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All sex offender data currently in our database from West Virginia whose last name begins with the letter S are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search West Virginia sex offender information.

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Vickie Lynn Saenz (U: 55) Vickie Lynn Saenz (F: 58) Dustan Phillip Sager (M: 29)
Dustan Phillip Sager (M: 29) Travis Allen Salisbury (M: 34) Travis Allen Salisbury (M: 34)
Robert Edward Salmon (M: 56) Robert Edward Salmon (M: 55) Joshua Scott Salyers (M: 31)
Joanna D Salyers (F: 67) Joshua S Salyers (M: 31) Phillip Ray Sammons (M: 72)
Phillip Ray Sammons (M: 70) Robert Joseph Samms (M: 66) Robert Joseph Samms (M: 66)
Athena Nichole Samples (F: 27) Kenneth Scott Samples (M: 32) Kenneth Scott Samples (M: 32)
Robert Allen Sampson (M: 50) Robert B Sampson (M: 50) Ricky Dale Sampson Jr (M: 36)
Daniel Lee Sams (M: 41) Michael David Sams (M: 40) Roland Lee Sams (M: 61)
Daniel Lee Sams (M: 41) Roland L Sams (M: 61) Michael David Sams (M: 40)
Robert Lee Sams (M: 59) Ricky Dale Samson (M: 36) Anthony Edward Sanders (M: 31)
Chance Aric Sanders (M: 40) James Francis Sanders (M: 62) Anthony Edward Sanders (M: 31)
Phillip Lee Sandy (M: 51) Phillip Lee Sandy (M: 51) Alan William Sanford (M: 32)
Don Bernard Sanford (M: 34) Don Bernard Sanford (M: 34) John Everett Sanson (M: 89)
Joseph Stanley Sapp (M: 44) Max Allen Sapp (M: 62) Joseph Stanley Sapp (M: 44)
Mikel Lenn Sargent (M: 41) Elliston M Sauer (M: 35) Brandon Scott Saul (M: 34)
David Saunders (M: 30) Elliston Mark Saur (M: 35) Douglas Milton Savage (M: 41)
Steven James Savage (M: 44) Douglas Milton Savage (M: 41) Steven James Savage (M: 44)
Matthew Lee Savidge (M: 31) Matthew Lee Savidge (M: 31) Carl Junior Sayers (M: 55)
Carl Junior Sayers (M: 55) Delbert Lee Sayles (M: 64) James Wyth Saylor (M: 68)
James Wyth Saylor (M: 68) Danny Jewell Sayre (M: 60) Judith Marie Sayre (F: 49)
Danny Jewel Sayre (M: 60) Judith Marie Sayre (F: 49) Thomas Alan Sayres (M: 45)
Thomas Alan Sayres (M: 45) Christopher Warren Scarberry (M: 45) William Lee Scarberry (M: 59)
Norvel Ray Scarbro (M: 49) Gary Wayne Schau (M: 59) John W Schiable (M: 29)
Matthew Robert Schiappa (M: 24) Harry Robert Schooley (M: 65) Charles A Schritter (M: 63)
Charles Allen Schritter (M: 63) Jonathan Phillip Schueller (M: 22) Jonathan Phillip Schueller (M: 22)
Tamara Lynne Schultz (F: 47) Brian Keith Schumacher (M: 47) Edward Leon Schwalbe (M: 44)
Edward Leon Schwalbe (M: 44) Gary Lee Schwartz (M: 56) Gary Lee Schwartz (M: 56)
Donald Colt Scible (M: 87) Donald Colt Scible (M: 87) John Alfred Scites (M: 37)
John Alfred Scites (M: 37) Bryan Matthew Scott (M: 34) Charles J Scott (M: 67)
Mark Allen Scott (M: 48) Marvin L Scott (M: 35) Mason Lee Scott (M: 29)
Michael L Scott (M: 44) Robert Allen Scott (M: 52) Robert Lee Scott (M: 72)
