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All sex offender data currently in our database from West Virginia whose last name begins with the letter R are shown below. Please click on the one you're interested in or choose a different letter to search West Virginia sex offender information.

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James Adam Stump R (M: 83) Joseph Thomas Radcliff (M: 46) Perry Alan Rader (M: 53)
Perry Alan Rader (M: 53) David Scott Radochio (M: 40) Dwayne Eddie Raines (M: 40)
Jack David Raines (M: 39) Jessica Elaine Raines (F: 27) Jessica Elaine Raines (F: 27)
Jack David Raines (M: 39) Enos Rakes (M: 63) Sherman Rakes (M: 48)
Enos Rakes (M: 63) Sherman Rakes (M: 48) Jody Allen Ramey (M: 41)
Jody Allen Ramey (M: 41) Celestino Ramirez (M: 33) Charles Thomas Ramirez (M: 30)
Ruben Roland Ramirez (M: 30) Ruben Roland Ramirez (M: 30) Charles Thomas Ramirez (M: 30)
Adam Robert Ramsey (M: 28) Brandon Gilbert Ramsey (M: 29) Cermit Gaile Ramsey (M: 58)
Jacob Junior Ramsey (M: 49) James Jennings Ramsey (M: 43) James Burton Ramsey (M: 49)
James Kenneth Ramsey (M: 58) Roger Lee Ramsey (M: 63) Cermit Gaile Ramsey (M: 58)
Roger Lee Ramsey (M: 63) James K Ramsey (M: 58) James Jennings Ramsey (M: 43)
Jacob Junior Ramsey (M: 49) Arnold Ray Randolph (M: 72) Jason Eric Randolph (M: 38)
Arnold Ray Randolph (M: 72) Jason Eric Randolph (M: 38) John Kenneth Rapp (M: 71)
John K Rapp (M: 71) John Edward Ratcliff (M: 62) Joseph Thomas Ratcliff (M: 46)
James Saunders Ratliff (M: 68) Robert Wilson Ratliff (M: 48) William Roger Ratliff (M: 59)
William Roger Ratliff (M: 59) Robert Wilson Ratliff (M: 48) Norman Ratliff (M: 56)
Norman Ratliff Jr (M: 56) Larry James Ray (M: 53) Melvin C Ray (M: 57)
Randall Lee Ray (M: 47) Russell Aldon Ray (M: 69) Russell Aldon Ray (M: 69)
Melvin C Ray (M: 57) Randall Lee Ray (M: 47) Rochelle K Ray (F: 27)
Benjamin Ralph Rayburn (M: 54) Christopher Perry Rayburn (M: 43) Christopher Perry Rayburn (M: 43)
Danny Joe Reaser (M: 64) Dallas Lee Redden (M: 56) David Allen Redden (M: 48)
Lewis Charles Redden (M: 51) Tammy Sue Redden (F: 49) Tammy Sue Redden (F: 49)
Joseph Michael Redden (M: 63) Rodney Ray Redden (M: 35) Donald Herbert Reece (M: 44)
Donald Herbert Reece (M: 44) David Lee Reed (M: 41) Douglas Lynn Reed (M: 43)
Ellis Wayne Reed (M: 42) Francis Kenneth Reed (M: 59) Gregory Lynn Reed (M: 57)
James Ray Reed (M: 42) Lonnie William Reed (M: 65) Michael Ray Reed (M: 58)
Randsy L Reed (M: 68) Robert Junior Reed (M: 42) Robert Lee Reed (M: 66)
Robert Lee Reed (M: 65) David Lee Reed (M: 41) Michael Ray Reed (M: 58)
Gregory Lynn Reed (M: 57) Ronald Russell Reed (M: 38) Robert Junior Reed (M: 42)
Wallace Franklin Reedy (M: 62) Wyla Franklin Reedy (M: 62) Barbara Ann-Lewis Reel (F: 36)
