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All sex offender records currently in our database from California located in ZIP code 90037 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search California sex offender information.

Gelberth Albornoz (M: 37) Jose Mardoqueo Armas (M: 49) Michael Benson (M: 51)
Miguel A Bonilla (M: 41) Jose Luis Briones (M: 49) Randall Winston Burgher (M: 44)
Bruce Jerome Allen (M: 61) Nelson A Cabrera (M: 39) Leonard Amos (M: 60)
Eddie Velasco Esparza (M: 33) Paul Ramone Dickson (M: 36) Tyrone Diaz (M: 35)
Dwan L Fegan (M: 56) Jessie William Fair (M: 64) Myron Eric Cruse (M: 49)
Vallan Linford Cox (M: 51) Angel Anthony Dona (M: 64) Jorge Pinda Contreras (M: 42)
Eulalio Eddie Delariva (M: 68) Marvin A Davis (M: 54) John Arthur Curry (M: 68)
Ernesto Cruz Chavarria (M: 40) Fernando Cervantes (M: 46) Andrew Wesley Craig (M: 55)
Mark Cooke (M: 53) Jimmy L Cooley (M: 70) Merl Faye Carraway (F: 49)
Richard Earl Cockrell (M: 66) Royal Lee Closure (M: 58) Ricky Donald Charles (M: 55)
Nathaniel Burnett (M: 71) Oscar Bran (M: 71) Clarence Bragg (M: 58)
Donnel Lee Rhyne (M: 41) David G Redmond (M: 48) Anthony Raymond Rayas (M: 38)
Lucio Gutierrez Ramirez (M: 44) Israel Orozco (M: 37) Mark Anthony Oconner (M: 41)
Stevie Lee Norris (M: 49) Swenson Dalaney Morgan (M: 49) Kingsley Moore (M: 43)
Graylor K Moore (M: 48) Frederick Benson (M: 60) Jerry Hose Milliner (M: 43)
Albert Dwayne Miller (M: 43) Elisa Menendez (F: 38) Ernest Kenneth Mcdaniel (M: 52)
Rene Pinto (M: 68) Spurgeon Pettaway (M: 61) Luther Parnell (M: 71)
Curtiss Dean Mahan (M: 45) Daniel Purvis Lee (M: 49) Elbert Charles Lane (M: 47)
Devon Cleef Lampkin (M: 42) Ricardo Mcquhater (M: 54) David Edward Journagin (M: 50)
Antoine Elcadi Joseph (M: 41) Kim Loring Jones (M: 46) Earl Allen Jones (M: 36)
Felix Marroquin (M: 59) Robert Eisse Jackson (M: 51) Armqando Moerales Ixcol (M: 36)
Keith J L Malwah (M: 56) Brent Holly (M: 50) Albert E Nixon (M: 63)
Rene Anastacio Lacayd (M: 55) William E Harris (M: 45) Jose E Ayala (M: 69)
William Hudlin Jackson (M: 61) Willie Jackson (M: 73) Virgil Gray (M: 50)
Herman Gray (M: 52) Herbert Lee Jackson (M: 54) Earnest Horton (M: 52)
Ruben Hernandez (M: 56) Edgar Marcelino Hernandez (M: 52) Carlos Hernandez (M: 65)
Jose D Flores (M: 39) Cesar Agusto Folgar (M: 51) Pedro Munoz Flores (M: 48)
Malcolm Dwight Hardaway (M: 58) Milton Gaetan (M: 35) Raymond Eugene Hamilton (M: 64)
Virgilio Salgado Guzman (M: 62) Luis Alberto Rodriguez (M: 43) Patrick Price (M: 55)
Fernando Martinez Salcido (M: 46) Charles Edward Riley (M: 55) Carlos Douglas Risher (M: 55)
Milton Sanchez (M: 44) Deon J Roby (M: 57) Jose Antonio Rodriguez (M: 57)
Jose L Rodriguez (M: 59) Leoncio Rodriguez (M: 66) Aladino Roman (M: 57)
Sterling Lee Shepherd (M: 47) Jorge Sandoval (M: 71) Ray Latonia Scarlett (M: 56)
Frank Joseph Servin (M: 62) Darryl Smith (M: 60) Ronny Alan Starling (M: 54)
Darnell Staves (M: 56) Mario Antonio Tejada (M: 46) L Z Sutton (M: 59)
Curtis Adell Taylor (M: 69) Lofton Bell (M: 76) John B Tillis (M: 65)
Frederick Cain (M: 93) Larry Joe Candelaria (M: 74) Beedie Chaffer (M: 84)
Paul C Twine (M: 50) Johnnie Givens (M: 78) Allyn D Vance (M: 57)
Johnnie Jackson (M: 78) Oscar Perez Vasquez (M: 68) Charles King Veal (M: 55)
James Henry Mccoy (M: 79) Charles Oliver Mellon (M: 75) Lee Oscar Mitchell (M: 83)
Carlos Alfredo Velez (M: 43) James Dennis Partee (M: 75) Charles Washington (M: 60)
Larry Louis Todd (M: 74) Melvin Ed Wart (M: 52) Jamal Washington (M: 41)
Darrell Glenn Winfrey (M: 56) Terry Whitaker (M: 50) Jaime Bello (M: 30)
Quentin Russdell Braxton (M: 29) Darnell Anthony Williams (M: 51) Oscar Chavez (M: 26)
Luis Daniel Deleon (M: 30) Gerber Gonzalez (M: 26) Crescencio Zavala (M: 51)
Rodrigo Rodriguez (M: 27) Gilbert Wayne Baker (M: 58) George Dwayne Barnes (M: 44)
Robert Cornelios Boyd (M: 60) Christopher Brown (M: 51) Timoteo May Caamal (M: 79)
Byron Arnoldo Estrada (M: 43) James Edgar Foster (M: 45) Guillermo Garcia (M: 67)
Eugene George (M: 66) Jose Gomez (M: 44) Joe G Hamilton (M: 82)
Pedro Hijinio (M: 40) Ellery Wayne Johnson (M: 49) Robert Lee Love (M: 84)
Jerome Moore (M: 61) Juan Jose Morales (M: 62) Rodolfo Renteria (M: 76)
Hector Antonio Rodriguez (M: 47) Tommy Roldan (M: 59) Marlyn David Smith (M: 46)
Samuel Laverne Taylor (M: 57) Tommie Thompson (M: 98) Delbert Ray Williams (M: 51)
James Jackson (M: 46) Rafael Sanchez (M: 47) Donnavin William Harris (M: 21)
Marco Antonio Isordia (M: 45) Jose R Cortez (M: 59)

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