Timothy Wayne Scott (M: 42) John Robert Scott (M: 76) Bryan Matthew Scott (M: 34)
Timothy Wayne Scott (M: 42) Mark A Scott (M: 48) Robert Allen Scott (M: 52)
Mason Lee Scott (M: 29) Everett Glen Scott (M: 85) Jerry Eugene Scott (M: 71)
Jerry Eugene Scott (M: 71) Everett Glen Scott (M: 85) Philip Loring Seabolt (M: 50)
Carl M. Seager (M: 40) Howard Benton Seal (M: 39) Howard Benton Seal (M: 39)
Russell Doyle Seale (M: 58) Patrick Bevin Seaman (M: 37) Howard B Seargeant (M: 73)
Howard Bernard Seargent (M: 73) Jerry Ross Sears (M: 55) Sheri Anne Seckman (F: 36)
Warren Fredrick Seckman (M: 58) Kevin Kel Segoviano (M: 25) Victor Allen Self (M: 32)
Christopher Steven Sells (M: 37) Christopher Steven Sells (M: 35) Alva Jennings Selman (M: 43)
Alva Jean Selman (M: 43) Paul Leon Semenick (M: 56) Samuel Ray Serra (M: 45)
James Douglas Setliff (M: 46) James Douglas Setliff (M: 46) Gregory Allan Setser (M: 58)
Gregory A Setser (M: 58) Earl Glen Settle (M: 45) James Dean Settle (M: 32)
Earl Glen Settle (M: 45) James Dean Settle (M: 32) Paul Dennis Sexton (M: 76)
Paul Dennis Sexton (M: 76) James Douglas Shadd (M: 69) James Douglas Shadd (M: 69)
James Douglas Shadd (M: 69) Robert Lee Shade (M: 52) Edward R Shaeffer (M: 43)
Adam Kent Shaffer (M: 46) Adam Kent Shaffer (M: 46) David Allen Shaffer (M: 42)
George Kenneth Shaffer (M: 60) James Bryan Shaffer (M: 41) John Mcclellan Shaffer (M: 39)
Leonard Wade Shaffer (M: 33) Mark Allen Shaffer (M: 53) Mark A Shaffer (M: 53)
Robert Scott Shaffer (M: 47) Robert Scott Shaffer (M: 48) David Shaffer (M: 34)
George Kenneth Shaffer (M: 60) John Mccellan Shaffer (M: 39) James Bryan Shaffer (M: 41)
Mark Allen Shaffer (M: 53) Mark Douglas Shaffer (M: 58) Leonard Wade Shaffer (M: 33)
Adam Kent Shaffer (M: 46) Leonard Wade Shaffer (M: 33) Mark Garret Shamblen (M: 46)
Timothy Paul Shamblen (M: 50) Timothy P Shamblen (M: 50) Bill Ray Shamblin (M: 60)
Billy Ray Shamblin (M: 60) William Raymond Shanabarger (M: 42) William R Shanabarger (M: 42)
Nathan Everett Shaner (M: 50) Gary Wayne Shanholtz (M: 64) Gary Wayne Shanholtz (M: 39)
Lonnie Andrew Shanholtz (M: 47) Gary Wayne Shanholtz (M: 39) Gary Wayne Shanholtz (M: 64)
William Allen Shann (M: 35) William Alan Shann (M: 35) Brian Duane Shann (M: 34)
Brian Patrick Shannon (M: 44) Mark Allen Shannon (M: 51) Brian Patrick Shannon (M: 44)
Mark Allen Shannon (M: 51) Norman Junior Sharp (M: 38) Norman Junior Sharp (M: 38)
Roy Deangleo Sharpless (M: 45) Roy D Sharpless (M: 45) William Jefferson Shaver (M: 55)
George Martin Shaw (M: 68) Jackie B Shaw (M: 58) Max Lafon Shaw (M: 49)
William Alexander Shaw (M: 35) Max L Shaw (M: 49) George Martin Shaw (M: 68)
Roy Lee Shears (M: 44) Mark Anthony Sheckles (M: 48) Mark Anthony Sheckles (M: 48)
Mark Anthony Sheckles (M: 48) Donald Ralph Sheets (M: 61) Donald Ralph Sheets (M: 61)
