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All sex offender records currently in our database from California located in ZIP code 90003 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search California sex offender information.

Jerrith Lavell Abner (M: 42) Louis R Allen (M: 45) Jose Arana (M: 40)
Andre Arthur (M: 41) Willie James Baber (M: 41) Joseph Jerome Batten (M: 39)
Oracio Bautista (M: 34) Cyron Nicol Bell (M: 43) Mario Roberto Benavidez (M: 47)
Juan Bonilla (M: 32) Deon Michael Bougere (M: 43) Mark Anthony Brown (M: 48)
Terry Corneal Brown (M: 45) Jesse J Abner (M: 68) Richard Bueno (M: 35)
Ricky Joe Glaspie (M: 52) Alfredo Esparza (M: 52) Frank Garcia (M: 53)
Jesse James Drumgole (M: 51) Gerald Gaines (M: 65) Cubby Lee French (M: 55)
Welcome T Ford (M: 73) Craig Dennis (M: 51) Carlos Enrique Flores (M: 57)
Carl Jeffrey Ewell (M: 53) Gregory C Davenport (M: 52) Andre Curtis (M: 50)
Scorza Dwight (M: 56) Jorge Corona (M: 34) Anthony Maurice Cordero (M: 47)
Darrell Andre Cooley (M: 45) Simon Diaz (M: 69) Jose Lucero Cuaresma (M: 53)
Tommy Harold Cooper (M: 55) Robert Leroy Casey (M: 45) Stephen Dwight Carter (M: 41)
Roy Lee Champion (M: 53) Floyd Demona Carson (M: 54) Charles Wesley Canada (M: 52)
Robert Louis Brown (M: 58) Steven Arthur Branch (M: 52) David Rodriguez (M: 33)
Jorge Luis Robles (M: 34) Keith Robinson (M: 45) Clinton Carnell Robinson (M: 36)
John Wesley Roark (M: 49) Terrell Reynolds (M: 49) Cheryl Kathleen Reed (F: 31)
Michael Randolph (M: 48) Anthony Darrin Randle (M: 47) Abraham Antonio Quintanilla (M: 45)
Ramiro Paz Pulac (M: 49) Andre Carl Pitts (M: 42) Eloy Perez (M: 49)
Demar Alfredo Perdomo (M: 35) Thomas Santos Padilla (M: 47) Gerald Duke Outlaw (M: 44)
Alfredo Salomon Osegueda (M: 39) Juan C Ortiz (M: 34) Guadalupe R Ocampo (M: 44)
Bobby Ray Norwood (M: 45) Juan Carlos Montano (M: 41) Lee Charles Mitchell (M: 42)
Edwin Danilo Mejia (M: 36) Toby William Mckinstry (M: 35) Larry Darnell Bell (M: 54)
Robert Kenneth Mayberry (M: 46) Alvin Charles Bell (M: 57) Guadalupe Pino (M: 61)
Clinton W Patterson (M: 63) Walton James Marin (M: 43) Raphael Sistine Mallory (M: 47)
Kenneth Ray Mack (M: 49) Charles Wade Nelson (M: 53) Angel Euzebio Lopez (M: 37)
Eugene Morrison (M: 66) John W Morgan (M: 64) Terrell Joseph Lee (M: 32)
Derrick Cortell Monroe (M: 55) Emerson Jerez (M: 33) Juventino Jasso (M: 33)
Camilo Martel (M: 55) Dion Antoine Jackson (M: 43) Johnny Lee Mallory (M: 53)
James Donald Balthazar (M: 66) Deonlevonce Shantel Humphrey (M: 39) Nelson Lumpkin (M: 64)
Toussaint Houston (M: 49) Michael A Horrice (M: 51) Lawrence Lowe (M: 54)
James Ray Holiday (M: 49) Willie Leroy Baker (M: 55) Thornton Hill (M: 42)
Frank Lejon Hill (M: 49) Calvin Nicholas Hill (M: 34) Leroy Lindsey (M: 63)
Maria I Hernandez (F: 47) Richard E Lee (M: 55) Rick Oliver (M: 61)
Daniel Omar Lainez (M: 61) Dolphin Lair (M: 57) Tommy Hames (M: 47)
