: 86)
Jose Dias Gutierrez (M: 61) Jared Christian Nugent (M: 30) Earl James Nuytens (M: 76)
Merle Shaver (M: 65) David Allen Shenk (M: 65) Thomas Michael Jones (M: 59)
Jesse Tony Polanco (M: 31) Richard James Amdal (M: 47) Jose L Pizana (M: 46)
Arturo Rodriguez (M: 49) Edwin Morales (M: 42) Marc Anthony Snider (M: 26)
Michael Richard Wright (M: 43) Luis Rey Delgado (M: 26)

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