Troy Gene Shelby (M: 41) Bryon Dashawn Shelton (M: 38) David Marion Shelton (M: 76)
Byron Dashawn Shelton (M: 38) James Charles Shepard (M: 43) James Charles Shepard (M: 43)
Donald Lee Shepherd (M: 44) Donald Lee Shepherd (M: 44) Christopher E Sheppard (M: 50)
Lewis Allan Sheppard (M: 64) Marc Allen Sheppard (M: 41) Rebecca Sue Sheppard (F: 37)
Marc Allen Sheppard (M: 41) Rebecca Sue Shepperd (F: 37) Robert William Sheriff (M: 53)
Lynn Frederick Shetler (M: 50) Edward Eugene Shifflet (M: 41) Edward Eugene Shifflet (M: 41)
John Allen Shinaberry (M: 39) Frank Joseph Shipco (M: 31) Frank Joseph Shipco (M: 31)
Lee Edward Shipley (M: 45) Rodney Lee Shipley (M: 47) Lee Edward Shipley (M: 45)
Rodney Lee Shipley (M: 47) Aaron Scott Shipway (M: 32) Aaron Scott Shipway (M: 31)
Michael Scott Shirley (M: 28) Rush Robert Shirley (M: 54) Rush Robert Shirley (M: 54)
Michael Scott Shirley (M: 28) Bradford Curtis Shively (M: 56) Evan Denver Shively (M: 27)
Philip Mark Shock (M: 63) Philip Mark Shock (M: 63) John Boggs Shock (M: 66)
John B Shock (M: 66) Jeremy Wayne Shockey (M: 27) Jimmy Nelson Shockey (M: 49)
Jeremy Wayne Shockey (M: 27) Theodore Grant Shoemaker (M: 73) Walter Edward Shook (M: 55)
Willard Wesley Shoop (M: 48) Alden Keith Short (M: 38) Justin Pete Short (M: 29)
Lacy Eugene Short (M: 27) Steve Allen Short (M: 51) Ivan Matthew Short (M: 27)
Steve Allen Short (M: 51) Joseph Ray Short (M: 58) Justin Pete Short (M: 29)
Alden Keith Short (M: 38) Lacy Eugene Short (M: 27) Joseph Ray Short (M: 58)
Charles Merl Shorter (M: 63) Charles Merl Shorter (M: 63) Charles Merl Shorter (M: 63)
Fredrick Charles Showalter (M: 60) Robert Johnson Showalter (M: 60) Fredrick Charles Showalter (M: 60)
Joseph Alan Showe (M: 38) Larry Wayne Shrader (M: 59) Maden Edward Shrader (M: 59)
Marvin Dale Shrader (M: 59) Marvin Dale Shrader (M: 59) Albert Perry Shreve (M: 60)
Ernest Sam Shreve (M: 42) Jerry David Shreve (M: 62) Jonathan W Shreve (M: 39)
Jonathan Warden Shreve (M: 39) Jerry David Shreve (M: 62) Ernest Sam Shreve (M: 42)
Charles Edward Shreves (M: 65) Charles Edward Shreves (M: 65) Jonathan Michael Shrewsberry (M: 30)
Jonathan Michael Shrewsberry (M: 31) Jonathan Michael Shrewsberry (U: N/A) Danny Jerome Shrewsbury (M: 39)
Michael Shannon Shrewsbury (M: 47) Wayne Edward Shrewsbury (M: 49) Michael Shannon Shrewsbury (M: 47)
Wayne Edward Shrewsbury (M: 49) Artie Gene Shrewsbury (M: 29) Artie Gene Shrewsbury (M: 29)
Amanda Nicole Shue (F: 32) Little Ben Shue (M: 51) Little Benjamin Shue (M: 51)
Tamara Lynn Shultz (F: 47) Brandon Lee Shuman (M: 25) Brandon Lee Shuman (M: 25)
Roger Lee Shuman (M: 58) Timothy Ray Shuman (M: 63) Timothy Ray Shuman (M: 63)
Jennings Ross Shuman (M: 73) Roger Lee Shuman (M: 58) Robert Curtis Shumate (M: 36)
Paul Michael Shurak (M: 45) Paul Michael Shurak (M: 45) Thomas Paul Sidebottom (M: 43)