Billy Joe Reese (M: 72) Darrell Douglas Reeves (M: 69) Darrell Douglas Reeves (M: 69)
Gilbert Regalado (M: 48) Gilbert Regalado (M: 48) Vlaho Ivo Regjo (M: 47)
Douglas Richard Reichert (M: 54) Teresa Dawn Reichert (F: 41) Douglas Richard Reichert (M: 54)
Paul David Rene (M: 47) Sandy Kay Revere (F: 38) Sandy Kay Revere-Lovell (F: 38)
Dwayne James Reynolds (M: 29) Robert Dean Reynolds (M: 50) Robert Lee Reynolds (M: 64)
Roger Everett Reynolds (M: 62) Dwayne James Reynolds (M: 29) Roger Everett Reynolds (M: 62)
Robert Dean Reynolds (M: 50) Joseph Reynolds (M: 62) Allen Ray Rhodes (M: 39)
Carroll Eugene Rhodes (M: 79) David Eugene Rhodes (M: 51) Gary Michael Rhodes (M: 35)
Jerry Melvin Rhodes (M: 42) John F Rhodes (M: 25) Robert Dale Rhodes (M: 49)
Ronald Paul Rhodes (M: 38) Ronald Paul Rhodes (M: 38) Carrol Eugene Rhodes (M: 79)
James Edward Rhodes (M: 76) Robert Dale Rhodes (M: 49) Jerry Melvin Rhodes (M: 42)
David Matthew Rhodes (M: 50) John Fitzgerald Rhodes (M: 25) Jerry Melvin Rhodes (M: 42)
Allen R Rhodes (M: 40) Stanley Eugene Rhodes (M: 49) Corey Alan Rice (M: 31)
Jeff Scott Rice (M: 43) Clifford Rice (M: 60) Albert Glen Richards (M: 74)
Dale Leroy Richards (M: 47) John Manis Richards (M: 48) Raymond Rolley Richards (M: 37)
Ronnie Alfred Richards (M: 47) Shawn Michael Richards (M: 40) John Manis Richards (M: 48)
Ronnie Alfred Richards (M: 47) Albert G Richards (M: 74) Shawn Michael Richards (M: 40)
Dale Leroy Richards (M: 47) Raymond Rolley Richards (M: 37) Clinton Hayes Richardson (M: 42)
Garland Lee Richardson (M: 43) John Henry Richardson (M: 37) Clinton Hayes Richardson (M: 42)
Clinton Hayes Richardson (M: 42) Lora Renee Richardson (F: 42) Darrell Wayne Richmond (M: 41)
William Andrew Richmond (M: 46) Frederick Marshall Rickman (M: 65) Donald Riddick (M: 45)
Larry Ray Riddle (M: 66) Andrew Theodore Riddle (M: 43) Kenneth Lee Riding (M: 71)
Kenneth Lee Riding (M: 71) Charles Stanley Riffle (M: 52) Clyde Gregory Riffle (M: 49)
Henry Lee Riffle (M: 60) Jackie Lee Riffle (M: 54) Randal Grant Riffle (M: 53)
Joshua Gregory Riffle (M: 30) Clyde Gregory Riffle (M: 49) Joshua Gregory Riffle (M: 30)
Michael Richard Riggle (M: 44) James Vincent Riggleman (M: 26) Jason Todd Riggleman (M: 32)
Ralph Lee Riggleman (M: 42) William Douglas Riggleman (M: 63) Jason Todd Riggleman (M: 32)
David Lee Riggs (M: 38) Howard Leslie Riggs (M: 44) Michael Wayne Riggs (M: 42)
David Lee Riggs (M: 38) David Lee Riggs (M: 38) Michael Landon Riker (M: 49)
Anthony Shawn Riley (M: 52) Jeffrey Allen Riley (M: 49) Larry Dean Riley (M: 42)
James Leonard Riley (M: 34) Anthony Shawn Riley (M: 52) Larry Dean Riley (M: 42)
Mark Wayne Riley (M: 50) James Leonard Riley (M: 34) Mark Wayne Riley (M: 50)