Keith Anthony Johnson (M: 54) Marlon Mack Grundy (M: 50) Charlie James (M: 67)
Wayne Jackson (M: 54) Scott Michael Jackson (M: 61) Timothy A Gray (M: 40)
Adell Ingram (M: 72) William Tyrone Hutchinson (M: 60) Larry Lawrence Glover (M: 47)
Francisco Hernandez (M: 58) Nathaniel Henry (M: 59) Lavell Hegwood (M: 53)
Ulman Lynn Haynes (M: 57) Antonio Fernandez (M: 51) Francisco Gonzalez (M: 54)
Varis Elmore Green (M: 56) Roy Milton Graves (M: 67) Robert Francis (M: 48)
Timothy Hall (M: 53) Johnnie Gammage (M: 41) Luis Rodolfo Rodriguez (M: 36)
Kamaljit Singh Saini (M: 49) Bruce W Rhoden (M: 53) Peter Riley (M: 69)
Rafael Torres Sanabria (M: 50) Arthur Sanchez (M: 44) Francisco Amador Santos (M: 32)
Kirkwood Rody (M: 65) Salvador Rojo (M: 66) Manuel Albert Romero (M: 59)
Gilberto Soloman (M: 52) Arceo Silva (M: 64) Doyle Willie Smith (M: 63)
Walter Gene Smith (M: 57) William Harold Smith (M: 73) Billy Joe Taylor (M: 36)
Adell Dwayne Traylor (M: 52) Armando N Valdez (M: 52) Henry Lee Grind (M: 80)
Ramon Valle (M: 68) Clarence Jackson (M: 73) Rene Mauricio Vasquez (M: 53)
Flavio Vasquez (M: 51) Santos M Vicuna (M: 66) Leroy Morehead (M: 89)
Kenneth D Mulliken (M: 83) Julio Ceasar Velasquez (M: 47) Eric Michael Watson (M: 55)
Robin Edward Watterson (M: 58) Melvin Rodgers (M: 76) Howard Dennis White (M: 72)
Willie B Smith (M: 81) Elliot Spears (M: 79) Cecil Rene Whitmore (M: 55)
Michael B Whitmore (M: 61) Robert Turner (M: 77) Sidney Williams (M: 63)
Marvin Raye Wilson (M: 56) Larry Wise (M: 53) John Allen Wright (M: 72)
Christopher Timothy Wiley (M: 43) Ivan Arturo Bouchon (M: 30) Alphonso L Williams (M: 49)
Sirtimothy Rilley Burton (M: 26) Gustavo Calderon (M: 27) Albert Deleon (M: 29)
Jorge Alejandro Garcia (M: 21) Warnell Young (M: 52) Craig Robert Mathis (M: 24)
Christopher Mosley (M: 27) Jivas Emanuel Thomas (M: 27) Thomas Monrow Alexander (M: 82)
Manuel Salinas Andazola (M: 64) Adrian Brown (M: 49) Gerald Rand Calton (M: 61)
Mark Anthony Carr (M: 48) Charles Edward Cawthorne (M: 62) Richard Dell Crawford (M: 61)
Floyd Cromwell (M: 64) Wayne Lee Ellis (M: 59) Juan Antonio Garcia (M: 51)
James Allen Gaskin (M: 65) Jerry Bernard Grays (M: 37) Raymond E Hane (M: 72)
Charles Edward Hay (M: 67) Salvador Anguiano Hernandez (M: 67) Willmon Sam Isaac (M: 56)
Richard B Kinney (M: 66) Luis Ramirez Leyva (M: 47) Jose Francisco Lovato (M: 35)
Robert Lee Lovelady (M: 55) Charles Ray Randle (M: 58) Wenslow Lesley Reed (M: 66)
Roberto Zavala Rivas (M: 85) Miguel Angel Rodriguez (M: 48) Jerry Lee Roebuck (M: 60)
Freddie Lee Taylor (M: 68) Ike Taylor (M: 65) Nathan Eldredge Kelley (M: 54)
Christian Covarrubias (M: 25) Jose Alvarez (M: 40) Pastor O Ramirez (M: 58)
John Henry Williams (M: 47) Simon Diaz (M: 69) Jesse J Abner (M: 67)
Terrence Dynel Blanton (M: 51) Douglas Mccubbery (M: 57)

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