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All sex offender records currently in our database from California located in ZIP code 92376 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search California sex offender information.

Edward Aguilar (M: 39) Ruben Joe Almarez (M: 49) Kelly Bourne (M: 37)
Charles Lewis Bustamonte (M: 47) Danny Steven Allen (M: 57) Hector Alvarez (M: 53)
Manuel Chino Arangua (M: 56) Ruben Richard Armendarez (M: 59) Edward Delgado Gonzales (M: 60)
Mauro Estrada (M: 38) David Gochanour (M: 54) Arturo C Espinoza (M: 51)
Larry Ray Edwards (M: 41) Richard Fulgren (M: 71) Leon Walter Foster (M: 62)
Maurice Cummings (M: 50) Jimmy Mickey Cortez (M: 43) Steven Duane Donelson (M: 58)
Roberto Alfredo Diaz (M: 63) Matthew James Cepican (M: 37) Abel Cazares (M: 37)
William C Carter (M: 43) Visarut Carroll (M: 49) James Calvin Clemmons (M: 66)
William Lee Causey (M: 52) Humberto Garcia Cano (M: 67) Edward Lewis Brodie (M: 54)
Leavorn Brent (M: 70) Richard Rice (M: 39) Eric Powe (M: 42)
Jeffrey William Porter (M: 55) John Ortega (M: 51) James Edward Olson (M: 47)
Robert Eugene Bird (M: 64) Mitchell Nixon (M: 46) Alejandro Betancourt (M: 58)
James Mendoza (M: 51) Albino Mendoza (M: 52) Zosimo Rey Melendez (M: 36)
Gabriel Melchor (M: 48) Richard Douglas Mcdaniels (M: 46) Charles Martus (M: 46)
David Alfonso Perez (M: 59) Mark Reuben Beckles (M: 53) Rafael Arevalo Orosco (M: 53)
Dewey Carl Lipsey (M: 50) Suzanne Morris (F: 57) Mario Alberto Moreno (M: 53)
Jaime Lessard (M: 36) Jerold Alexander Kemp (M: 49) Thomas Orlan Matthews (M: 52)
Leonard Martinez (M: 65) Arthur T Martinez (M: 62) James Elliott Holmes (M: 50)
Angelo Hicks (M: 48) Alden Gale Langdon (M: 60) Darrell M Bagsby (M: 56)
David T Harvey (M: 42) Theodore Kinchen (M: 70) Steven Wayne Hardy (M: 40)
Rene Gutierrez (M: 32) Kristofer Lane Green (M: 43) Hoadena Ingram (M: 56)
Hector R Ico (M: 55) Alejandro Ibarra (M: 58) Santiago Gonzalez (M: 51)
Rafael Gonzalez (M: 50) Dwight David Holmes (M: 59) Raymond R Garcia (M: 51)
James R Henderson (M: 62) Benito Gonzalez (M: 62) Adam C Gonzalez (M: 58)
Richard Paul Fernandez (M: 46) Link Fisher (M: 44) Dennis Frederick Graffice (M: 59)
Brian Theodore Hanson (M: 54) Ismael Galindo (M: 51) Dario Ruiz (M: 44)
Omar Olivis Ruiz (M: 50) Paul Rey (M: 65) David Leroy Rodrigues (M: 67)
Thomas Gerald Santa Rosa (M: 41) Sergio Barriger Rojas (M: 62) Kevin Scott (M: 50)
Francisco Gomez Sierra (M: 41) Antonio Siordia (M: 34) Andrew Walter Smead (M: 39)
Allen Lee Sherrer (M: 53) Johnny Less Sibley (M: 57) Pearce Maurice Slater (M: 58)
Willard L Stallings (M: 73) Charles Calvin Swogger (M: 49) Edward W Thomas (M: 49)
Shakahn Thompson (M: 35) Raymond Thomas (M: 65) Kenneth Hampson (M: 75)
Ronald Eugene Haney (M: 74) Donald Varner (M: 51) Kenneth E Middleton (M: 91)
Manuel Meza Velasco (M: 46) Jose Barba Padilla (M: 81) Ronald Bethea Washington (M: 56)
Miguel Fuentes Sanchez (M: 75) Lawrence Joseph West (M: 59) Ronald White (M: 57)
Argentria Williams (M: 53) Marcus L Wharry (M: 40) Gary Nolan Young (M: 66)
Andrew Peter Bernard (M: 30) Jorge Guadalupe Cardenas (M: 26) Jose Contreres (M: 31)
Hector Gonzalez (M: 29) Jaime Hernandez (M: 26) Mark Frank Zehnder (M: 47)
Tonny Lopez (M: 26) Cesar Augusto Pacheco (M: 21) Daniel Isaac Pena (M: 22)
Augustine Perez (M: 26) Larry Charles Roseborough (M: 28) Dave Gilbert Alonzo (M: 57)
Robert Leroy Fales (M: 66) Francisco Hernandez (M: 44) Mario Roberto Lopez (M: 67)
Jesus Machad Aranda (M: 97) Manuel Arangua (M: 56) Taelas Ativalu (M: 52)
Joe Edward Barry (M: 62) Michael Lee Eagle (M: 59) Livingston Ferreira (M: 60)
Marvin Lynn Fry (M: 67) Pablo E Galvan (M: 48) Raymond Garcia (M: 55)
Jacy Evans Gire (M: 66) Alfonso Juarez Granillo (M: 90) Alfred Ben Gullart (M: 58)
Christopher Carmen Gutierrez (M: 53) Dennis Ray Hatfield (M: 36) Wilmer Hernandez (M: 41)
Derek Holt (M: 37) Jason Lee Huff (M: 35) Tony Alexander Lopez (M: 56)
Tani Lynne Maine (F: 49) Tobias Mazzei (M: 39) Curtis Parrish (M: 50)
David Ramos (M: 48) Gregory Wayne Reeves (M: 54) Manuel Rosas (M: 36)
Thomas L Spear (M: 61) Joseph Tyler Stewart (M: 60) Stephan Whitman Tenney (M: 65)
Joseph Michael Trickett (M: 65) Daniel Aespuro Valenzuela (M: 69) James Westmoreland (M: 51)
Craig Steven Wistain (M: 56) August Jacob Wrobleski (M: 81) Henry Lane Wyatt (M: 63)
Joaquin Robert Zamora (M: 39) Dale Dever Griffith (M: 60) Michael Bernard Bullock (M: 31)
Francisco Antonio Perez (M: 31) Tracy Burl Thompson (M: 54) Daniel Hugh Carnes (M: 47)
Jesus Guzman (M: 39) Delfino Horta Cortes (M: 70) Misael Antonio Martinez (M: 40)
Jesse Junior Ligues (M: 37) Carlous Fenton Mason (M: 49)

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