Thomas Paul Sidebottom (M: 43) Claude Donald Siders (M: 53) Claude D Siders (M: 53)
John Charles Siena (M: 72) John Charles Siena (M: 72) Kenneth Ronald Siers (M: 73)
Kenneth R Siers (M: 73) Gale Ray Sigley (M: 66) Gale Ray Sigley (M: 66)
Aaron Glen Sigmon (M: 30) Aaron Glen Sigmon (M: 29) Aaron Glen Sigmon (M: 30)
Paul A Silmon (M: 48) Timothy Lee Silveous (M: 27) Kevin Norman Silver (M: 45)
David Owen Silver (M: 32) Kevin Norman Silver (M: 45) Charles Emanuel Simmons (M: 53)
Charles Blaine Simmons (M: 40) Donald Jay Simmons (M: 45) Larry Roger Simmons (M: 45)
Larry Gay Simmons (M: 65) Mark Anthony Simmons (M: 41) Mark A Simmons (M: 41)
Rickey Simmons (M: 55) Robert Eugene Simmons (M: 36) Ronald Eugene Simmons (M: 62)
Wesley Scott Simmons (M: 34) William Alan Simmons (M: 55) Ronald Eugene Simmons (M: 62)
Charles Emanuel Simmons (M: 53) Charles Blaine Simmons (M: 40) Eric Scott Simmons (M: 28)
Wesley Scott Simmons (M: 34) Eric Scott Simmons (M: 28) Charles Emanuel Simmons (M: 52)
Rocky David Simms (M: 64) Rocky David Simms (M: 64) Daniel Lee Simonds (M: 38)
Daniel Lee Simonds (M: 38) Cecil Clyde Simons (M: 60) Lonnie Hugh Simons (M: 61)
William Dennis Simons (M: 45) Lonnie Hugh Simons (M: 61) Michael Justin Simpson (M: 39)
Randy Michael Simpson (M: 51) Randy Simpson (M: 51) Leonard Michael Simpson (M: 53)
Randy Michael Simpson (M: 51) Michael Justin Simpson (M: 39) Leonard Michael Simpson (M: 53)
Brandon John Sims (M: 33) Brandon John Sims (M: 33) Kenneth Theodore Sims (M: 47)
Mark E Sims (M: 41) Rocky David Sims (M: 64) Mark Everett Sims (M: 41)
Kenneth Theodore Sims Jr (M: 47) Lee W Sincox (M: 44) Terry C Sindledecker (M: 54)
Charles Henry Sines (M: 25) Robert Gaile Sines (M: 36) Robert Gaile Sines (M: 36)
Robert Gaile Sines (M: N/A) Tracy Bronson Singleton (M: 42) Kathy Ann Sions (F: 44)
Carlos Ray Sisk (M: 30) Carlos Ray Sisk (M: 30) Michael Lynn Sisler (M: 47)
Michael Lynn Sisler (M: 47) Jack Sisler (M: 36) Jonathan Lynn Sites (M: 27)
Kenneth Wayne Sizemore (M: 43) Kenneth Wayne Sizemore (M: 43) Kim Edward Skaggs (M: 47)
Stephan Laverne Skaggs (M: 41) Stephan L Skaggs (M: 41) Stephen L Skaggs (M: 41)
Kim Edward Skaggs (M: 47) Philip G Skiles (M: 52) Allan B Skinner (M: 37)
John Paul Skinner (M: 34) John Paul Skinner (M: 34) Roy Allen Slack (M: 62)
David L Slagle (M: 39) David L Slagle (M: 39) Hubert Junior Slater (M: 69)
Robert Alan Slater (M: 36) David Ray Slater (M: 49) Clarence Noel Slaughter (M: 55)
John E Slaughter (M: 31) John Edward Slaughter (M: 31) John E Slaughter (M: 31)
Robert Eugene Slaughter (M: 55) Clarence Noel Slaughter (M: 55) John Edward Slaughter (M: 31)
Joshua David Slevin (M: 23) Jeff Edward Slider (M: 40) Shane Ale Sloan (M: 30)
William F Slone (M: 60) William Frederick Slone (M: 60) Jeremy Eldon Sluss (M: 35)
Jeremy Eldon Sluss (M: 34) Lewis Warren Smarr (M: 31) Lewis Warren Smarr Jr (M: 31)
