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All sex offender records currently in our database from California located in ZIP code 90018 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search California sex offender information.

Victor Mark Ainsworth (M: 49) Kade Allen (M: 37) Jose Ismael Alvarez (M: 33)
Martin Abel Ancheta (M: 43) Larry Bailey (M: 45) David Martinez Billescas (M: 47)
William Brown (M: 50) Lester Anderson (M: 57) Arthur Franklin (M: 58)
Willie G Finley (M: 68) Isaac Craigen (M: 45) George Michael Easter (M: 68)
Eduardo Rafael Cozano (M: 47) Larry James Drisdom (M: 62) Dennis Leland Donerson (M: 54)
Joseph Diggs (M: 55) Eleuterio Dias Diaz (M: 69) Jorge Rafael Cisneros (M: 35)
Daryl Norman Dave (M: 60) Marco A Castro (M: 50) Adgusto Cesar Cornejo (M: 56)
Reecy Cooper (M: 57) Leo Glenn Carter (M: 36) Billy J Conner (M: 52)
Robert Arthur Burrus (M: 70) Albert Benjamin Brumfield (M: 65) Gerald Lynn Brown (M: 53)
Juan M Brizuela (M: 59) Viviano Alvarez Quevedo (M: 35) Robert Lewis Pugh (M: 51)
Denis Alberto Ponce (M: 32) Ronald Eugene Penn (M: 44) Miguel Pascual (M: 45)
Ramon Arturo Nieto (M: 47) Arthur Lee Neal (M: 51) Elton Bernard Moss (M: 49)
Anthony Moreno (M: 41) Michael Steven Moore (M: 47) Vidal Monterrosa (M: 33)
Willie James Milsap (M: 52) Wilson Erick Martinez (M: 40) Jerry Phillips (M: 64)
David Martinez (M: 40) Randy L Martin (M: 47) Eddie Donald Pearson (M: 73)
Lindsey Parsons (M: 57) Jorge Antonio Lopez (M: 52) Denaua Lopez (M: 48)
James Myles (M: 61) Marcus Leon Linthecome (M: 40) Ricky Lewis Morgan (M: 62)
Stephen Lee (M: 48) Pedro M Membreno (M: 63) Howard James Kinard (M: 38)
George Meeks (M: 57) Clyde Lorenzo Mclemore (M: 56) Edward Earl Matthews (M: 53)
Kelwin Lamar Jackson (M: 43) Harry G Banion (M: 70) Raynaldo Albert Irvin (M: 51)
Kenneth Carl Hooper (M: 48) Juan Jose Lopez (M: 58) Rafael Enrique Lloyd (M: 57)
Larry James Littles (M: 64) Manuel Herrera (M: 50) Victor Leon Lee (M: 59)
Oscar Orantes (M: 55) Bernabe Luna (M: 44) Francisco Obeso (M: 56)
Al Leo Lovingood (M: 37) Ramon Tyrone Harris (M: 38) Chol Min Kim (M: 57)
Demeriel Jarell Hall (M: 41) Earl L Jones (M: 57) John Michael Jonas (M: 55)
Russell Farrin Guillory (M: 47) Evan Jay Grill (M: 50) Ronaldo Gonzalez (M: 48)
Donald Ray Howard (M: 56) Levern Hill (M: 53) Rene Garcia (M: 42)
Wilbert Clifton Greer (M: 64) Mariano Gutierrez (M: 60) Michael Franklin Hardy (M: 53)
Marvin Eduardo Rosales (M: 36) Charles Randle (M: 68) Sergio David Ramos Ruiz (M: 34)
Rene A Sanchez (M: 52) Francisco Gutierrez Santiago (M: 38) Aurelio M Ruiz (M: 58)
Jerry Lee Smith (M: 51) Leonard Curtis Smith (M: 46) Francisco Serna (M: 55)
Ronald Sneed (M: 48) David C Simpson (M: 73) Frank Sean Summerfield (M: 46)
Ervin Charles St Amand (M: 70) Jerry Darnell Storms (M: 55) Eddie Lee Stratton (M: 65)
Taharka Taharka (M: 53) Arthur Tate (M: 59) Ernest Brown (M: 73)
Shannyn Deon Turner (M: 42) Edward Gaxiola (M: 78) James Mark Gibson (M: 81)
Percy Hayes (M: 78) Jose Valladares (M: 51) Bertram C Jackson (M: 91)
Billy Paris Johnson (M: 85) Isaac Gordon Jones (M: 74) Carlos Vaquez (M: 41)
Guy Walker (M: 54) David Velazquez (M: 42) Alonzo Patrick (M: 75)
Theodore Roosevelt Washington (M: 67) Phillip Eugene Webb (M: 53) Ricky White (M: 55)
Robert Lee White (M: 55) Wade M Willis (M: 60) Arthur Wilson (M: 54)
Eddie West (M: 47) Melvin Wyndham (M: 57) Jonathan Yoro (M: 52)
Efrain Perez Zalaya (M: 60) Richard Thomas Williams (M: 50) Julio Salvador Aguirre (M: 49)
Kenneth Cox (M: 74) David Lee Daniel (M: 69) John Davis (M: 94)
Numa Martinez (M: 70) Robert Mcqueen (M: 54) Darryl Jerome Stevens (M: 58)
Clinton Roger Walker (M: 74) Curtis Joe Williams (M: 60) Toney Mcgee (M: 45)
Kenneth Mcmahon (M: 51) Elio Aguilera Riveron (M: 61) Tommy Santiago George (M: 34)
Johnathan Jefferey Geiser (M: 26) Edward Charles Rubio (M: 49) Sebastian Eco (M: 32)
Gabriel Hernandez (M: 40) Anthony Gus Hawkins (M: 46)

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