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All sex offender records currently in our database from California located in ZIP code 90047 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search California sex offender information.

Tiger Chung Lee Stevenson (M: 49) Kenneth Myles (M: 55) Shan Anderson (M: 44)
Richard E Baylor (M: 42) Cesar Beltran Benitez (M: 34) Lorenzo Bernard Black (M: 49)
Glen Land Blackmon (M: 46) Aundre Edward Bradley (M: 48) Derek Lamont Brooks (M: 40)
Richard Allen Brown (M: 46) Christopher Williams Anderson (M: 61) Mubarek Aquil (M: 64)
Kenneth Arana (M: 54) Milton Dean Gayles (M: 55) Kerry Ephriam (M: 47)
Lawrence H Gant (M: 60) Larry A Franklin (M: 54) Keith Fitzgeralg Francis (M: 60)
Monroe D Fielding (M: 62) Richard Lee Felton (M: 64) Randy Davies (M: 44)
Obra Edwards (M: 69) Donald Duffey (M: 57) Kervin Cobb (M: 46)
Albert Ray Dansby (M: 55) Odis Clarence Daniels (M: 67) Richard Chatman (M: 46)
Ernest Eugene Covington (M: 61) Margaret Carter (F: 49) Jeffrey Lynn Cole (M: 57)
Walter Monroe Colbert (M: 58) Charles Byrd (M: 66) Edward Byrd (M: 58)
William Earl Brown (M: 66) Calvin Edward Boyd (M: 69) Norman Mark Reed (M: 44)
Ronald Pree (M: 49) Alexander Ocampo (M: 38) Jonathan Dawes Nelson (M: 49)
Broderick Arden Nall (M: 47) Roy Munson (M: 51) Wesley Montgomery (M: 33)
Raynard Mcintosh (M: 43) Michael Alan Mcdaniel (M: 52) James Henry Penn (M: 59)
Victor Joe Martin (M: 46) Dorothy R Martin (F: 51) Clarence Edward Martin (M: 52)
Craig Phillip Patterson (M: 59) Moses Beason (M: 57) Ray Pace (M: 53)
Ruby Lee Myers (M: 71) Andre Leneard Lockhart (M: 47) John Kieron Lee (M: 38)
Anthony John Barra (M: 70) Austin James Miguel (M: 54) Roger J Barnett (M: 69)
Omoro Keisu (M: 34) Michael Wayne Mccloud (M: 54) Darryl Burnard Matthews (M: 56)
Jerry Lee Ivory (M: 45) Michael Daniel Lopez (M: 66) Wayne Stanley Baker (M: 53)
Charles Logan (M: 57) Willie Frank Lewis (M: 70) Lloyd Edward Lee (M: 72)
George Tabryn Lee (M: 59) Jose Gilberto Hernandez (M: 46) Alhassan Babatune Macauley (M: 44)
Demetrius Hammond (M: 48) Jimmy Haley (M: 47) Robert Frnklin Jones (M: 62)
Cornel Jones (M: 57) Freddie Arthur Johnson (M: 69) Keenan G Guidroz (M: 52)
Andre D Jernigan (M: 54) Michael Jedkins (M: 64) Tyrone James (M: 53)
Dante Heu Green (M: 51) Tony Leon Gray (M: 49) Richard Edward Goodman (M: 49)
Raul Gomez (M: 32) Jose Edwiges Gomez (M: 41) Ulysses Holden (M: 54)
Darren Glover (M: 47) Wayne Hilliard (M: 56) William Arnold (M: 59)
Lorenzo V Gutierrez (M: 54) Gerald Dennis Fortier (M: 50) Juan Alfredo Gonzalez Foronda (M: 37)
Leon Polk (M: 67) William Earl Pondexter (M: 62) Van Arthur Pops (M: 64)
William O Rodriguez (M: 43) Santos M Rivera (M: 68) Larry Robinson (M: 70)
Gerlad Mcdonald Rogers (M: 73) Frank Edward Saffell (M: 61) Juan Darrell Siler (M: 47)
Ricky Sanders (M: 56) Ellis Leon Smith (M: 56) Wesley Lamar Spears (M: 46)
Larry Van Steele (M: 46) Kenneth Stovall (M: 41) Kevin D Swilley (M: 43)
Eric Deaundray Sykes (M: 34) Melvin Lee Starling (M: 57) Ortney Strickland (M: 62)
Juan Torres (M: 54) Leo Turner (M: 52) Ivan Colber Frazier (M: 77)
Elbert Jones (M: 77) Johnny Lowe (M: 78) Earl Mccauley (M: 76)
Michael A Wallace (M: 55) Edgar L Warren (M: 55) Oscar Weber (M: 60)
Tyrone E White (M: 53) Wilbert James Whitehurst (M: 67) Franklin D Starling (M: 77)
Chauncy Walker (M: 49) Bobby Wideman (M: 59) Tommy Ray Tatum (M: 74)
Norbert L Williams (M: 54) Marcus Damone Washington (M: 40) Celus Wilson (M: 65)
Lonnie Preston Wilson (M: 65) Ronald Wilson (M: 54) Peter Barajas (M: 29)
Tyrone Edward Bates (M: 22) Bruce Williams (M: 49) Raysean Williams (M: 40)
Aaron Dennis Compton (M: 29) Jarvis Woodard (M: 38) David Alan Young (M: 51)
Marion David Young (M: 42) Dontae Dewayne Thompson (M: 26) Joseph Cornell Whitfield (M: 26)
Omoro Keisu (M: 34) Burnell Burnley (M: 77) John Brian Domin (M: 45)
Ricardo Simon Emanuel (M: 57) James Lee Flenoury (M: 64) Dennis Gillard (M: 52)
Billy Joe Hicks (M: 72) Robert Lee Howard (M: 75) Eric Prophet Jackson (M: 50)
Robert L Jackson (M: 76) Vaughn Anthony Lasalle (M: 65) Jacques Dewayne Lewis (M: 44)
Joseph Nathan Lewis (M: 70) Leo Montes Magdalfno (M: 90) Ulrick Jamal Phillips (M: 36)
Darryl Roberts (M: 51) Lamond Keith Walker (M: 44) Grady Eugene Stevenson (M: 49)
Robert Charles Garcia (M: 20)

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