David James Smearman (M: 25) Mark Allen Smearman (M: 51) Perry L Smearman (M: 31)
Perry Lee Smearman (M: 31) David James Smearman (M: 25) Samuel Lee Smeltzer (M: 26)
Winfield Scott Smiley (M: 73) Joseph James Smith (M: 37) Aaron Lynn Smith (M: 28)
Andrew Philip Smith (M: 60) Andrew C Smith (M: 30) Angela Gail Smith (F: 31)
Bernard Lee Smith (M: 56) Cecil Thomas Smith (M: 51) Charles Harland Smith (M: 51)
Charles Harland Smith (M: 51) Christopher Allen Smith (M: 30) Curtis Lee Smith (M: 32)
Dennis William Smith (M: 55) Dennis Lee Smith (M: 69) Floyd Douglas Smith (M: 70)
Gary Kyle Smith (M: 50) Glen Denny Smith (M: 67) Harry Lee Smith (M: 36)
Harry Eugene Smith (M: 41) Howard Shawn Smith (M: 49) Jackie Ray Smith (M: 61)
Jake Daren Smith (M: 29) Jake Daren Smith (M: 29) James Elbert Smith (M: 62)
Jason Paul Smith (M: 28) Jefferson Oneal Smith (M: 47) Jeremiah George Smith (M: 31)
Jerry Melford Smith (M: 60) Jerry Lee Smith (M: 39) John Harold Smith (M: 70)
John Lee Smith (M: 48) John Crockett Smith (M: 74) Joshua Dale Smith (M: 28)
Linda Lou Smith (F: 60) Lloyd Elliot Smith (M: 76) Louis David Smith (M: 61)
Marvin Lynnel Smith (M: 52) Marvin L Smith (M: 52) Nathan Alan Smith (M: 45)
Nelson Smith (M: 55) Nelson Smith (M: 55) Otis Everette Smith (M: 66)
Paul Allen Smith (M: 43) Phillip Dale Smith (M: 70) Raymond Paul Smith (M: 58)
Richard Leroy Smith (M: 43) Richard Leroy Smith (M: 43) Robert W Smith (M: 23)
Robert Wesley Smith (M: 23) Robert Dwight Smith (M: 57) Ronald D Smith (M: 57)
Taylor Warren Smith (M: 62) Terry Wayne Smith (M: 46) Timothy Wayne Smith (M: 40)
Toney Smith (M: 37) Walter Campbell Smith (M: 58) Walter Eric Smith (M: 30)
William Gene Smith (M: 39) William Edward Smith (M: 50) Woodrow Joseph Smith (M: 32)
James Smith (M: 62) Joseph Franklin Smith (M: 41) Roger Dwayne Smith (M: 31)
Dennis William Smith (M: 55) Bernard Lee Smith (M: 56) Aaron Lynn Smith (M: 28)
Jerry Melford Smith (M: 60) Howard Shawn Smith (M: 49) Sean Daniel Smith (M: 35)
Glen Denny Smith (M: 67) Charles Harland Smith (M: 51) Louis D Smith (M: 61)
Rance Lee Smith (M: 37) Toney Smith (M: 37) Cecil Thomas Smith (M: 51)
Denny Lee Smith (M: 59) Taylor Warren Smith (M: 62) Joshua Dale Smith (M: 28)
Harry Lee Smith (M: 36) Joseph Michael Smith (M: 46) Philip Dale Smith (M: 70)
Jerry Lee Smith (M: 39) John Lee Smith (M: 48) William Edward Smith (M: 50)
Bonnie Christine Leggett Smith (F: 61) Paul Allen Smith (M: 43) Harry Eugene Smith (M: 41)
James Alan Smith (M: 53) John Harold Smith (M: 70) Woodrow Joseph Smith (M: 32)
Marvin Lynnel Smith (M: 52) Dennis Lee Smith (M: 69) Willilams Gene Smith (M: 39)
Otis E Smith (M: 66) Andrew P Smith (M: 60) Jefferson Oneal Smith (M: 47)
Floyd Douglas Smith (M: 70) Sean Daniel Smith (M: 35) Denny Lee Smith (M: 59)
Joseph Michael Smith (M: 46) Daniel Lee Smith (M: 38) Thomas Dale Smith (M: 43)
