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James Andrew Baker (M: 47) Robin Manutan Baker (M: 50) Manuel Barbosa (M: 48)
Robert James Bell (M: 38) Adam Joseph Berger (M: 31) Kenneth Joseph Betts (M: 32)
David Anthony Biloki (M: 39) Carlton James Blount (M: 40) Jerry R Botello (M: 44)
Lovell Brown (M: 48) Terry Leroy Abell (M: 68) J Browne (M: 51)
James Lee Byers (M: 46) James Edward Anderson (M: 62) Chad Kiko Campbell (M: 36)
Mark Carlton Anthony (M: 59) Larry Falealili (M: 40) Joshua Joe Evarts (M: 43)
Arthur Lee Gibson (M: 67) Cynthia Elizabeth Escobar (F: 39) Roger Echols (M: 52)
Roger Lester Flake (M: 58) Bobby Curry (M: 49) Douglas George Emslie (M: 59)
Cecilio Encinias (M: 66) Peter Michael Dittrich (M: 71) Richard Edward Delaney (M: 55)
Estella G Daniels (F: 58) Marc Wayne Cooper (M: 56) Jeffrey Scott Carter (M: 36)
James Douglas Carroll (M: 42) Willie Lee Clay (M: 55) Alfredo Catalan (M: 52)
Henry Mora Cardenas (M: 56) Jerry Adell Rabb (M: 48) Jaime Alejandro Quezada (M: 43)
Raymond Boice (M: 55) Francisco Pina (M: 31) Brad Ralph Blood (M: 55)
Gustavo Ortiz Pena (M: 36) Pierre Pattio (M: 49) Anthony Parker (M: 41)
Russell James Otis (M: 49) Manuel Nieto (M: 45) Juan Carlos Negrete (M: 34)
Gerald Anthony Mitchell (M: 49) Clifford Ray Mcdonald (M: 50) Floyd Louis Pedriana (M: 72)
David Andrew Kearse (M: 47) Larry James Mcfarland (M: 67) William Darryl Jones (M: 36)
Mark Jones (M: 45) Eric D Johnson (M: 48) Cornelio Robert Martinez (M: 54)
Tyrone Hubbard (M: 36) Jimmie Lee Luke (M: 72) Gregory Howearth (M: 50)
Chris Darlon Houston (M: 42) Joenale Holliday (M: 52) Calvin Loy Holladay (M: 34)
Donnail Hogan (M: 44) Peter Jesus Hernandez (M: 46) Oscar Rolando Gonzalez (M: 58)
Daniel Guerrero Hernandez (M: 40) Gig Darnell Henderson (M: 47) Ricky Allen Haymon (M: 52)
Dexter Lee Knox (M: 56) Randall Wayne Hammers (M: 51) Juan Jose Guzman (M: 48)
Gregory Wayne Johnson (M: 55) Jeffrey Green (M: 51) Johnny Jacinto (M: 54)
Terrance Andrea Irvins (M: 57) Kenneth Goodman (M: 36) Russell David Hillburn (M: 54)
James Michael Hehn (M: 54) Luis Alberto Gonzalez (M: 55) Larry Darnell Harris (M: 59)
Donald Leroy Pollard (M: 69) Jack Victor Rollins (M: 35) Robert Dacien Romanowski (M: 42)
David Regal (M: 57) Francisco Sanchez (M: 51) Hector M Sanchez (M: 49)
David Lee Rodgers (M: 61) Joseph W Sampson (M: 56) Cirildo Elionzo Sanchez (M: 60)
Ellis Khalif Sanders (M: 61) Charles Smith (M: 47) Michael A Serrato (M: 60)
William Michael Smith (M: 52) Paul Edward Snyder (M: 50) Robert Vernon Slack (M: 56)
Gregory Hisato Sumi (M: 45) Wilson L Torres (M: 46) John Maldonado Corral (M: 83)
James P Culhane (M: 73) Howard Lawrence Turner (M: 37) Victor Allen Vanisacker (M: 52)
Armando Rafael Vasquez (M: 49) Mark Verba (M: 55) Mauro Lemus Vasquez (M: 52)
Frank Howe Walker (M: 71) Charles William Nethaway (M: 83) Jess James Razo (M: 89)
James Daniel Vogh (M: 43) Kenneth Allen Smith (M: 81) David Whitmer (M: 71)
Jimmie Wade (M: 73) Allan Bernard Yates (M: 76) Donald Ray Winbush (M: 56)
Don F W Winnen (M: 72) Andrew Edward Werne (M: 34) Justin Gregory Barnett (M: 26)
Michael Harold Williams (M: 49) Joshua David Fernandez (M: 29) James Eddie Jones (M: 26)
Abdelhafi Mohamed (M: 29) Charles Joseph Parker (M: 31) Jason Timothy Rogers (M: 27)
Virgil Albert Raschke (M: 36) Fernando Armando Aguilera (M: 59) Lynn Richard Bush (M: 85)
Luciano Louie Contreras (M: 47) Yul Mark Guenthner (M: 38) Vincent Donald Imbrogno (M: 76)
Ronald J Janus (M: 67) Jack Eugene Johnson (M: 75) David John Perez (M: 37)
Barry Fitzgeral Pettus (M: 48) Edward Victor Triguers (M: 72) Bruce R Kuhn (M: 72)
Leon W Barnes (M: 96) Robert Lewis Bozeman (M: 61) Phillip R Sarles (M: 44)
Raymond Nowell (M: 31) Virgil Albert Raschke (M: 36) Denys William Gawronski (M: 48)
Ernie Marino Altamirano (M: 49)

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