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All sex offender records currently in our database from California located in ZIP code 90813 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search California sex offender information.

Raul Aguilar (M: 44) Maurice Allen (M: 47) Oscar Baldonado (M: 39)
Joseph Barker (M: 49) Blaine Kelley Beckham (M: 52) Charles Arthur Bonton (M: 39)
Scott Jurgen Calhoun (M: 47) Lloyd Anthoney Gill (M: 54) Patrick Obrien Eggleston (M: 46)
John Fitzgerald Dickson (M: 47) Isrrael Dehoyos (M: 46) Daniel John Davenport (M: 39)
Jesse Eldridge (M: 73) Jaime Edward Crawford (M: 46) Henry Dickerson (M: 55)
Lemuel Chavis (M: 47) Mark Anthony Daniels (M: 54) Silvestre Murillo Cabrera (M: 64)
Conrad Rodriguez (M: 32) Jose Noe Resinos (M: 43) Jose Domingo Bonilla (M: 53)
Letitia Ann Price (F: 44) Brian Edwin Powell (M: 44) Raymond Potts (M: 48)
Laron Mosley (M: 37) Vic R Morrow (M: 44) Rafael Becerra Moreno (M: 43)
Sammy Julio Morales (M: 45) Modesto Morales (M: 50) Kelly Milliton (M: 46)
Lance Roger Belleret (M: 58) Shelby J Mason (M: 45) Woody Pen (M: 56)
Robert Eugene Nelson (M: 53) Glenn Alan Nelson (M: 64) Juan Murillo (M: 60)
Arthur T Barth (M: 73) Gabrial Leyva (M: 39) Enrique Lara (M: 42)
Salot Juan Miranda (M: 58) Chamlun Long Kamkam (M: 48) Vernon Elsworth Mcghee (M: 67)
Justin Johnson (M: 35) Perrie Emil Bantan (M: 61) Jack Anthony James (M: 43)
Kevin Lamaur James (M: 48) Vince Lamont Jackson (M: 50) John Paul Howard (M: 45)
Mario Hidalgo (M: 44) Oscar Orlando Hernandez (M: 50) Vanny Kuy (M: 52)
Joel Dekeith Harrison (M: 38) Malcolm Hardie (M: 41) Costonie M Hardin (M: 44)
Alfred Johnson (M: 55) Manuel Luciano Jimenez (M: 53) Michael Greene (M: 51)
Michael Jackson (M: 61) Cosme Valdez Izquierdo (M: 57) Chiara Monique Grady (F: 36)
Santiago Cardoso Hurtado (M: 58) Jose Alberto Gonzalez (M: 36) Ronald Cornelius Howard (M: 58)
Michael Allen Gingras (M: 49) Kenneth Aaron Henderson (M: 54) Ricardo Gonzalez (M: 54)
Richard Gutierrez (M: 70) Robert Thomas Hanna (M: 61) Gerald Steven Gaines (M: 32)
Ursula Marie Porche (F: 61) Manuel Eugenio Romero (M: 47) Robert Edward Romo (M: 52)
Leland Elgar Reed (M: 69) Ron Sanders (M: 42) Adam Lorenzo Silva (M: 39)
Brian Lester Smith (M: 52) Stanley Solvey (M: 44) Sherry Diane Sperling (F: 47)
Richard Michael Skinner (M: 72) Walter Lee Smith (M: 55) John Lee Sparks (M: 62)
Herbert E Tale (M: 41) Donald Wade Taylor (M: 39) Leon Victor Taylor (M: 46)
Gregory Dean Stott (M: 57) Sime Tang (M: 55) Yuth N Thong (M: 46)
Richard Joseph Black (M: 79) Felipe Gonzalez (M: 77) Thara Vann (M: 49)
Joselido Benitez Velando (M: 67) Robert Lewis (M: 88) Frank Torres Vasquez (M: 50)
Edward Madden (M: 78) Donald Lee Vaughan (M: 49) Robert E Newman (M: 76)
Joe Pedro Ramirez (M: 76) Micheline Willard (F: 61) Darryl Leonard Williams (M: 56)
Steven Travis Warwick (M: 36) Willie Williams (M: 61) Luther Edward Wysong (M: 82)
Gregory Chris Watson (M: 36) Dario C Ambriz (M: 30) James Edward Woods (M: 54)
John Williams (M: 46) Lamar Williams (M: 41) Giovanni Jabarri Jones (M: 29)
Marcus Damion Lavan (M: 31) Jeffrey Michael Logan (M: 27) Martin David Palma (M: 29)
Jesus Natividad Reyna (M: 27) Jovanni Antony Ballardo (M: 30) Mario Abrayo Benavidez (M: 52)
Jerry Allen Cushman (M: 60) William Charles Delong (M: 57) Joel Bermudez Garcia (M: 42)
Roldan Barrios Hernandez (M: 37) Dion Darnell Herring (M: 53) Gary Lynn Johnson (M: 48)
Harold Edward Kidd (M: 67) Edwin Ernesto Martinez (M: 30) Jose Armando Mendoza (M: 32)
Claude Mohorne (M: 59) Edward Morales (M: 68) George Sanchez Palato (M: 84)
Leon Nathaniel Phelps (M: 58) Anthony George Sutter (M: 69) Tom Jones (M: 60)
Russell Lozano (M: 57) Robert Allan Worsdale (M: 28) William Edward Johnson (M: 65)
Lloyd Joseph Lands (M: 43) Joseph Michael Nuno (M: 50) Ruben Ortega (M: 46)
Mark Anthony Lewis (M: 48)

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