Jeremiah George Smith (M: 30) Alisha N Smith (F: 24) Steve Allen Smith (M: 55)
Richard Leroy Smith (M: 43) Robert Wesley Smith (M: 23) Justin Bryant Smith (M: 29)
Joseph R Smith (M: 31) Bradley Scott Smith (M: 25) William Gene Smith (M: 39)
Nathan A Smith (M: 46) Jennifer Ann Smouse (F: 37) Jackie Lee Snider (M: 63)
Jonathan Lee Snider (M: 30) Raymond Douglas Snodgrass (M: 70) Mark Anthony Snodgrass (M: 53)
Matthew Lee Snodgrass (M: 29) James Christophe Snow (M: 42) Phillip Snow (M: 47)
James Christopher Snow (M: 42) Elizabeth A Graham Snuffer (F: 29) Clyde Ervin Snyder (M: 62)
Michael Junior Snyder (M: 43) Troy Curtis Snyder (M: 47) Troy Curtis Snyder (M: 47)
Kelly James Snyder (M: 31) Kelly James Snyder (M: 31) Darryl Ramon Solis (M: 46)
Roger Neal Solomon (M: 48) Jerry Wayne Songer (M: 69) Drema J Sorenson (F: 45)
Drema Jean Sorenson (F: 45) Richard Stephen Sovine (M: 32) Richard S Sovine (M: 32)
Gerald Leroy Sowards (M: 50) Michael Ray Sowards (M: 41) Stephen Michael Sowards (M: 57)
Stephen M Sowards (M: 57) Gerald L Sowards (M: 50) Matthew Wayne Spade (M: 29)
Frank Joseph Spalla (M: 43) Frank Joseph Spalla (M: 43) James Lewis Spangler (M: 61)
Jason Carl Sparks (M: 27) Alvie Lee Spaulding (M: 51) Alvie Lee Spaulding (M: 51)
Kristopher Adam Speas (M: 30) John Russell Speece (M: 56) Clemon Speed (M: 42)
William Elmer Speer (M: 83) Eddie Lee Spence (M: 55) Joseph Stephen Spence (M: 63)
Eddie Lee Spence (M: 55) Don Laverne Spencer (M: 50) Gordon Harland Spencer (M: 61)
Jason Lamont Spencer (M: 41) Richard Lynn Spencer (M: 43) Lamont Jason Spencer (M: 41)
Richard Lynn Spencer (M: 43) Douglas Dewayne Spencer (M: 35) Terry Joe Spencer (M: 53)
Don L Spencer (M: 50) John Junior Spencer (M: 54) John Junior Spencer (M: 54)
Lamont Jay Spencer (U: 41) Jason Scott Spiker (M: 38) Gary Wayne Spinks (M: 63)
Gary Wayne Spinks (M: 63) David Douglas Spitznogle (M: 42) Kurt Devers Spooner (M: 50)
Michael Allen Spoore (M: 47) Michael Alan Spoore (M: 47) Aaron Michael Springer (M: 30)
Aaron Michael Springer (M: 30) Aaron Michael Springer (M: 30) Doyle Edward Srout (M: 42)
Doyle Edward Srout (M: 42) Jason Patrick Staats (M: 37) Terry Lee Staats (M: 58)
Jason Patrick Staats (M: 37) Chad Damon Stackhouse (M: 35) Chad Damon Stackhouse (M: 35)
Dennis Mathew Stacy (M: 43) Troy Stafford (M: 70) Troy Stafford (M: 70)
Marvin R Stafford (M: 66) Paul Franklin Stahlman (M: 75) Paul Franklin Stahlman (M: 75)
Randall David Stalnaker (M: 55) Rawland Keith Stalnaker (M: 65) Randall D Stalnaker (M: 55)
Charles Russell Stamper (M: 59) Melissa Yvonne Stanley (F: 55) Nickey Fairel Stanley (M: 54)
Warren Cecil Stanley (M: 68) Warren Cecil Stanley (M: 68) Nickey Fairel Stanley (M: 54)
Bryan E Stanton (M: 48) James Wayne Stanton (M: 61) Bryan Eugene Stanton (M: 48)
Bryan Eugene Stanton (M: 48) Christopher Lee Stapleton (M: 27) Patrick James Stapleton (M: 45)
