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All sex offender records currently in our database from Alaska located in ZIP code 99517 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search Alaska sex offender information.

Stanley Franklin Brown (M: 56) Matthew Steven Clark (M: 52) Wesley Hayes Demarest (M: 63)
Herbert Ike Dinkins (M: 48) Hubert Dinkins (M: 48) Justin William Dufour (M: 31)
George Nicholes Dushkin (M: 75) Jack Anthony Dwight (M: 32) James Clifton Eller (M: 57)
Theodore Edward Estonilo (M: 67) Christopher Lee Fijalka (M: 46) Jeffrey Nathan Galliher (M: 31)
David Hernandez Garcia (M: 43) Dean Curtis Gray (M: 31) Christopher Dave Gutierrez-Edwards (M: 27)
Jon Hall (M: 27) Jonathan Wayne Hall (M: 27) John Lawrence Hardiman (M: 48)
Orien Scott Hardon (M: 55) Terrence Holt (M: 48) Daniel Morris Kelley (M: 33)
Adam Christian Klemensen (M: 32) Bryan James Koeff (M: 36) Max Edward Lieb (M: 54)
Claude Allen Avendano Lupas (M: 35) William Eric Mackey (M: 53) Jimmie Leo Martin (M: 67)
Ricky Moss (M: 52) Chad Elliot Nelson (M: 36) Desmond Luke Osborne (M: 55)
Kenneth Eugene Passey (M: 60) Nicholas Jerome Plastino (M: 52) Todd Lee Pollow (M: 41)
Rodrick Rodriguez (M: 43) Frederick Angick Sequak (M: 78) Robert A Sledge (M: 52)
Edward Joseph Tracy (M: 47) Perry Clayton Zurfluh (M: 57) William Joseph Alvarado (M: 39)
Michael James Cooper (M: 43) Adolf Joseph Roehl (M: 48) Michael Edward Boles (M: 48)
Oliver Ramarez Aquino (M: 56) Frank Carl Iyatungak (M: 53) Robert Charles Eldridge (M: 47)
Jeffrey Wayne Erickson (M: 48) Roland Dean O Goossen (M: 30) Oliver Carl Gregory (M: 48)
Ned David Greist (M: 58) Kenneth Dean Griffin (M: 53) Michael David Hamilton (M: 64)
Robert Douglas Ross (M: 62) Lawrence Albert Dely (M: 55) Mark Eugene Mclaren (M: 53)
Pete Stephan (M: 68) Edward Joseph Tracy (M: 47) Charles Henry Vanderhyde (M: 60)
Robert Stephen Crowley (M: 40) James Ronald Morgan (M: 65) Kelvin Earl Norris (M: 54)
Matthew William Helsel (M: 35) Gerald Joseph Mcgovern (M: 62) Jeffery Andrew Bevans (M: 52)
Charles Punikpaq Stalker (M: 43) Woodrow Alan Allain (M: 44) Michael Allyn Bateman (M: 69)
Stanley Franklin Brown (M: 56) Allen Dale Carlson (M: 67) Rex Duane Iyatunguk (M: 31)
Timothy Ray Kelly (M: 46) Joseph Paul Kolasinski (M: 71) William Wassillie Kosbruk (M: 56)
Gary Wayne Leavell (M: 55) David Alan Masangcay (M: 46) Ronald Philip Shotack (M: 48)
Paul Vincent Smith (M: 70) Wayne John Cabral Souza (M: 45) Edwin Alexander Spencer (M: 55)
Dennis Swan (M: 39) Wayne John Tobuk (M: 60) Richard Duane Travis (M: 49)
Alex Trefon (M: 74) Robert Charles Nicholai (M: 49) Ronald Walter Parker (M: 65)
Garland Eugene Gilmore (M: 70) Henri Milton Dymenstein (M: 67) Frank Turner (M: 52)
Kevin Evan Hobson (M: 36) John Holan (M: 61) Richard Immingan (M: 58)
Ross Henry Peppinger (M: 74) Phillip A Robert (M: 55) Robert Lee Moore (M: 48)
Rudy Marcayda Monilla (M: 71) Eric Leonard Nicholas (M: 39) Kenneth Eugene Passey (M: 60)
George Paulsen (M: 72) Bryan Charles Willoya (M: 47) Daniel Wilson (M: 68)
Jay Rhys Wirum (M: 51) David James Alexander (M: 54) Noel Dupree Sutton (M: 43)
Charles Henry Vanderhyde (M: 60) Matthew Steven Clark (M: 52) Harry Ernest Langley (M: 42)
