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All sex offender records currently in our database from Alaska located in ZIP code 99502 are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or return to the ZIP list to search Alaska sex offender information.

Philip Joseph Alexander (M: 50) Juan Lyle Aune (M: 39) Keith Roscoe Bartman (M: 28)
Thomas William Bomback (M: 71) Zachary Alberto Bulacan (M: 40) Sherri Ann Caddell (F: 42)
Edward Sarmiento Capili (M: 30) Sengdara Choumkhammany (M: 27) Walter Hawk (M: 39)
Theodore Carl Hendrickson (M: 43) Alexander Williams Johnson (M: 31) Albert Ronald Katchatag (M: 47)
James Franklin Kemp (M: 34) James Franklinmichael Kemp (M: 34) Chang Min Kim (M: 40)
Stephon Radion Kuzakin (M: 31) Neil Alan Lagstrom (M: 42) Brandon Greyson George Lee (M: 20)
Jimmy Fruit Milligrock (M: 52) Stacey Jo Montgomery (F: 35) Jessie Joseph Morrison (M: 30)
Mitchel Louis Palmer (M: 28) Eddie Owen Phillip (M: 26) Benjamin Coleman Reed (M: 35)
Vernon Meredith Risinger (M: 67) Cheng Man Saetern (M: 43) Christopher Dean Sawyer (M: 25)
Alvin Martin Sharp (M: 68) Hershell Ray Shelton (M: 33) Shawn Lee Smalley (M: 31)
Jeffrey Michael Spoth (M: 27) Anthony Owen Stanford (M: 56) Steven Lee Swaford (M: 29)
Jay Darryl Trigg (M: 51) Bryan Jeffery Trygstad (M: 28) Nicholas Hawkeye Wagner (M: 36)
Justin Deveed Williams (M: 32) Jim Russell Henry (M: 51) Kenneth Charles Jackson (M: 46)
Randy Lee Jones (M: 54) David Dean Maroney (M: 71) Chet Anthony Beasley (M: 50)
Lee Roy Nunn (M: 75) John David Crotchett (M: 62) Ronald Wayne Geisert (M: 40)
Richard Karl Gridley (M: 50) Barry Allan Nix (M: 54) Michael Anthony Rizzo (M: 54)
Freddie Sage Tuckfield (M: 49) Steve Howard Yates (M: 50) Dale Allen Gimple (M: 58)
Jayme Brian Sobocienski (M: 52) Wassillie Nelson Gamechuk (M: 46) Timothy James Kost (M: 36)
John Sik Kim (M: 77) Alfred Simpson (M: 83) Mickey Richard Toorak (M: 42)
Daniel Lee Walker (M: 64) Albert Peterson Adams (M: 47) Sengdara Choumkhammany (M: 27)
Brandon Tate Colvin (M: 37) Jonathan Richard Corbett (M: 45) Carl Timothy Dashnaw (M: 49)
Wesley Hayes Demarest (M: 63) Thomas Phillip Edwards (M: 64) Aaron Ray Esslinger (M: 35)
Orien Scott Hardon (M: 55) Eric Harried (M: 31) Sara Elizabeth Hartman (F: 39)
Amos Charles Lane (M: 48) Donald Fred Mcmanamy (M: 56) Barry Allan Nix (M: 54)
Lloyd Warren Pennebaker (M: 47) Ross Henry Peppinger (M: 74) Ilarion Pletnikoff (M: 56)
Walter Charles Pride (M: 53) Samuel Paul Shore (M: 49) Xeuy Sikeo (M: 36)
Dennis Wasuli (M: 63) Antonio Maurice Duvall (M: 47) Danny Lyle Hines (M: 46)
Chet Anthony Beasley (M: 50) Sengdara Choumkhammany (M: 27) Dean Michael Deville (M: 40)
Esai Esai (M: 71) Richard Karl Gridley (M: 50) Hershell Ray Shelton (M: 33)
Noel Dupree Sutton (M: 43) Dean Michael Deville (M: 40) Lucas T Schwabauer (M: 32)
Albert Peterson Adams (M: 47) Joseph Brandon Heard (M: 30) Ross Henry Peppinger (M: 74)
Nick Bruce Bobby (M: 51) Wassillie Nelson Gamechuk (M: 46) Dale Allen Gimple (M: 58)
Jim Russell Henry (M: 51) Amos Charles Lane (M: 48) Richard Dean Lawrence (M: 54)
William Eric Mackey (M: 53) Marcelynn James Paulsberg (M: 33) Samuel Jeremiah Safholm (M: 28)
Peter Luke Abruska (M: 51) Ennis Godfrey Apatiki (M: 57) Wayne Lawrence Cote (M: 57)
Dean Michael Deville (M: 40) Thomas Leo Elia (M: 28) Esai Esai (M: 71)
Ronald Wayne Geisert (M: 40) Kenneth Anthony Huskey (M: 27) Walton Irrigoo (M: 50)
Albert Ronald Katchatag (M: 47) Lyman Glen Nation (M: 63) Barry Allan Nix (M: 54)
Robin Matthew Porter (M: 29) Brett Kelly Reddell (M: 51) Noel Dupree Sutton (M: 43)
Akoni Charles Vaivai (M: 24) Demetrus Vanfleet (M: 40) Robert Paul Vlasoff (M: 66)
David James Alexander (M: 54) Sherri Ann Caddell (F: 42) John F Cusma (M: 28)
Thomas Leo Elia (M: 28) Esai Esai (M: 71) Jeffrey Nathan Galliher (M: 31)
Marcelynn James Paulsberg (M: 33) Anthony Owen Stanford (M: 56) Dennis Wasuli (M: 63)
Henry Yako (M: 54) Jimmy Fruit Milligrock (M: 52) Thomas Leo Elia Ii (M: 28)
Albert Ronald Katchatag (M: 47) Mitchel Louis Palmer (M: 28) Ted Joseph Peden (M: 27)
Benjamin Coleman Reed (M: 35) Hershell Ray Shelton Ii (M: 33) Jay Darryl Trigg (M: 51)

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