Patrick James Stapleton (M: 45) Denver Lawrence Starcher (M: 55) Ira Otis Starcher (M: 45)
Jack Tamerin Starcher (M: 86) Junior Starcher (M: 43) Timothy Michael Starcher (M: 47)
Jack Tamarn Starcher (M: 86) Timothy Michael Starcher (M: 49) Willis D Starcher (M: 43)
David Byron Starkey (M: 84) Ernest Nolan Starkey (M: 54) Orville Lance Starkey (M: 43)
Richard Milton Starkey (M: 53) Orville Lance Starkey (M: 43) Ernest Nolan Starkey (M: 54)
David Byron Starkey (M: 84) Richard Milton Starkey (M: 53) Wendell Christophe Starling (M: 31)
Christopher Duane Starliper (M: 26) Christopher Duane Starliper (M: 26) Daniel William Starliper (M: 51)
Christopher D Starliper (M: 26) Bobbi Jo Starry (F: 46) Roland Brooks Staubs (M: 48)
Douglas Bryant Staunton (M: 43) Jerry James Stclair (M: 58) Bruce Alex Steele (M: 43)
Lee Steele (M: 44) Leonard Lee Steele (M: 44) John Aubrey Steen (M: 40)
Catherine Lefler Stegall (F: 36) Jimmy Lynn Stemple (M: 52) Michael Patrick Stender (M: 37)
Nicole Lee Stepanek (F: 36) Nicole L Stepanek (F: 36) Christine Gertrude Stepanian (F: 44)
Christine G Stepanian (F: 44) Archie William Stephens (M: 53) Carl Stephens (M: 43)
James Robert Stephens (M: 36) John Marion Stephens (M: 76) Mark Wayne Stephens (M: 59)
Carl Stephens (M: 43) Archie William Stephens (M: 53) John Marion Stephens (M: 76)
Donald Eugene Stevens (M: 37) George Leonard Stevens (M: 29) Jeffery Stevens (M: 56)
Joe Lee Stevens (M: 40) Joe Carroll Stevens (M: 63) Seagram C Stevens (M: 31)
Donald Eugene Stevens (M: 37) Jeffrey Stevens (M: 56) Sherri Ann Stevenson (F: 36)
Freddy Lee Stevey (M: 60) Alvin Lee Stewart (M: 36) Clifton Ray Stewart (M: 32)
Clinton Ray Stewart (M: 60) David Lawrence Stewart (M: 48) Derek James Stewart (M: 23)
Ernest Arthur Stewart (M: 53) Junior Vernon Stewart (M: 64) Kenneth Eugene Stewart (M: 49)
Todd Michael Stewart (M: 32) Walter Dale Stewart (M: 34) Ernest Arthur Stewart (M: 53)
Clifton Ray Stewart (M: 32) Kenneth E Stewart (M: 49) Alvin Lee Stewart (M: 36)
Paris William Stewart (M: 55) Walter Dale Stewart (M: 34) Walter Dayle Stewart Jr (M: 34)
Douglas Eugene Stickler (M: 47) Douglas Eugene Stickler (M: 47) David Lee Stidom (M: 58)
James Lee Stidom (M: 65) David Lee Stidom (M: 58) James Lee Stidom (M: 66)
Eugene Elmer Stierle (M: 83) Buddy Edward Stiles (M: 39) John Lewis Stiles (M: 47)
Buddy Edward Stiles (M: 39) John H Stillion (M: 40) John Homer Stillion (M: 40)
Tracy Allen Stine (M: 47) Robert Lee Stinson (M: 52) Lawrence Gordon Stoddard (M: 46)
Lawrence Gordon Stoddard (M: 46) Earl Lee Stoffel (M: 58) Turner David Stokes (M: 46)
Fredrick Brian Stone (M: 44) John Thomas Stone (M: 62) Raymond Nathaniel Stone (M: 29)
John T Stone (M: 62) Fredrick Brian Stone (M: 44) John Thomas Stone (M: 62)
John Eric Stoneburner (M: 25) Thomas Lawrence Stoops (M: 44) Thomas Lawrence Stoops (M: 44)