Elliot Neil Jerome James (M: 39) Robert Charles Nicholai (M: 49) Robert Anthony Ramsey (M: 52)
Matthew Thomas Thibodeau (M: 32) Kelvin Earl Norris (M: 54) Ronald Philip Shotack (M: 48)
John Nelson Andrew (M: 59) Jeffery Andrew Bevans (M: 52) Sherri Ann Caddell (F: 42)
Andrew A Changsak (M: 54) Nathan Dean Cleveland (M: 41) Robert Stephen Crowley (M: 40)
David Hernandez Garcia (M: 43) Garland Eugene Gilmore (M: 70) John Lawrence Hardiman (M: 48)
Harry Charles Johnson (M: 38) Ryan Edward Johnston (M: 26) Jeffrey Todd Loesch (M: 46)
Rudy Marcayda Monilla (M: 71) Michael Louis Morris (M: 41) John Edward Parsons (M: 62)
Lawrence Yoichi Seaman (M: 41) Forrest Eli Going (M: 30) Harold Raymond Hooper (M: 36)
John Nelson Andrew (M: 59) Charles Harry Edwards (M: 57) Frank Carl Iyatungak (M: 53)
Jeffrey Todd Loesch (M: 46) William Oscar Olsen (M: 71) Richard Thomas Oscar (M: 45)
Raymond Paul Tootkaylok (M: 51) Hubert Dinkins (M: 48) George Arthur Smith (M: 51)
Charles Punikpaq Stalker (M: 43) Willie Coleman Cowans (M: 44) Dale Robert Huffman (M: 58)
Jerry Keith Collins (M: 42) Adolf Joseph Roehl (M: 48) Terry Matthew Rehms (M: 46)
Jens Illuraq Ahtuangaruak (M: 44) Jeffery Andrew Bevans (M: 52) William Joseph Bryant (M: 40)
Doward Franklin Cribb (M: 50) Daryl Raymond Dickson (M: 46) Alan Michael Edwards (M: 40)
Thomas Leo Elia (M: 28) Garon Mark Johnson (M: 51) Timothy Ray Kelly (M: 46)
Lawrence Yoichi Seaman (M: 41) Dennis Swan (M: 39) Robert Charles Eldridge (M: 47)
Harry Ernest Langley (M: 42) Eugene Lingenfelter (M: 60) John Edward Parsons (M: 62)
Terry Matthew Rehms (M: 46) Joseph Patrick Shaw (M: 67) Perry Clayton Zurfluh (M: 57)
Lance Aland Bush (M: 39) Timothy L Johnson (M: 73) Matthew Thomas Thibodeau (M: 32)
Samuel Alexie Mitchell Nicketa (M: 31) Jens Illuraq Ahtuangaruak (M: 44) William Joseph Bryant (M: 40)
Raymond Dell Carr (M: 53) Doward Franklin Cribb (M: 50) Eric Keats Lee Cruse (M: 32)
Michael William Eastham (M: 39) Curtis Rene Frazier (M: 54) Harold Raymond Hooper (M: 36)
Frank Carl Iyatungak (M: 53) Kenneth Kennedy James (M: 51) Garon Mark Johnson (M: 51)
Ralph Peter Kosbruk (M: 46) Eric Leonard Nicholas (M: 39) Charles Evon Olsen (M: 29)
Ronald Walter Parker (M: 65) Gordon Thomas Ridley (M: 41) Robert Douglas Ross (M: 62)
Lawrence Yoichi Seaman (M: 41) Robert Alan Sledge (M: 52) Charles Punikpaq Stalker (M: 43)
Jack Stephen Stdennis (M: 52) Tinamoni Siutulei Tagalu (M: 44) Joseph Montiel Benedicto (M: 33)
Justin William Dufour (M: 31) John Lawrence Hardiman (M: 48) Theodore Jenkins (M: 39)
Garon Mark Johnson (M: 51) Matthew Thomas Thibodeau (M: 32) Bruce Raymond Garlock (M: 50)
Troy Leslie Jones (M: 45) William Eric Mackey (M: 53) Rodelio Paredes Salgatar (M: 54)
Charles Punikpaq Stalker (M: 43) John Lawrence Hardiman Iii (M: 48) Theodore Jenkins Jr (M: 39)
Russell Wayne Dye (M: 52) John Nelson Andrew (M: 59) Matthew Thomas Thibodeau (M: 32)
William Joseph Bryant (M: 40) Wesley Hayes Demarest (M: 63) Samuel Jeremiah Safholm (M: 28)
Charles Punikpaq Stalker Jr (M: 43) Floyd Lee Hamrick (M: 51) Terry Matthew Rehms (M: 46)
Gregory Adam Friday (M: 37) Todd Lee Pollow (M: 41) Gordon Thomas Ridley (M: 41)
Brian Marcus James (M: 23) Tony Lee Davenport (M: 48)

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