Sex Offender Profile Directory : California : 92020

All sex offender records currently in our database from California located in ZIP code 92020 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search California sex offender information.

Bahir Natik Bachoua (M: 50) Wayne D Barwick (M: 40) Gene Lee Bostain (M: 39)
David Ryan Bottomly (M: 36) Michael Ronald Broussard (M: 50) Phillip Lefteris Achtipes (M: 66)
John Bradford Bryant (M: 47) Gregory Cameron (M: 41) Richard Bernard Fritz (M: 66)
Scot Hayden Deremer (M: 46) Frank Richard Ferrel (M: 59) William Elliott Curtis (M: 35)
Joel Edward Curty (M: 43) Daniel Dale Cox (M: 36) Ronald Eugene Dorris (M: 56)
William Davis (M: 63) Lorenzo Guevara Contreras (M: 60) Gary Walter Clarke (M: 59)
Donald Thomas Brew (M: 53) Joaquin Rodriguez (M: 36) Victor Jason Rivera (M: 37)
Adrian Reyes (M: 43) Charles Henry Reed (M: 45) Richard G Porter (M: 47)
James Ronald Blake (M: 65) Derek Ray Bingham (M: 53) Amos Quentin Murchison (M: 34)
Willie Thomas Mills (M: 49) Paul J Meierhans (M: 43) Dwight Mcgriff (M: 45)
Claude John Bell (M: 54) Dennis Martin Patterson (M: 66) Kenny Dwayne Otto (M: 55)
Brian Kevin Osborne (M: 58) Edward V Ortiz (M: 59) Timothy James Larson (M: 44)
Edward Lee Larsson (M: 43) Edwin Lablue (M: 40) Christopher Ehanalan Krum (M: 36)
Alan Bruce Mccornack (M: 56) Keith Donn Mccleskey (M: 57) Mark David Jaynes (M: 42)
Michael Robert Hood (M: 31) Willie Edward Baker (M: 56) Milton James Hill (M: 50)
Bruce Linn Herrington (M: 37) Rosendo G Lopez (M: 52) Brandon Charles Hannacher (M: 38)
Reginald M Hall (M: 47) Kenneth Monroe Jones (M: 73) Richard Gutierrez (M: 46)
Jerry Gillogy (M: 51) Ansara E Gilbert (M: 42) Wesam Youhanan Georges (M: 33)
Wesam Youhanan Georges (M: 33) Eddlee Garrison (M: 46) Paul Fierro (M: 49)
Anthony Gross (M: 54) Francisco Canal Garcia (M: 48) Curtis Allen Harper (M: 54)
Rahim Putros Polis (M: 63) Clyde Lee Quinn (M: 66) George Edward Ruiz (M: 52)
Clifford Edward Rytter (M: 67) Richard Sadler (M: 57) Timothy Alan Shultz (M: 45)
Omar Rodolfo Solorzano (M: 41) Allan Heth Starr (M: 50) Terry Lee Smith (M: 63)
Evan Thomas Stone (M: 35) Steven Robert Starke (M: 59) Richard Eugene Steckman (M: 65)
John William Swisher (M: 57) John C Beers (M: 79) Jeremiah Murphy Tucker (M: 36)
Guy Edward Goff (M: 91) Julio Ceaser Valdez (M: 32) Charles Lawrence Jimenez (M: 74)
Kevin Vanwynkle (M: 41) Arthur Leclaire (M: 78) Gilberto Cadena Vasquez (M: 41)
Lazaro Frank Martinez (M: 78) Garrett Renald Moffett (M: 76) Teroso A Molina (M: 87)
Roney Roger Nunes (M: 86) Giovanni Josep Oddo (M: 84) Virgil Eugene Pattin (M: 74)
Bernardino Campos Perez (M: 85) Darwin B Phillips (M: 81) Wesley Gene Phillips (M: 73)
Victor Ray Wells (M: 55) Raymond Eugene Smith (M: 89) Hugh D Stamper (M: 79)
Nestor Gallegos Zepeda (M: 77) Nicholas Ashworth (M: 30) Eric Pozo Flores (M: 24)
Daniel Aaron Rucker (M: 30) Daniel Lee Shelton (M: 27) Stteven Richard Walden (M: 30)
William Lawrence Asmus (M: 67) Brett E Batting (M: 70) John Robert Benson (M: 64)
Joseph A Gatelein (M: 72) Mark Steven Grauer (M: 53) Frank Clarence Grissom (M: 32)
Christopher Sean Haiman (M: 46) Robert Earl Kennedy (M: 47) Russell William King (M: 57)
Alfonso Honorio Magana (M: 70) Timothy Grant Martinsen (M: 49) Kevin Paul Mcgee (M: 50)
Stephen Amos Robbins (M: 44) Karl Christian Seufert (M: 79) Divendra Kumar Patel (M: 37)
Gary Smith (M: 67) Paul Kenton Porterfield (M: 32) Mitchel Anthony Phelps Wiley (M: 60)
Larry Seymour Sharp (M: 69)

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