Thomas Lawrence Stoops (M: 44) Charles Stephen Stottlemyer (M: 35) Charles Steven Stottlemyer (M: 35)
John Kenneth Stout (M: 32) Robert Stanley Stout (M: 44) Samuel Wayne Stout (M: 28)
John Kenneth Stout (M: 32) Brad Allen Stover (M: 39) Bruce Edward Stover (M: 51)
Bruce E Stover (M: 51) Randy Dale Stowers (M: 53) Charles Daniel Straley (M: 52)
Orval Dale Strawderman (M: 52) Orval Dale Strawderman (M: 52) Daniel Joseph Strawser (M: 50)
Daniel Joseph Strawser (M: 50) Michael W Streeter (M: 33) Edward Enos Streets (M: 41)
Lewis Edward Streets (M: 53) Edward Streets (M: 41) Lewis Streets (M: 53)
Nelson F Stricker (M: 81) Nelson Frederick Stricker (M: 81) Donald Jay Stricklan (M: 64)
Donald J Stricklin (M: 64) Herbert Donald Stroupe (M: 83) David Earl Stuart (M: 56)
Stephen H Stuart (M: 41) Winfred Gene Stubblefield (M: 42) Winfred Gene Stubblefield (M: 42)
Winifred G Stubblefield Jr (M: 42) Joseph Eugene Stuckey (M: 48) Joseph Eugene Stuckey (M: 48)
James Adam Stump (M: 83) James Adam Stump (M: 83) Dennis Lee Sturgeon (M: 49)
Gary Wayne Sturgeon (M: 56) Gary Wayne Sturgeon (M: 56) James Michael Sturgill (M: 56)
James Michael Sturgill (M: 56) David Lynn Sturms (M: 53) Robert Wayman Sturms (M: 67)
David Lynn Sturms (M: 53) Christopher Michael Sullivan (M: 36) Roger Dale Sullivan (M: 56)
Walter Benjamin Summerfield (M: 71) Walter Benjamin Summerfield (M: 71) Brian Lee Summers (M: 29)
Monty Dale Summers (M: 59) Roger Lynn Summers (M: 57) Samuel David Summers (M: 71)
Monty Dale Summers (M: 59) Bradley Wayne Summerson (M: 57) Bradley Wayne Summerson (M: 57)
Earl Ray Sutherland (M: 66) Timothy Ray Sutherland (M: 31) Earl Ray Sutherland (M: 66)
Gary William Sutphin (M: 66) Gary William Sutphin (M: 66) Kennie Paul Suttle (M: 45)
Bryan Keith Swafford (M: 35) Richard Thomas Swain (M: 55) Richard T Swain (M: 55)
Michael Lee Swank (M: 38) Jeffrey Lynn Swanner (M: 64) Daniel W Swanson (M: 47)
Daniel Walter Swanson (M: 47) Richard Lee Scott Swartz (M: 30) Larry Alton Swearingen (M: 71)
Larry Swearingen (M: 71) Jerry Lee Swecker (M: 64) Jerry Lee Swecker (M: 64)
David Lee Swick (M: 53) Roger Allen Swick (M: 59) Roger A Swick (M: 59)
David Lee Swick (M: 53) Roland L Swick (M: 52) Larry Eugene Swiger (M: 30)
Richard J Swiger (M: 48) Richard John Swiger (M: 48) Richard John Swiger (M: 47)
Richard John Swiger (M: 49) William Bruce Swindler (M: 51) William Bruce Swindler (M: 51)
Michael Shane Swisher (M: 67) Jeffrey John Swope (M: 36) Zachary James Sybert (M: 26)
Zachary James Sybert (M: 26) Curtis Lanine Sydenstricker (M: 50) Curtis Sydenstricker (M: 50)
Clarence Dwayne Sypherd (M: 70) Clarence Dwayne Sypherd (M: 70) Gerald Wayne Sypolt (M: 55)
Robert Howard Sypolt (M: 59) Robert Joseph Sypolt (M: 51) Gerald W Sypolt (M: 55)
Robert Howard Sypolt (M: 59) Robert Orval Sypolt (M: 72) Robert Orville Sypolt (M: 72)

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