Thomas E Riley (M: 59) Donald Clifton Rinard (M: 57) Ronald Eugene Rinard (M: 43)
Ronald Eugene Rinard (M: 43) Robert Lee Rinehart (M: 72) Donald Joseph Ringer (M: 34)
Donald Joseph Ringer (M: 34) Charles Lee Ritchie (M: 31) George T Ritchie (M: 50)
George T Ritchie (M: 50) Craig Robert Ritthaler (M: 29) Charles Ralph Ritz (M: 63)
Charles Ralph Ritz (M: 63) Harry Lee Rizer (M: 56) Charles M Roach (M: 65)
Roger B Robare (M: 49) Charles Lee Roy Roberts (M: 53) Clayton Roberts (M: 43)
Cliff A Roberts (M: 48) Clifton Dale Roberts (M: 67) Edwin Allen Roberts (M: 53)
Jason William Roberts (M: 41) Kenneth Harold Roberts (M: 48) Kenneth Harold Roberts (M: 48)
Rita Gay Roberts (F: 37) Cliff Anthony Roberts (M: 48) Clayton Roberts (M: 43)
Rita Gay Roberts (F: 37) Charles Joseph Roberts (M: 27) Charles Roberts (M: 53)
Charles Joseph Roberts (M: 27) Charles Leeroy Roberts (M: 53) Charles Edward Robertson (M: 57)
Glen Roy Robertson (M: 47) Larry Denvel Robertson (M: 64) Ricky Milton Robertson (M: 65)
Roland Lee Robertson (M: 37) Glen Roy Robertson (M: 47) Roland Lee Robertson (M: 37)
Kermit James Robey (M: 70) Kermit James Robey (M: 70) John Robinette (M: 76)
Bruce Alfonzo Robinson (M: 29) Cleatice Emily Robinson (F: 46) Eric Clark Robinson (M: 42)
James E Robinson (M: 70) John Ray Robinson (M: 49) Matthew Thomas Robinson (M: 31)
Robert Lewis Robinson (M: 42) Matthew Thomas Robinson (M: 31) John Ray Robinson (M: 49)
Cleatice Emily Robinson (F: 46) Richard Lee Roby (M: 47) Richard Lee Roby (M: 47)
Richard Lee Roby (M: 47) Edward Morris Rochinich (M: 69) Edward Morris Rochinich (M: 69)
Robert Ronald Rock (M: 52) Robert R Rock (M: 52) Robert Ronald Rock (M: 52)
Robert Ronald Rock (M: 52) Charles Junior Rockhold (M: 45) Charles Junior Rockhold (M: 45)
Marvin Dale Rodeheaver Jr (U: N/A) Casey Francis Rodgers (M: 35) Casey Francis Rodgers (M: 36)
Jason Ray Rodgers (M: 31) Michael Nicholas Rodoussakis (M: 60) Michael Nicholas Rodoussakis (M: 60)
James William Roe (M: 51) Raymond Dale Roe (M: 61) James William Roe (M: 51)
Raymond Dale Roe (M: 61) Booker Terry Rogers (M: 46) Charles Edward Rogers (M: 48)
Raymond O Rogers (M: 63) Roy Lee Rogers (M: 71) Timothy Michael Rogers (M: 28)
Timothy Michael Rogers (M: 28) Charles Edward Rogers (M: 48) Raymond Oren Rogers (M: 63)
Roy Lee Rogers (M: 65) Tommy Allen Rohrbaugh (M: 45) Tommy Allen Rohrbaugh (M: 45)
Michael T Rohrer (M: 43) David Brian Rollins (M: 48) William Glenn Rollins (M: 51)
David Brian Rollins (M: 48) Ian Edward Rood (M: 35) Ian Edward Rood (M: 35)
Allen Wayne Rose (M: 32) Brandon Lee Rose (M: 27) Daniel Edward Rose (M: 41)
Daniel Edward Rose (M: 41) Gerald Bowers Rose (M: 63) Robert Joseph Rose (M: 27)
Robert E Rose (M: 32) Robert E Rose (M: 32) Terry Keith Rose (M: 47)
