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All sex offender records currently in our database from California located in ZIP code 90013 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search California sex offender information.

Michael Alexander (M: 47) Larry Bess (M: 37) James Clayton Bolt (M: 36)
Ricky Booker (M: 51) Eugene Daniel Brazier (M: 49) Henderson Brown (M: 50)
Clarence J Adams (M: 55) Benjamin Aguayo (M: 58) Carlos Almarza (M: 53)
Gregory Chuck Anderson (M: 62) Mark Wayne French (M: 55) Darrell L Franich (M: 68)
Spencer Ray Finney (M: 55) Jaime Etal Figueras (M: 52) John W Fairley (M: 68)
Christian Darrell (M: 48) Jack David Esquviel (M: 56) Daniel English (M: 59)
Curtis England (M: 72) Harold Alvin Emick (M: 65) Herbert David Ellis (M: 54)
Paul Arthur Duran (M: 57) Roderick Allen Daniels (M: 60) George Maurice Dailey (M: 56)
Ronald Cheatham (M: 57) Donald Calloway (M: 55) Joseph Francis Burgess (M: 73)
George Gregory Buckner (M: 55) Leo Brown (M: 66) Edwin L Boyer (M: 68)
Berkley Rodriguez (M: 38) Maurice Lee Robinson (M: 51) Anthony Lamont Rivers (M: 45)
Steven Mark Rish (M: 44) Ronald Jacob Pollack (M: 51) Charles Page (M: 47)
Jeffrey Lenzy Owens (M: 51) Robert Armando Negrete (M: 45) Gary Lawrence Bergum (M: 59)
Stanley Mcdowell (M: 49) Claude John Mcdaniel (M: 48) Antonio Mulet Pena (M: 59)
Anthony Ray Parker (M: 59) Willie Earl Pace (M: 60) Timothy E Nevils (M: 57)
Paul Negrete (M: 61) Lonnie James Neal (M: 57) Richard L Bartlett (M: 61)
Stanley Morrow (M: 55) Mathews Hedrick Moore (M: 55) Tu Van Le (M: 51)
Stephen Montgomery (M: 65) Andrew David Lawrence (M: 52) Roy Kissine (M: 50)
Ricardo Miranda Medina (M: 58) James J Mata (M: 62) Jose Luis Martinez (M: 61)
Edward Earl Jackson (M: 48) Bernadette Manyfield (M: 55) Darnell Eugene Malbrue (M: 60)
Carlos Casanova Ingersoll (M: 52) Johnnie Ray Mahon (M: 59) Joseph Larry Luera (M: 55)
Billy Wayne Howard (M: 42) Ernest Clifton Hodge (M: 48) John Lockett (M: 65)
George Vernon Leatch (M: 53) Jimmy Ornales (M: 56) Wayne Bernard Lafayette (M: 54)
Harold Wayne Kirkland (M: 58) Jerry Luwayne Harris (M: 51) Jerome Mathis Hardy (M: 43)
Jeffrey D Kelly (M: 59) Nicky Lee Hampton (M: 50) Londell Jones (M: 68)
Willard Jackson (M: 65) Troy H Gray (M: 49) Jeffery L Jackson (M: 54)
Mark Reed Ivey (M: 55) Cleveland Evan Hooks (M: 52) David Gomez (M: 46)
Wiley Gill (M: 48) Hector Garza (M: 47) George Hernandez (M: 60)
Wilmer James Henry (M: 64) Robert Wilburn Heard (M: 53) Juan Gonzalez (M: 73)
Francisco Flores (M: 38) Harry Benjamin Green (M: 61) Michael Franco (M: 44)
Rene Guerra (M: 72) Michael Karma Gronwold (M: 55) Kenneth Michale Hamilton (M: 53)
Ramiro Marquez Puentes (M: 65) Errol Wayne Richardson (M: 53) Eugene Wiggins Rico (M: 55)
Martin Ridley (M: 55) Alan Bryan Rinehart (M: 55) Larry Darnell Roberts (M: 56)
Juan Rodriguez (M: 53) Peter Sanchez (M: 65) Booker T Sanders (M: 54)
Russell Schaar (M: 62) Dennis Lawrence Sterling (M: 40) Sam Stogsdill (M: 39)
Dennis M Stay (M: 65) Howard Andre Thomas (M: 52) Eddie Ray Thompson (M: 51)
Albert Ray Torres (M: 45) Larry M Thomason (M: 55) Robert Torres (M: 50)
Mike Todd (M: 69) Marcos Bryand (M: 87) Arnes James Torget (M: 68)
Pedro Cazares (M: 83) Miguel Lope Escobar (M: 79) Aldon Valden (M: 36)
Jimmy Oren Green (M: 78) Tyrone Valiant (M: 65) Antonio Mandujano (M: 76)
Dimson Puhawan Velasco (M: 38) Ernest Powell (M: 89) Carl Michael Webb (M: 54)
Richard L Street (M: 74) Alvin Bernard Wilder (M: 57) Sylvio Lewis Teixeira (M: 76)
Ernest L Wiley (M: 71) Donald Ray Williams (M: 61) Robert Stanley Warren (M: 48)
Ira J Watts (M: 86) Charley Herbert Webb (M: 91) David Lionel Waters (M: 42)
George E Woodside (M: 90) Ezel Wilson (M: 67) Floyd Lee Wilson (M: 63)
Henry Charles Winbush (M: 63) Gene Edward Williams (M: 52) Bertram Wright (M: 42)
Alvin Albert Young (M: 37) Timothy Younger (M: 47) Lenard Perry Howard (M: 27)
Asim Allakim (M: 58) Thomas George Bagen (M: 76) Jimmie Lee Barrett (M: 63)
Jesse M Edwards (M: 52) Gregg Torres Fajardo (M: 85) Roy Lee Farley (M: 61)
Randy Nelson Frank (M: 59) Hayward George (M: 85) Roosevelt Johnson (M: 67)
Ross King (M: 86) Arthur L Laub (M: 83) Paul Lynn Loe (M: 65)
Jimmy Santiago Maestas (M: 69) Melvin Mcneal (M: 54) Norman Anthony Morman (M: 56)
Paul A Murphy (M: 52) Orlando Padilla (M: 65) Armando Hernandez Ramos (M: 64)
Enrique Salas (M: 66) Randolph Scott (M: 75) Mark Anthony Shelby (M: 57)
Charles Tombrella (M: 100) Anthony Mejia Vasquez (M: 42) Mario A Vasquez (M: 70)
Kerry T Warren (M: 41) Otis Nathan White (M: 52) Jerry Lee Wilson (M: 74)
Charles E Winters (M: 100) Keith Kawayne Breaux (M: 48) Paul M Robinson (M: 53)
James Anthony Ford (M: 40) Henry Lee Coleman (M: 54) David Stephen Garcia (M: 63)
Jessie Owens (M: 47) Charles James Johnson (M: 49) Daniel Daimond Tucker (M: 62)
Pablo Hernandez (M: 56) Sergio Leon-Ganel (M: 49)

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