Terry Keith Rose (M: 47) Melissa Yvonne -Stanley Rose (F: 55) Robert Edward Rose (M: 32)
Allen Wayne Rose (M: 32) Eva Denise Rose (F: 47) Brandon Lee Rose (M: 27)
Robert E Rose (M: 32) Gerald Bowers Rose (M: 63) John Alfred Rosenberger (M: 78)
John A Rosenberger (M: 78) Michael Lynn Rosier (M: 48) Bernard Lester Ross (M: 49)
Earl Benton Ross (M: 55) Jeffrey Hall Ross (M: 38) Justin Wayne Ross (M: 24)
Kenneth Leroy Ross (M: 49) Michael Timothy Ross (M: 49) Perry Wayne Ross (M: 54)
Randy Ross (M: 49) Timothy J Ross (M: 31) Jeffrey Hall Ross (M: 38)
Randy Ross (M: 49) Bernard Lester Ross (M: 49) Perry Wayne Ross (M: 54)
Robert Milton Roth (M: 59) Robert Milton Roth (M: 59) Anthony Brian Roub (M: 37)
Anthony Bryan Roub (M: 37) Duane Richard Roumeliotis (M: 53) Donald Roupe (M: 27)
Donald Lucas Roupe (M: 27) John Bradley Roush (M: 56) Richard Earl Roush (M: 87)
Ronald Dwain Roush (M: 53) William J Roush (M: 35) John Bradley Roush (M: 56)
Richard Earl Roush (M: 87) David Lee Rowe (M: 36) Francis M Rowe (F: 44)
John Wade Rowe (M: 66) John Linwell Rowe (M: 39) Johnny Theodore Rowe (M: 73)
Travis Gene Rowe (M: 34) John Wade Rowe (M: 66) Frances Marie Rowe (F: 44)
John Theodore Rowe (M: 73) David A Rowe (M: 25) Darrell Allen Roy (M: 44)
James Anderson Roy (M: 46) Stelman Ray Roy (M: 76) Stelman Ray Roy (M: 76)
James Anderson Roy (M: 46) Darrell Allen Roy (M: 44) Ira Edgar Ruble (M: 74)
John Michael Ruble (M: 29) Ira Edgar Ruble (M: 74) John Michael Ruble (M: 29)
Mike Ira Ruble (M: 51) John Michael Ruble (M: 29) Claude Albert Ruby (M: 48)
Claude Albert Ruby (M: 48) Sean Lee Rucker (M: 38) Mike L Rucker (M: 37)
Donald Jerald Ruddelsden (M: 76) Matthew Mark Ruddle (M: 35) Matthew Mark Ruddle (M: 35)
Dalton Jareld Ruddlesden (M: 76) Billy James Ruggles (M: 34) Carl Edward Ruley (M: 69)
Carl Edward Ruley (M: 69) Ronald Dean Rummer (M: 57) Ronald D Rummer (M: 57)
Robert Simpson Runion (M: 39) Robert S Runion (M: 39) William Raymond Runnion (M: 46)
Michael David Runyon (M: 32) Brian Edward Rush (M: 32) Brian Edward Rush (M: 32)
Donald Eugene Rush (M: 24) Richard Allen Rushbrook (M: 50) Peter Alexander Ruskin (M: 39)
Peter Alexander Ruskin (M: 39) Peter Alexander Ruskin (M: 39) Gregory Scott Russ (M: 38)
David Lee Russell (M: 50) David Lee Russell (M: 50) Harold H Russell (M: 42)
Paul Lee Russell (M: 46) Paul Lee Russell (M: 46) Ronald Scott Russell (M: 35)
David L Russell (M: 50) Harold Holt Russell (M: 42) Harold H Russell (M: 42)
Mark Richard Ruth (M: 45) Mark Richard Ruth (M: 45) Tommy Jerry Rutherford (M: 56)
Thomas Gerald Ruthers (M: 52) Thomas G Ruthers (M: 52) Fred William Ruttencutter (M: 54)
Darrin Edward Ryan (M: 48) Richard Lee Ryan (M: 49) Richard Lee Ryan (M: 49)

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